#Repost @goldmedalpt with @get_repost ・・・ Working plyometric landing and control after chronic Hamstring tendinopathy to get back on the field ⚽️ 🥅 #patriotpride #JCsoccer #choosept #rehabsmarter
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This picture appears to be featuring trees in autumn, but it's just my book again. I received one of the worst grades in my class on the final! A D. I was disappointed previously since I assumed it would be a C. Most people, however, performed well. Haha, #PatriotPride. 💝 I'm not like others. 😩 I earned a B in this class, but RIP to that. I earned a B on my I.T. Essentials test, but if my instructor will be able to curve it, it'll become an A. Update: LOVED today's final.
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Excited to spend the day at Albemarle High School to promote @UVAFM's #Apprenticeship Program! #Classof2018 Patriots looking for #cooljobs post-graduation, come see how easy it is to #EarnLearnAdvance in #SkilledTrades.⠀ #patriotpride!
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Tonight might not have been the outcome we all were hoping for, but I am proud of these boys. Extra proud of our lone senior Chase who led in scoring tonight. Now we move on to the Lady Pats in district championship on Friday night. #patriotpride
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Tb to Troy & Mike's event last week! #patriotpride #tb80
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Does this nice weather have you thinking about summer? Us too, and we can’t wait to see your child at our youth camp for a week filled of football and fun! Visit greatvalleyfootball.com today to register. #PatriotPride #Brotherhood #FuturePatriots
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It was straight up FRIGID today in comparison to yesterday's temperature. I wore jeans yesterday and was overheated, so I was planning on wearing shorts today, but nope, the coldness returned. I changed into sweatpants before school. I just want it to be summer. 😩 I ordered ice cream since I'm ironically in a summery mood, but those baskin' robins must be getting frostbite. Dang. (Ya see what I did there, @baskinrobbins? Notice me, fav.) Oh, and speaking of "summery," here's the rest of today's summary. I had finals. I missed part of my third hour class since I was finishing up my Algebra 1-2 final that I'll most likely receive a C on anyway. 😎 I had a pass, but I was still counted absent from third hour. My mom was called. #PatriotPride. 🔥 My I.T. Essentials final was okay. Today has been hectic, and this Capps-tion reflects that. FINALly, how are my seven mutual followers today? 💖💖💖👀
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Working plyometric landing and control with @caroline_katris after chronic Hamstring tendinopathy to get her back on the field ⚽️ 🥅 #patriotpride #JCsoccer #choosept #rehabsmarter
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Elijah Wroten '19 chats with some of his youngest fans - GA football campers - during a stop in the Dining Room. "They make my day!" #PatriotPride
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Did you know that SOKY Jobs offers custom videography and photography for your business? 🎥 We use these avenues to showcase your business culture and allow potential employees to essentially pre-screen themselves! This method helps you find applicants pre-qualified specifically for your company. ✍🏻 Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.
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How do you start your morning? We start it with a pair of custom SKOR shoes. 👟
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Here we go! First day of tryouts. #jcpatriotsbaseball 2018 🔥🔥⚾️⚾️💪💪 great day to be on a baseball field with great group of guys. #proud #patriotpride Thanks @barbaraophotography for coming out to take some shots. #barbaraophotography
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7th and 8th girls basketball both defeated Connersville tonight! #patriotpride
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Patriots: Tomorrow, February 21st, we will have a photographer visiting our school. She will be photographing students, teachers and our facilities to use for marketing. Please wear your Patriot shirts if you have them. #PatriotPride #WeAreGCS
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Last time this group will be on the floor together, thank you seniors! #PatriotPride #WE_notme
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Patriot wrestlers fall to Centerville 63-47. #patriotpride
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#TimehopTuesday Like mother like daughter! FCS Mom’s and alumni, Beth King ‘93 and Betty Pernas ‘92, now have daughters, Mikaela King ‘22 and Cristina Pernas ‘24, who are friends and teammates as they once were! The Patriot legacy lives on! #fcspatriots #fcs4life #fcsfam #wearethepatriots #patriotpride #fcsalumni #motherdaughter #fcs50years #faith #character #success
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