i prefer my lane ;) ac/ib @bxllaera (edited) dt @goofballdolansz cc mine • {#assclowngrp #roseygrp} #alexabliss #lexikaufman #paigewwe #paigeknight #WWE@realpaigewwe @alexa_bliss_wwe_ im dying cause it looks like alexa is holding the assclown logo 💀
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— Embers flew amidst the sound of one thousand voices— Agonizing screams for help harmonized in a sickly cry, yet amongst the crashing, crumbling buildings, the crackling of the treacherous flames, their voices remained unheard. Arising from the chaos, the raven herself— Victorious, she was, but, was she capable of escaping the disaster she had caused? With the swipe of her petite, milky pale hand, dust and perspiration was swept from her forehead, yet her petite build was painted, yet, with ash, dust and dirt, and the dull taint of crimson from the gashes and lacerations she gained along the way. She lived with these scars, these marks, now, result of a beatdown, courtesy of the seductress herself. Eyelids opened, from the terrible imagination she was awoken. Not amidst a disaster scene, no. She was simply within her domain; (HER) ring. Although her body carried the burden and agony of pain and toll, she still held with her, success and pride. She had overcome all, and left all unsuccessful souls to cry for help. Standing tall, she surveyed the scene. Bodies askew amongst the roped enclosure and the black area outside, all holding their sides, or checking their face for any sign of blood. Chuckles, maniacal chuckles, left the throat of the beast, yes, the beast, in sick satisfaction in the demise she brought upon all of the poor damsels that lay askew on the ground. Victorious, again, she was. Treading away from the scene, she turned once more, to survey her chaotic reverie, before she disappeared into the oblivion of that velvet curtain, only to come out next week to deliver the same kind of destruction.
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@realpaigewwe with @kairisane_wwe two amazing wrestlers and two history Markers 😍😍 I'm so happy to see them together again ❤ #Divaoftomorrow #antidiva #sarayajadebevis #thisismyhouse #Screamforme #paigeknight #Paigerules #wwe #womenswrestling
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