#pas 😍😎
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Eu quero uma vida a preto e branco: simples, leve e sem complicações. ✌🏾😎 #domingao #PAS
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Mais uma da série de Condicionamento Físico Feminino aqui no PAS e mais um show das nossas alunas girl power! 💪🚺#vemexercitarcomagente #vemmalharcomagente #pas#pasçodeartescorporais #pas #euqueropas #condicionamentofísico #condicionamentofísicofeminino #ginástica #ginásticaparamulheres #paramulheres #exercício #malhação #fitness #crossfit #hit #auladeginástica #auladeginásticaemmauá
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É essa diferença, é esse prazer que quero que as pessoas sintam, de poder tomar um bom sorvete sem se culpar depois, acabei de falar para o @macdantas eu prefiro 1 milhão de vezes tomar um sorvete desse a cada dois meses do que gastar meus carbos (balas) com qualquer sorvete de esquina! É isso com muita classe hje eu entrego quase 60 dias sem açúcar! #pas#leidabarrigaseca#fim#Lowcarb#foodslowcarbs
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Isso o globo esporte não mostra #pas #seriaAcapixabao #foradecasa
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Coucou les gens 👋🏼 Donc déjà désolé pour mon inactivité mais je n’avais vraiment pas la tête à ça.. Donc petit récapitulatif: le veto était venu pour violette et il l’a mis sous aspirine puis on a été à la mer et tout avait bien été mais quand on est revenu elle était complètement boiteuse 😕😢 donc on a appelé le veto et il a dit qu’on devait aller faire des radios 😶 Concernant blueberry je devais aller au concours mais il a été annulé vu le mauvais temps ❄️ Et d’ailleurs je crois que le dentiste devrais venir pour boueberry parce qu’il fait des choses bizzar avec sa langue ses derniers temps Par contre Teddy lui se porte en pleine forme!! 😍 #violette#pas#top#blueberry#dentiste#teddy#pleine#forme#petit#moment#pas#tres#joyeux#je#les#aime
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“...o tempo vira por bobeira demais...” 🎶🍃☀️✌🏽 #pas #blessed
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Elle s’adapte à ma galère elle s’en fou de mon salaire💰❌ #on#michtonne#pas#nous#
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Tudo bom? #boasemana #pas
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#ParableoftheSower x The Parable of the Sower or also known as the Parable of the Four Soils was told by Jesus to the crowd who gathered around Him. He tells a story of a sower who scattered seeds on four different types of soil. The seed could not grow on the hard ground as they were snatched up instantly. The second type of ground was stony. Although they were able to grow, they could not grow deep roots and withered in the sun. The seeds that were spread on thorny ground grew, however, were not able to compete with the amount of thorns that overtook it. The last ground was good soil that allowed the seed to plant deep, grow strong, and produce fruit. x Jesus used many parables when speaking to the crowds. The take home message from this illustration is don’t be discouraged if you do not always see results as you faithfully teach the Word. Belief cannot be forced to follow a mathematical formula. The 4 types of soil represent responses to God’s message. People respond differently because they are in different states of readiness. Some stay hardened, others are shallow, other are contaminated by distracting worries, while others are receptive. x How has God’s Word taken root in your life? What kind of soil are you? WIshing everyone a happy Sunday! What do you have planned for today? Share below! . . . . #Matthew13 #NoFear #ProtectivePrayer #Godiswatchingoveryou #blessed #faith #bib#bibley #scripturereading #bible #parable #Jesus #followerofjesus #powerofprayer #christianfaith #instaverse #emergencymedicine #ernurse #nurses #PAs #medschool
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Bebezao caipira (Duque🐺)😱😍😇 #pas#pas/a> #pastoralemao #minas #pas #relex #relay @pedrinhoalcantara
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This weekend I had the pleasure of coming to my state’s academy of PAs conference (FAPA) - I learned a huge amount of information on how the organization works and what they do for us (PA students and PA-Cs) in Florida. Just to summarize some of the things they do (in very simple words): ✅ They go to Tallahassee every year and with the help of a lobbyist they fight for our legal rights so we can practice the way we do nowadays. ✅ As a member, they will look over your contracts and provide advice/suggestions. ✅ They give us legal advice when it comes to work environment and if you are having any questions about what you are entitled to do as a PA-C. ✅ They supply you all the help you need as a student.. for example: I was matched with a mentee and I am currently helping her with all the documentation and giving her some guidance regarding the application process. This is just a little tiny bit of things these amazing people do for all of us (whether you are a member or not)- However, we are in HUGE need of more members! Only ~20% of all PA-Cs in Florida are members of FAPA! 😱😱 This needs to change! We need all the members that we can get in order to keep fighting for our legal rights as APPs! If you are not a member of your state’s organization yet, I urge you to become a member immediately! Your membership contributions (wether of it’s just paying your dues or donating money to the political action committee or donating your time and leadership skills) are vital for our profession to grow stronger in your own state! Pre-PAs, PA-Students, Physicians and PA-Cs are welcomed to join any time! ✨✨ BE a V O I C E, not an echo ✨✨
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Si abang mah paling suka main trampolin😄##buat mama2 kece di padangsidimpuan sekarang ada lagi yg wahana terbaru di aek sabaon tempat main buat nakanak##pas bangat buat anak yg aktif##secara kadang keaktifan mereka ini menguji kesabaran##apalagi si Abang tuh kalau dirumah aktifnya g ketulungan##main sana main sini#lompat sana lompat sini😢😢##cus bw aja kesana##biaya2 masuk pn tak mahal laah ##ini bukan promosi mommy cuma mau berbagi info aja siapa tau ada yg sm derita kerempongan ngurus bocil2#😉
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Sobre ontem... conheci um pouco mais da banda @orishasoficial e amei!!!!! Gratidão por esse momento!!! #pas #orishas #cuba #musicaboa #noiteperfeita
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Peço um minuto da sua atenção pra falar sobre um assunto sério. Obrigada e Saudações Tricolores! ❤💚😏😂
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Hii there... happy Sunday. ❤️
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Just a little muddy. As usual...
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Uuh it’s windy outside.🧐😆💨
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Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend 😍😁
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Just let me sleep mommy! Happy new year for all serbians that are celebrating. 💋❤️
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Say hii to our good boy Hachiko! He’s a Labrador-mix & loves to eat! He could eat as much as you give him! He is a little hyper. But hey he‘s a Labrador! 😂❤️
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Meet our Husky Balto! He’s 5 years old & loves cuddles. He likes to run around & he is really fast, so good luck caching up with him! 😉💙
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So I‘m going to post some pictures of my other dogs here too. This is Fluffy our pekingese. He’s 3 years old & loves to be the king 👑! He actually doesn’t know that he is small! But let’s keep this a secret. 😉😅
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I can’t wait to see my first snow! & my birthday is coming soon (January). 🧐
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Playing with my brothers 😝💋👹
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Just chilling
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Tomorrow it's Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? ❤️❤️ #ellenratemydog
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Cuddle time with sissy. ❤️
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Playing in the water. 😂
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I have so much fun here in Serbia. I'm the whole day out running & swimming in my mini pool. Mommy will soon make some new pictures.. she was out with her cousins & friends. Tomorrow she won't be that active bc she has a birthday party. (This is a picture from Switzerland) 😆❤️
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Enjoying life with big sissy.😋
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Happy Sunday! Its cold today... it will rain all day. So we will stay at home & chill. What are your plans for today? 😝💖
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Happy Saturday my friends! Here is a picture from today, I love my big sissy❤️❤️
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Today I turned 6 months old! 😝💖
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"Let her go without leash" they said... it will be fun, they said.
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Nias face, when I told her that, I love her & that she is beautiful!
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Happy Saturday my friends! What are your plans for the weekend? 😉💖💖
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My little baby is getting every day bigger! I don't want her to grow, I want her to be forever my little baby puppy! The time goes to fast by! 😩❤️ #DogsOfSerbia
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Tb when we where in Serbia! 😁💖
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