Winter is when I paint usually, and my painting is gifted to whoever inspired me 💙
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This is a painting I did a week or 2 ago. Of course I painted more sunflowers lol 🌻🦋 #art #artofinstagram #paint #painting #paintingofinstagram #acrylicpaint #flower #sunflower #butterfly #monarchbutterfly #nature
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"Matthew 2017" oil on linen 35x48 cm. Finished my self portrait. This was a rewarding exploration, so much that I want to start painting portraits for commission. But since this was my first, I need to build a portfolio before I can start charging. My solution: a competition for my fans to have their portrait painted for free. If you want to enter, post a photo of yourself (or someone you want painted) with the hashtag #pai#paintingtthew and tagging me at @paintingbymatthew . I will be looking for a color photo of good quality and strategic, dramatic lighting. I recommend using a DSLR camera instead of a smartphone. I will choose subjectively, meaning, I will not be focusing on of who the photo is, but rather the quality of the image and lighting. This being said, the best photo wins their portrait. I typically like to leave money amounts out of my posts as I feel it detracts from the essence of art, but to portray how special this offer may be, the gallery manager where I have my paintings displayed in Bergen told me that oil portraits of good quality readily go for 1,200 USD. So please take advantage of this chance. It might be the only time I do this. This is open to everyone, friends, family, fans, etc.. I will really try my best to choose unbiasedly because I want to see your best photos. The winner will be announced on Friday so that you have time to take a photo. . . . . . #art #painting #oilpainting #portrait #portraitpainting #artofinstagram #paintingofinstagram #supportart #fineart #originalart #artwork #oilpaintersofamerica #studio_and_plienair
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