Day 1 of having Juno back and she is off to doggie day care while I’m at work! BUT she has already met a new friend, Ace, to keep her happy! #pittbullfriends #pittbullsofinstagram #doggiedaycare
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It has been snowing for several hours today and I just love to run and play in the snow ❄ So my mom and I went for a hike in the woods and it was so much fun 🤗 #escobarthestaffy is #backedbythepack
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Quando poi la bellezza prende dimora in un essere che è già uno ed omogeneo, allora essa splende interamente: è come se la potenza della natura, procedendo come fa l'uomo attraverso l'arte, le donasse la bellezza. Ma in ogni caso, il bello è nel regno delle cose che possono essere colte con la mente. #aisha #pitbull #pitbullgram #pittbullfriends #americanpitbullterrier #ukc #dogsofinstagram #instadogs #aov #bevissuallyinspired #lovethisbitch
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Feliz cumple mairon hoy ya son 11 años de aprendizaje mutuo con una amistad fraternal llena de #paseos #juegos y #diversión Te elijo está y todas las vidas que sean posibles! El finde tiramos la casa por la ventana con otra #maironfest #happybday #cumpleaños #dog #can #perro🐕 #11años #felicidade #pittbullinstagram #pittbulllove #friendss #pittbullfriends #universo
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Así como que no me doy cuenta ! #pittbulls #pitbullmom #pittbullfriends #pitbullblue
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In a perfect world every home would have a dog, & every dog would have a home #throwback #pittbullfriends
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Must have sound!! 😂😂 Upclose 😂😂 A staffy always take up close a little bit further beacuse nothing is to close 😂👍😂 We have been tagged by our pawsome friend @denandjerry for the #upc#upclosechallenge 👍😊 I challenge @raajastaffelaff, @staffyronja and @vips_the_staffy to join the #upclosechallenge Make sure you also check out the other members of my pawsome pack - @the.lorkin - @leotherescuepit - @pitbull.jack.and.miele - @louieandissie2 - @oscar_the_chi - @mango_the_bullypit - @turbo.tank - @thedog_dex - @buzzthebluestaffy - @laylaloustaffordshirebullagram - @mango.thedoggo - @japanese_akita_snow - @_bellathestaff_ - @heidi.moo - @sparkybteeth - @hachi_and_sky -
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I always hear my human tell people the story of when she first saw my photo at the Dekalb County Animal Services website. She says it was love at first sight and I believe her. My human loves me a lot! She is always drowning ME with kisses. But I'm grateful she rescued me. I finally belong to someone ❤️❤️
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Y el mas guapo llego a la casa de nuevo ! Te extrañaba muchisimo Gordon Navarro Bogarin ! #pittbullfriends #pittbulls #losperrossonfamilianomascotas
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Los pittbull son animales que no pueden estar con los niños !!! #pittbullfriends #pittbulls #pittbulllife #losmejoresamigos
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tonight I made a friend! her name is Callie and she is sooo cool we played for hours in the mud 😎 now we are laying together 😴😴😴 #adoptdontshop #pittiesofig #pittbullsofinstagram #pittbullfriends #girls
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Pai babão #apollo #pittbulllove #pittbullfriends 😋😍😍
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Top pic is Trigger Mollys boyfriend. Then Scruffy the shitzoo who is on the other side of the fence. Then Cotton who is Mollys real bff. She plays with Trigger and Cotton the most. #doggiefriends #bestfriends #playtime #doggieplaytime #dogbffs #dogsarebetterthanpeople #pittbullfriends #colliesofinstagram
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Dis mah bess fran righ hurr. #pittbullfriends #bestfriend #smilingboy
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Great pic of Moki sent in by @theadventuresofmokiandmommy. He looks like a very happy little guy 🐾🐾
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This pic of Rocky was sent in by @rockythegr8. Follow them for updates.
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Say Hello to Buster. Pic sent in by @chalyce.b. Check them out.
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This is Diesel. He's 2 years old. He's been hanging out with his buddy since he got home from the hospital. 🐾🐾 Great pic sent in by @rybeccaquinn. Follow them for updates.
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I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! This great picture of Dexter was sent in by @the_peoples_stonerndex. Go check them out.
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Jenks needs some help. He has some serious health issues. Check out @pups124 if you want to help this little guy. ❤️
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Great pic of Chance enjoying the recent 4th of July festivities. Pic sent in by @kmotycka711.
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Payton thinks he is a lap dog. Great pic from @its_chloey. Check them out
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Say hi to Thor. We wanted to feature him today because he needs some help. Thor was sold as a puppy, but both people that bought him didn't train him. A few weeks after they took Thor home, they didn't want him and gave him back to the original owners. They took him back, and realized that he had been abused and neglected. So they nursed him back to health and gave him the ❤️ love he needed. Thor is now ready for a new home. 🐾 Contact @bluestaffy82 for more information.
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Say Hi to Boss. Cool pic sent in by @caseycareyyy. Check them out!
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Great picture of Ace hanging out on the sand. This little guy is very cute. 🐾🐾. Pic sent in by @ware1622. Check them out for updates.
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Say hello to 1 year old Emma. Great pic sent in by @desiree_gonzalez_loves_herkids. Make sure to check them out.
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What's your pit's name? Why did you choose that name? Tell us your story below!
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Shiloh at the creek again. She just loves it here. ❤️🐾
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Great pic of Gizmo, sent in by @gizmo_pig. Check them out to get updates.
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Great pic of Orbis hanging out of the window as he went for a ride. I love the perspective of this picture, sent in by @simplylovely_ky. ❤️😃
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Ringo is enjoying the day, playing in the river. Pic sent in by @ringo_rangles. Follow them for updates.
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All pooped out after the long weekend.
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Awesome pic of Bo sent in by @samanthalopezx. Go check them out.
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Puppies are awesome... That's why I love this quote.
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Say Hi to Gob and Roman. Gob is on the left, and Roman is on the right. They are both from the same litter. Great pic, sent in by @boxel215. Check them out.
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Happy #fourthofjuly to all the Americans out there. Hope everyone has a great day. Be safe out there.
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