9.11.17- Getting hit by the post-gig blues isn't fun and missing @palayeroyale , such sweet angels. Hope to see them again soon with a portfolio of art that won't get drenched in the rain. Also being more [ME] when posting from now onward and not caring what people think of my individuality because freedom of expression means everything to me, unfollow if you have an issue, so expect more creativity too. - Megan
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7.11.17- The day I finally saw and met my favourite band and beings @palayeroyale (also followed me on twitter when I was on the train) was the best time of my life. They are my inspirations and mean more than the world to me. I love this special family. The gig at Camden was filled with so much love and energy, I enjoyed every ounce and never wanted it to end. Their hugs and kindness was beyond the best and thank you for your kind words to me that I will treasure in my memories. I could go on forever, Sebastian said to me a couple times how I never stopped smiling and I was always happy throughout the entire gig, which I then told him I had every reason to be @seb@sebastiandanzig , and thank you @remingtonleith for saying you loved my outfit, I told him that it was inspired by him and he said how the whole combination is great haha, and @emersonbarrett was so kind and smiley. I miss them already, such genuine and sweet talented souls 🖤🌹A Soldier of the Royal Council x - PS: thank you @sebastiandanzig for spamming my phone with photos 😂 -Megan
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Happy Birthday to the always lovely @emersonbarrett !🎉💕#21 #palayeroyale
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happy birthday to my beautiful baby E #palayeroyale @emersonbarrett
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(I look awful I apologize) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY @emersonbarrett !!!!!! We fucking love you 💙💙💙 @palayeroyale #emersonbarrett #palayeroyale
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMERSON!!! You bring so much joy to all of the Royal Council’s lives. I hope you have a fantastic day in Paris and we love you! - - - TAGS - - - #palayeroyale #royalcouncil #soldiersoftheroyalcouncil #soldieroftheroyalcouncil #emersonbarrett #remingtonleith #sebastiandanzig #happybirthdayemerson #bands #kroppcircle #boomboomroom #TheRelentless #americansatan
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Young @emersonbarrett is so cute😍😍 He's still cute tho😋 #emersonbarrett #palayeroyale #royalcouncil #solidersoftheroyalcouncil
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When you have 9 @palayeroyale shirts (Don't Feel Quite Right and Black & White album cover shirts are in the wash) and don't know which one to wear for @emersonbarrett's 21st birthday... Or should I say Fuck It and wear MCR Black Parade instead?? (@sebastiandanzig @remingtonleith ) #palayeroyale #bandshirts #merchcollection #soldieroftheroyalcouncil
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