The reality of family photos. Happy Thursday!
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The gray days this week have not been calling my camera's name. 🙃 Sharing this from last week and dreaming of sunshine on snow mountain!
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I keep coming back to this photo of my little snow angel from yesterday. In the midst of so much turmoil and uncertainty in our family right now, after the death of my aunt and various other stresses, seeing her peacefully enjoying playing in the snow, blissfully unaware of all the sadness and stress swirling around her, this photo is a complete treasure and comfort for me. I know my aunt would have adored this photo but somehow I felt like she saw it all and was laughing right along with my daughter. . I know it is cliche to say this after a loved one dies, but hug your family members, tell them you love them, treasure them, but also treasure the little moments - even when life is crazy and spinning out of control around you. . #celebratechildhood #lit#littlepiecesofchildhood #everyonesnaps #lovingordinarymoments #snapfromtheheart #our_everyday_moments #2018nycontest #childhoodpure #kids_of_our_world #wildandbravelittles #littlepiecesofchildhood #childrenofig #littleandbrave #upstateny #northernpennsylvania
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And this is how happy I am that it is nearly the weekend! 💕 What plans do you have?! Me and mr d have a child-free wknd and I can’t wait! I love b to bits but sometimes you need a little down time right? 😆 We are staying in Bristol at Brooks Guest House in the heart of the city and looking fwd to exploring on Saturday! @brooksguesthouses #VisitBristol #bristol
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Happy Friday everyone!! Don’t know about you but I’m ready to jump into the weekend 😊😊And what better way then in this cute @oomphandfloss dress 😊😊
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Bütün günü yolda geçirdikten sonra eve geldik, bizimki çılgın gibi çikolataya verdi kendini. Mutluluğum yüzümden okunuyor büyük ihtimal.🤦🏻‍♀️
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A little throwback when we were in Poland 💛 #snow #snowflakes #throwbackthursday #homesick
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I hesitated to post this because, well, out of focus 😳!! However, I don’t have many like this of me with my boys and this reminds me I need to take the opportunity to capture these moments while I still can. #documentyourdays #thehonestlens #lovingtheordinarymoments #raisingragamuffins #getin52
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✨ You make me happy when skies are grey ✨
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Elsie had the best day ever at the Zoo she came home full of chatter and had lots of fun ♡ She told us lots of things; "I saw a Zebras like the Zebra group, I held my nose like this because it was so stinky at the elephants" All about the monkeys and well everything possible 😍 it was so cute to see her so excited! Can't wait to take her to the Zoo on Saturday and of course meet our Insta buddies 🙊
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Henry’s Hair!! 😂😂 BTW Henry’s birthday morning opening presents video is live on my YouTube channel! #linkinbio #thathair #priceless
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It maybe snowing outside, but you can still strip down to your underwear inside!
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Per la serie: no che non m'annoio. Oggi ultimo rimandatissimo vaccino per Agata. Questa la foto di rientro a casa felici e contente al sole, ed è questa l'immagine che voglio stamparmi nella mente ora che sto per crollare dal sonno. Non quella di Agata che, bianca in volto e ansimante, con fatica risponde ai miei richiami. Un grande spavento, che mi ha fatto davvero mancare la terra sotto i piedi. Già in ambulanza ha iniziato a riprendere colore ma ancora non era lei. Durante la visita ho capito che non era nulla di grave, ha ripreso la sua solita parlantina e voglia di giocare. Resta lo spavento e il groppo in gola. Lo so, c'è di mooolto peggio ma il groppo resta là. Mettiamo fine a questa giornata grazie 🙅 #motherofagirl #lovefirst #agata #toddler #our_everyday_moments #notonlymama #momswithcameras #childofig #honestmother #maviepuntoit #motherhood #meandmybaby #familyfirst #childunplugged #endoftheday #sunnyday #timespenttogether
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Fun in the snow ❤️ #emersynnichole #snow #snowdays #carhartt
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Melts my 🖤 when he looks at me like this!
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PSA. This kid just used the potty correctly! Here I am thinking he would continue to stand inside the potty and wee on the floor til he is 10. You’re welcome people.
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He misses the big kids so hard when they’re at school.
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Nothing beats an early morning walk along the beach 🌅 #itssopeacefulhere #rascalsdonorthqueensland
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Loveee this shirt combo 😍 & who doesn’t love them a sassy lady 💁‍♀️
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We finally have the t-shirts in the shop 💁🏻‍♀️👯‍♀️
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Totally O B S E S S E D 😍💙 #nowimdoneposting #storyofgrahamjames #newbornphotography
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Running upstairs to grab diapers or wipes, fetching the bottle I left in the kitchen, searching under furniture for a lost pacifier, turning off the bath water as I yell from the other room, singing her songs and never being too far away...she will be an amazing mom someday 😊 . . . . . #thehonestlens #theheartcaptured #siblinghoodlove #mytinymoments #treasuringlittlememories #momswithcameras #simplychildren #ourcandidlife #cameramama #inbeautyandchaos #our_everyday_moments #my_magical_moments #thesincerestoryteller
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A very intense game of #CandyLand going on. It is so much fun having the grandparents visit, and so sad when they have to go back home.
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Surviving the winter. Switching things up with a trip to the pool . . . #kortnijeaneswimmers
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Big and little. Getting pics of them together is nearly impossible. #18monthsapart #twoundertwo
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stuck at home with what we believe to be rotavirus, so these two cuties are cooking up mama something tasty. are you a planner? i literally plan everything because it helps me to feel organized and on top of things. today on the blog i am talking all about meal planning: telling you why i choose to do it, exactly how i plan, and an example of a meal plan is up for you. i definitely wouldn’t make it without a plan each week, so hop on over if you’d like. that little chalkboard hanging on the wall is a weekly planner and is on my blog, as well. it is from @chalkfullofdesign: if you haven’t heard about them already then you’re in for a treat. happy meal planning! 🍛🍜🌮🍳🍯 #mamaslittlehelper
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😂😂 seriously
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I’m super excited to finally share the photos from our first ever mother-and-daughter photoshoot back in November (not taken with a tripod and remote for a change 😜🙌🏻). I’ve partnered with @marshallscanada (my one-stop shop for all things health and fitness at fab prices!) to talk a bit more about wellness for the whole family. If you’ve been following along here for a while, you know that health and fitness are so important to me but I also know how tough it is to focus on healthy living as a family when we all lead such busy lives. So today on the blog I’m sharing 5 easy ways that you can help your kids develop healthy habits. I’m also sharing one of my favourite healthy (but still toddler-approved!) breakfast recipes on the blog. Direct link is in my bio! Also make sure to check us out on to see more photos and a little video from our shoot! #LoveMarshalls #partner
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I can’t get enough of this sweet little face 😍
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I remember going bowling with my parents and older sister when I was small, there were no bumpers so even though I was older than J now I was always in charge of writing down the points as playing was not a possibility. I was so surprised to see they had bumpers and a slide for the smallest kids. He had so much fun and totally beat me 🙈 🎳 #kidstagram #letthembelittle
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NomiLu Piper Clip // your little one has a cute outfit •• we have just the perfect matching clip for you! 👉🏽👉🏽 ✨ #nomilumade #nomilupiperclip
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Ella en su mundo interactuando con la tele. Esos morritos que les pone a los dibujos son para comérselos, la verdad. Últimamente la observo y veo que deja atrás las expresiones más de bebés y empieza a hacerse mayor. Y aunque por un lado me alucina ver cómo absorben todo y estoy deseando que empiece a hablar, también me da pena dejar atrás la etapa anterior. En fin, que os vaya bien a tod@s el viernes y entréis pisando fuerte a por el finde. Y que descanséis, y disfrutéis😊.
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She’s always grateful for where she’s at ...but always excited to run towards another adventure. 🚂
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I peeked in at Easton as he was sleeping, and this is how he had his sweet little hands... 😍✨
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My littlest love ❄️
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Temporary ceasefire. Soon, tracks will be destroyed, towers will be toppled and rebuilt. For now, an afternoon moment of peace in the valley.
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In viaggio per Firenze per un evento @chi@chicco_italia domani, sperando che tutte le coincidenze coincidano, faccio una notte a Barcellona (che si sa è comodo dormire a Barcellona quando si va a Firenze). Qui i boys vestiti ovviamente @chicco_italia
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🌞sunrise 🌞 hubby checks in on how we slept last night about now every morning ... he gets up at 2.30am for work !! Welllllll he sends this !! His working view for the morning 😍😍 #sunrise #love #light
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💦💙💧💙💦 • A little throwback to some of my favourites captures showing his enthusiasm and fascination when seeing something he finds exciting. Water! 💦 is one of the most thrilling things he knows! And seeing it dripping like this was just the coolest thing ever - you can see his whole body language reflecting his excitement💧💙 (swipe👉🏼) (This is from the time we visited Astrid Lindgren's World in August ’17) . . . . #MiamorMividaMicorazonVidar . #simplychildren #kkidspo #letthemexplore #humansofjoy #mom#momtogs #candidchildhood #letthekids #UMH_Kids #posttheordinary #letthembelittle #redtricycle #documentlife #kindredmemories #documentyourdays #enchantedchildhood #mom_hub #momtog #soulfocusinspired #pixel_kids #my_magical_moments #littlefierceones #thepursuitofjoyproject #dearestviewfinder #treasuringlittlememories #ourchildrenphoto #magicofchildhood #humaneffect #mytinymoments #our_everyday_moments
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