- Do shit. Learn. Do shit better . #lifeperformancetraining
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Bench press! The vid is sped up so you can’t tell that I was doing tempo bench with a 3 second down, 2 second hold and speed on the way up. Like any other bench press: 🥓 feet on ground, back shoulders and head on the bench 🥓 lift off and lock out before beginning 🥓 bring the bar down with control 🥓 elbows are 45* from your ribs 🥓 bar touches chest 🥓 punch with aggression on the way up !! - Main acct: @cam@cammdev 🥑 - 💪🏼➡️: Purpose 2.0 & Fit in 30 available now! 💻: www.camdevtraining.com 🎥: @camdevtraining 🦄: @uniconutrition 15% off code “unicam” 🌿: @teamiblends 10% off code “camm10” 👻: @cammdev #fitnesscoach #onlinetrainer #cdf#cdftose #cdft #entrepreneur #physicalfitness #growthmindset #challengetochange #strengthcoach #fittrainers #girlboss #athletecoach #cdftbenchpress
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Never skip Mondays. Tomorrow marks another week to Progress, to advance, to develop toward a better more complete YOU. #motivation #monday #fit#fitness #online #martins #personaltrainer #ranchocucamonga #onlinetrainer #fitness #hea#healthylifestyle #healthy #loseweight #bodybuilder
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Lateral miniband walks! So many times this exercise will be done passively and injury can occur overtime! In order to get full value out of this movement, watch the whole video. • keep your back flat the whole time • you’ll notice in the first portion, I slow it down and my knees go valgus which is terrible on the joint! It also causes my ankle joint to become distorted completely as none of the right muscles are being activated. • to correct, press your knees against the bands! I’m using @perform_better here • stay in a low stance and don’t bounce around This movement when done properly targets your glute medius! Get after it! - Main acct: @cam@cammdev 🥑 - 💪🏼➡️: Purpose 2.0 released March 2nd & Fit in 30 available now! 💻: www.camdevtraining.com 🎥: @camdevtraining 🦄: @uniconutrition 15% off code “unicam” 🌿: @teamiblends 10% off code “camm10” 👻: @cammdev #fitnesscoach #onlinetrainer #cdf#cdftose #cdft #entrepreneur #physicalfitness #growthmindset #challengetochange #strengthcoach #fittrainers #girlboss #athletecoach #cdftlateralwalks
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Had a blast this weekend filming @cassadycampbell latest prank. He rented a lambo, wore a suit and pranked companies pretending to be their CEO😂 you guys will have to check out the video thats dropping on his channel tonight.
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Rule #1 To working out NEVER SKIP MONDAY!! #Mylittlehomegym #personaltrainer #online #onlinetrainer
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My meal prep partner for the day... Love you, Lu! Thank you for your help, ALWAYS! And HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!!! - - - #mealprep #biggestlittle #almostherbirthday #goals #mealplan #somanygreenbeans #onlinetrainer #onlinetraining #personaltrainer #loveandawesomeness #itsabeautifulday #thatsmile #shestoopretty
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Trying to flex after sunday funday💪🏽😂#ducklips#flex#sillyboy#ripped#bodybuilding#motivation#herbalife#mentalhealth#onlinetrainer#swoldier#sundayfunday
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You want to know the best part about working with others one-on-one to achieve their goals? 🤔 - It's not hanging out in the gym all day... 💪 - It's DEFINITELY not the (sometimes) early mornings and late nights... 😴 - It's the people. The personalities. The personal friendships built. ✔️ - My very first female client @kynaxxxxxu from my days training at IU is a prime example of that! 👍 - Spending hours a week with someone, you get to know them - its honestly my favorite part of the entire experience. 😝 - Building encouraging and positive friendships became an unexpected passion that I didn't know I had when I first got started. ⬇️ - In the case of Kyna, I was lucky to even spend this past month getting up to date with her routine and working towards new goals with online training! 🌐 - Honestly, I feel so lucky to maintain these types of friendships with the people that I train with. 🙌 - And looking towards the future, I'm excited to continue meeting new faces and forming more of these amazing relationships. 😁
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First day of windgates in a long time, feels so good and kills at the same time. It’s go time, let the fat loss commence. . Starting off slowly with two short cardio sprints a week. If you want to make continuous changes in your physique with out sacrificing muscle then you can’t use all your weapons at once. Slowly over the weeks and months make subtle changes to your training and diet to preserve as much muscle as possible and also so you’re not f£€king around with your hormones and metabolism to much. . #Onlinecoach #OnlineTrainer #certifiedpersonaltrainer #yyc #yycfit #fatloss #Stayathomedad #dadlife #fitness #fitfam #Bodybuilding #musclebuilding #Gains #physique #gym #fitdad #success #guidance #mindsetiseverything #gymlife #mindfulmuscleyyc
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As you can clearly see here, I tried on about six dresses and settled for leggings #surprise
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Les dimanches soirs sont maintenant synonyme de relaxation pour moi! Depuis que j’ai commencé mon nouveau programme d’entraînement, je vise de prendre du temps pour moi les jours de repos! C’est super de s’entraîner 6/7 jours, mais il faut aussi prendre le temps de récupérer et de refaire le plein d’énergie pour la nouvelle semaine qui débute demain! Ce soir, bain au sel d’epsom! Tu connais ? C’est rempli de bienfaits. Entre autre, les Sels d’Epsom sont un super remède contre le stress & aide à favoriser la détente musculaire. Parfais quand on s’entraîne intensément! Lorsque le sulfate de magnésium est absorbé par la peau, il expulse les toxines du corps, détend le système nerveux, réduit le gonflement et donne un soulagement aux muscles. C’est un émollient naturel et exfoliant. Le moyen le plus efficace de le faire absorber par le corps c’est de le mettre dans un bon bain chaud! Celui que j’utilise est à l’eucalyptus 🙌🏻
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Prom was terrible! 💥💩 · A few years ago I was completely stressed and a complete loser! 😬 · This was a time in my life when I was neither productive or happy! I was just settling with what was, because it was easier. Even though I knew deep down I deserved better.😕 · At this time I had been kicked out of my house, and was now living with my ex and her parents(dont do this). It seemed like a great idea at first but holy heck did it unravel into a mess.😥 · Im going be honest and say at this time I was battling addiction. I was prescribed adderal at this time, but after trucking through hard terrain in my life I eventually started abusing them.😓😩 · I told eveyone they helped me 'focus', this was a BS lie I just told myself this to feel better! 😟 · The relationship with my exs family fell apart and so did hers and I relationship. We were both to stubborn and it caused a lot of turmoil! We shouldve parted ways sooner but gosh kids dont know when to listen to their subconscious!😤😫 · I eventually stopped the pills after going on a vacation with my family and having a breakdown with one of the islanders, who said they were a guru, he gave me conrete advice that shaped a lot of my beliefs!🙌 · He explained if you arent happy no one involved in your life will be happy, if you arent productive no one involved around you will be! 😱 · This changed a lot on my insight in life, and also shaped my very meaning for being on this earth!😀😊 CONTINUED BELOW⏬⏬⏬ Please Read I know its a lot😬
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💥START YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY! 👇🏻HOW TO SIGN UP👇🏻 . ✳️Visit www.LukasDuncan.com/Special or Click Link in my BIO @duncanlukas . ✳️COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED PLAN! ✳️Custom Meal Plan! ✳️Check ins (every two weeks)! ✳️Gym/Home workouts! ✳️HIIT/Steady State cardio! ✳️Access to 100+ Exercise Videos! ✳️Supplement Guide! ✳️Available Worldwide! ✳️Male or Female! ✳️24/7 Email Support! ✳️GUARANTEED RESULTS! . For more info: 📧email LBDTraining@LukasDuncan.com . . . #flashsale #exercises #workouts #onlinetrainer #fitnesscoaching #results #personaltraining #worldwide #beforeafter #transformations #onlinecoach
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local to long island? want to come ride with me this week? riding with me is a great way to see if i'm the kind of coach you're looking for, some come get your sweat on and get #FitByGab! . comment below for more details!
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🚨My 30 Day Full Body Gym program is now on SALE for ONLY $50! 🚨 • 3 strength and conditioning workouts • 2 cardio workouts • Meal Guide & Meal Plan Option • Email Support 📩 DM OR EMAIL me at eunoiafit@gmail.com to sign up! Head to the gym with a plan and get that summerbody right! —— #eunoiafit #eatclean #traindirty #movemountains #dallaspersonaltrainer #fitqueen #onlinetrainer #onlinecoaching #fullbodyworkout #dallasfitness #dallasfitwomen #womenwholift #dtxwomen
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Pre monday morning motivation and Sunday night thoughts.
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Spring break is fast approaching!😎☀️🏖 . 😔If you’re not feeling you have the spring break physique you want, now is the perfect time to put a plan in action to get you there by signing up for my online training program!🏃🏼‍♂️ . 🤔Pick from a more self guided, on your own approach with either my 6-Week Weight Loss or 6-Week At-Home Program, or get something more personalized and let me help you get that physique you’re looking for! . 👌🏼Programs start at just $14.99 and come with a FREEEEEE nutrition and supplementation sample guide.📝 . . 💬For more info, just message me through my socials. . 👆🏼And just click the link in my bio and follow the directions through my website to get signed up!👊🏼😁
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This was delicious 😍 Rice paper rolls with all the things: Kale pesto White bean and garlic mash Tempeh Rice vermicelli Avo Cucumber Capsicum Carrot Soy sauce Nandos hot sauce I could not stop eating them AND they're great fun to make! 😆
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Happy Prepare for your week day bc if you don’t today your week will be super overwhelming😰 lol -but seriously, I got so much done today and I could of swore it was midnight and it’s only like 9:40ish. . Spent some time today meeting with my team game planning for the future 😌 -when I say my team I mean Kyle [does my videos and helps all around with alot], Lucas [has helped me with everything from day 1 & has been a huge help and support literally every step of the way], and myself. . I’m ready to crush this week, and the next couple months ahead! ... ARE YOU?!😘 . Wearing @tilyoucollapse cropped hoodie and leggings! Size small in both 💜 | Code Miranda saves you money 😘 . Interested in ... Online coaching with customized programs to you?! -Head to my story for an opportunity to do a customized 8 Week Program OR -Email📧 —> mirandadreamfit2@gmail.com💜 (or use the email button on my page) . Twitter🐤mirandacohenfit Snapchat👻mirandaacohen . #iam1stPhorm #1stPhorm #LegionofBoom #wintheday #bethe1 #100to0 #dothework #duespaid #workoutgirl #fitnesscoach #succesfulwomen #gymvibes #fitnessjourney #myjourney #earnednotgiven #achieveit #dreamfit #motivatedforsuccess #squatspo #bestme #inspiredaily #workhardtoday #dailygrind #gymoutfit #workoutoutfit #fitnesschick #phamily #bestyouyet #gymfit #gymgrind
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So proud of my brother @luke.stuartt for working his ass off all year and taking second at 6A State Championships in the 200 and 500 yard freestyle after finishing ninth a year ago in both . While swimming ten practices a week, Luke asked me to start writing him workouts to improve his strength and power. This meant late nights at the gym after swim practice three days a week when having to be up at 4:30am the next day to swim again . His dedication and determination was a huge part of his success in his senior year, but this can only take you so far without proper programming . If you’re an athlete and not using resistance training it’s time to start . #bullenfitness #legacybarbell #personaltrainer #onlinetraining #strengthtraining #fitnesstrainer #per#personaltraining #strengthtrainer #bodybuilding #powerbuilding #the#thewoodlandsner #movement #personaltraining #powerlifting #houstonstrong #squ#squatyday #houstonpersonaltrainer #athlete #usaswimming #texasswimming #nas#nasmtrainer #kettlebells #thewoodlands #nasm #onlinetrainer #weightloss #squat #bench #deadlift #houstontraining #fuckaverage
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Kiss your father on the forehead and whisper “goodnight sweet prince” in his ear for me. . Take a moment to appreciate your family on this Family Day and stop being a disappointment. . Also take a moment to make your dad feel uncomfortable.. or incredibly comfortable, I’m not sure what your family dynamics are like.
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💥🔥💥 Fat Burners 💥🔥💥 . Just take this pill, and you will have the body you want in a flash ⚡️ . Although that’s NOT EXACTLY what the fat burner bottle says, that is what I use to believe . WHY? Because LOSING WEIGHT is a GRUELING task, and I WANTED “that” body SO bad . I know from personal experience how NOT having the body that you want, messes with your mind, and you are willing to do ANYTHING, besides sell your FIRST BORN of course 😉 . I just want to let you know that you are not alone. Many people, including myself, many times throughout my life, are guilty of looking for “quick fixes,” and spending HUNDREDS of dollars on weight loss products, especially FAT BURNERS . Each time I purchased these magical pills, my mind was in a state where I believed that the FAT BURNER literally had the capability to melt my FAT on the spot. . So.....WHAT ARE THESE MAGICAL PILLS? FAT BURNERS are a SUPPLEMENT designed to INCREASE metabolism, INCREASE energy, and REDUCE appetite to INCREASE the number of calories you burn, which in turn leads to weight loss . EVERY TIME I purchased these FAT BURNERS, I was never able to get the body I was desiring . WHY? Because it’s a SUPPLEMENT. Fat burners CAN’T do the job alone . This is something I wished I knew because I could have saved A TON of 💵, and a lot of heartache 💔 . In short....NO FAT BURNER will be effective unless it is also PAIRED with a PROPER DIET PLAN and a GOOD WORKOUT PROGRAM . ‼️They aren’t magic pills BUT if you put in the work, they can be a big help‼️ . I am proud 😊 to be able to say that the body I have today is not the result of using fat burners, (which is my personal choice), but a result of HARD WORK 💪🏽 and DEDICATION . . . #thereisnomagicpill #weightlosshelp #weightlossjourney #weightlosscoaching #weightlosstips #beginnerweightloss #fitmom #fitoverforty #fitnesslifestyle #fitnesscoach #onlinetrainer #blackgirlsworkouttoo ##InfluencerAcademy #tbarrfitness #tamirabarr_fit
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Shopping spree today with the hubs means new workout gear for mommy 💪🏻💕😉 . 💥Truth💥I used to reward myself for meeting fitness (and really any😂) goals with food...now I do it with #workoutapparel. 🙌 It’s longer lasting, makes me feel like a badass during my workouts, and doesn’t leave me in a food coma like the chocolate and pizza do. Don’t have a lot of money for a splurge at the store? Even some new socks, downloading a few new songs, or getting yourself a cute headband will do just as good! . Nothing feels as amazing as pushing outside your comfort zone and seeing your inner badass really shine through😍 . . #underarmour #workoutmotivation #retailtherapy #workoutclothes #treatyoself #loveyourself #noexcuses #fitandstrong #strongisthenewskinny #workoutgear #fitnessgoals
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Beginners guide to the gym: - Have a plan. - Be consistent. - Be confident. - Be patient. - Challenge yourself. - Focus on proper form. - That’s it. You don’t need to get fancy. Just focus on these and you’ll be good to go. You can worry about more complex stuff as you grow in your fitness journey. - I’ll be making a detailed YouTube video this week on a beginners guide to the gym. ———————————— Need a little extra help? Apply for coaching through the link in my bio. #elevateyourself #bestself
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If only every Sunday night was as picturesque as this! 🌅 This past weekend took a lot of of me energetically. Taking the time to recharge and go back to crushing it tomorrow. Loving my #WineDownSunday ❤️#santamonica #sunset #onlinetrainer #bossladyfitness
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Just a skinny vegan doing some post cardio bathroom posing 😊 feeling great and looking forward to killing my back session tonight ✌️ #5weeksOut
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One of my start clients demonstrating a great exercise for rotational mobility of the t-spine (middle back). Drive that elbow high to the sky without compensating with movement in your neck. And then swing it back down toward your stable arm. 10-20 reps each side is enough to open up some range of motion. Without adequate t-spine mobility, there’s a good chance you’re body will try to get that motion from somewhere else...like your lower back..not what you want! Definitely always keep lumbar rotation to a minimum👌🏾 #TBFit #Fitness2aT . . . . . #aestheticbody #athleticaesthetic #chicagofitfam #fitnesseducation #chicagotrainer #trainlikeanathlete #functionalfitness #aesthetics #fit#fitfam #strength #functionaltraining #health #athlete #fitnesslifestyle #strengthcoach #personaltrainer #strengthandconditioning #exe#exercisence #chicagofitness #onlinetrainer #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitfam #workout #exercise #lifestylecoach
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Sunday, Feb 18, 2018. Round One — after check ins & refeed breakfast I went to the gym; decided I’d use the pancakes for a nice little pump 🥞 #pancakepump before knocking out some of my cardio. This #posingvideo was taken before the stairs when I was still kinda grumpy.. so please excuse the faces hehe 🤓 — I decided to purposely break up my cardio today because I want to keep my metabolism as up as I can (multiple sessions helps w/this) and I wanted to feel less overall stress (less minutes @@ a time makes me feel more capable and therefore relaxed). So that’s what I did. Knocked out some upper body and then killed 20 min on the stairs (387 calories burned). ♥️ #committed currently: 164.6 lbs @ 6ft #evenmoremotivated #jus#justdontstop #bouldershoulders #veins #vascularity #obliques #tunnelvision #mindset #leanbean #titan #futureWPD #preplife #justdontstop #lyssjfit
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January 6th - February 18th • • Today has definitely been the hardest day mentally to stick to my macros and to continue training at a high intensity. Lol, I currently have had dreams about food the past couple days😅 Even after a Re-feed of 385c 185p 55f the other day I still feel like I’m in a mental fog. Nevertheless, I’m still pushing through my mental barriers to reach my goal of winning the NANBF Wisconsin Warrior body competition. If you’re looking for a legit coach to help you with either gaining muscle or to prep for contest my guy @chris_elkins knows the formula. 7 weeks of prep and I can’t believe the transformation we have already made. 12 more weeks and you’ll get to see the final results!😈
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Join me this week for the FREE 3 Day Home Workout Challenge for Beginners! The challenge is completely free and designed to help you get fit, tight and toned from the comfort of your own home. Click the link in my bio to sign up for the free challenge (the link will no longer be accessible after midnight so sign up ASAP) • • • • #giveaway #heathylifestyle #freechallenge #personaltrainer #fitnessmotivation #blackfitness #fitnessenthusiast #blackwomenworkout #bodyconditioning #projectSpersonaltraining #fitnesscoaching #Hiitworkout #freetraining #freeonlinetraining #workoutflow #blackgirlfitness #onlinetrainer
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Easiest snack on the planet! Blend everything up in a food processor, roll into balls, store in the fridge for a quick easy snack. 6-8 pitted dates 2 tbs peanut butter 1/2 cup oat flour 1/2 cup almonds Cinnamon Almond extract Sprinkle of mini chocolate chips Depending on consistency you may have to add a few tbs of almond milk 😋
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No caption needed! #thankful #happy #blessed
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What is your WHY⁉️ . 🔵 - For EVERY goal you set, there’s a reason why you want to achieve it. In most cases, there are MANY reasons. . 🔵 - For those courageous goals make sure you write down WHY you want to achieve it. This is plays an important role in holding you accountable and inspiring you to take the necessary actions to reach that goal. . 🔵 - If your goal is to compete then write down all the reasons why. Each morning you wake up during your contest prep read your WHY out loud. This will drastically improve your attitude during prep and help increase adherence.👍🏼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔹▪️ANTHONY PIETROBONO▪️🔹 ✅💻ONLINE COACHING💻✅ 🔥FAT LOSS🔥 💪🏼MUSCLE BUILDING💪🏼 🥗MEAL PLANS🥗 📓TRAINING PROGRAMS📓 🏆CONTEST PREPARATION🏆 💊SUPPLEMENTATION💊 📱DM ME or EMAIL ME👇🏼 📧ADVPHYSIQUE@GMAIL.COM📧
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I HATE feeling stalled, feeling like I'm not making progress, and failing to meet my own high expectations. I HATE it. I don't use the word hate lightly. but these feelings can burn me pretty badly before I catch them. ###### I know, though, that part of that long journey upwards is little steps back, little lulls and valleys to match the peaks. I know that, I coach others through that...but feeling it first hand sucks. # In those moments you're least prepared, thoughts crowd into your mind telling you that your plan isn't working, you're failing, you're doing something wrong or you're not capable...you're not trying. The temptation is to grit your teeth and try to force progress. # In my experience, this is when injuries happen. So instead, if I catch these inaccurate feelings, I make note of them then dispose of them. I listen to my body, take a step back, and reset. I do an inventory, look at my training and lifestyle and see where I can improve. I detach my feelings from the issue, because there's no point in getting upset about the natural ebb and flow of your body and progress when you're working hard. # For others, these'll be the points you're tempted to quit. Don't do it. # Today it was clear my body wasn't ready for the big boy weights yet, so I kept volume and intensity lower and did some extra shooting. I had a blast shooting. I'll focus a little more on basic recovery over the next few days and reign myself in. # Up implies down. Embrace both. #powerlifting #archery #programming #weightlifting #ironsports #mindset #motivation #fitnessjourney #ebbandflow #conquer
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Let’s talk circuit training💪 There are few ways you can approach a circuit 1️⃣ "How fast can I go" When we aim for speed there is natural inclination to drop the weight (less weight will allow you to move faster). 🏃 If you hate traditional cardio this is great alternative 2️⃣ "How heavy can I go and still continue to move with little to no rest." You are more likely to maintain good form and focus on the mind-muscle connection. If your goal is to build muscle🏋️ I would aim for number two. This does not mean you can't gain muscle and strength with speed but there are some limiting factors _ 👉Try this Full Body Workout, broken down into 3 Circuits -Maintain a moderate pace and rest as little as possible within each circuit -Rest as long as needed between each circuit Circuit 1 3 Rounds 8 Curtsey Lunge (2 pulses) 12 Bent Over DB Row 15 KB Sumo Deadlift Circuit 2 3 Rounds 15 Straight Arm Pull Down 30 Pulsed Cable Squats 12 Straight Bar Cable Curls Circuit 3 3 Rounds 12 DB Incline Press 10 Trap Raise 12 Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squats 20 Banded Glute Kickbacks : **all single leg exercises are meant to be done on each side for the stated number of repetitions : : #fullbodyworkout #glutes #circuits #girlswithmuscle #womenfit #girlswholift #trainlikeagirl #fitnesslove #bossgirls #gymlife #gymgirls #bbg #bbgcommunity #fitnessaddict #womenlift #fitnesstips #bosslife #fitnessmom #liftingweights #gluteexercises #liftlikeagirl #momfit #momswithmuscle #strongmom #onlinetrainer #hypertophy #girlgains #strongnotskinny #fit#fitfam #fitfam
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Chefing it up by the ocean. This was a pasta dish that I decided to put a new twist to. Had some really aromatic flavors that combined for a slightly sweet, savory, and spicy sauce in a balsamic vinegar reduction. Some of the things I used were: butternut squash, sweet onion, baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, garlic, squash noodles, chile, portabella mushrooms, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, cumin, smoked peprika Along with a few other small things to boost the flavor and health benefits. Completely vegan dish, that has deep flavors and consistency. Have fun trying new recipes!!!
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Planning for success is half the battle. If you're scheduling your workouts for the week, save this upper body/core workout! 💪🏻💪🏻 1. DB bicep curls 5x8 2. Bench press 5x8 (my warmup recorded) 3. Cable hammer curl 5x8 4. Cable tricep pressdown 5x8 5. Machine curls (modification if you don't have curl machine) 4x8 6. Cable curls 3x20 7. Resistance band curls 3x20 8. Russian twist 4x100 -customized training and nutrition programs available, email in bio! . . . . . . #tra#trainer #armday #arms #muscle #girlswithmuscle #workoutvideo #wor#workouts #videos #abs #core #abworkout #workouts #trainer #training #personaltrainer #onlinecoaching #onlinetrainer #pt #kcpt #kcpersonaltrainer #kctraining #macfittraining #macfitislit #macattack #macdreams #seeyoulaterleaner
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Upper body warm up/stretch !!! 🤸‍♀️🙌 This is a regularly used vinyasa in yoga, but it’s also a great warm up before any type of upper body work as it loosens up the joints & muscles while simultaneously engaging them - which as you can prob guess is great preparation for a good lift sesh to follow💪 Positions & their associated benefits listed below ⬇️ _ 1. Downward Dog - energizes body, stretches shoulders/chest/neck muscles/hamstrings/calves, engages arms/legs, elongates spine 2. Chaturanga - engages & strengthens arms/core/quads/glutes, improves core stability. This is definitely a more difficult pose but variations are possible - took me years of practice and core strengthening to develop good form and technique w this one! 3. Upward Dog - stretches chest/abs/shoulders, strengthens spine/arms/wrists. Be mindful that if your thighs are on the floor that is a variation of this pose and is called cobra. Your elbows should be bent in cobra and straightened in upward dog! 4. Child’s Pose - Stretches hips/thighs/ankles, opens up hips, elongates/relieves lower back & neck, stretches arms if laid out in front. This is also a great resting pose for breathing focus🧘‍♀️ I added an extra arm/shoulder stretch by simply reaching each arm thru the opposite sides. _ Try this before and/or after your next upper body session!! I usually repeat the flow about 3 times before and after my workouts. Also good for rest days or any time you need some extra relaxation/stress relief (**Remember to connect your breath to each movement**)🙇‍♀️💚 #vinyasa #warmup
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Snow doesn't stop me from hitting up my stairs 😀 👊 #bootcamps #personaltrainer #fitness #onlinecoach #onlinetrainer #femaletrainer #mobiletrainer #inhometraining #outdoorbootcamps #outdoortraining www.westcoastpersonaltrainer.com
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Life going great...Go to the gym! Life not going great.... Go to the gym! 😂 yup 💪🏼👊🏽💪🏼❤️ Love your self Naturally 🏋🏽‍♀️🌱🏋🏽‍♀️ Feed Me Vegan #onlinetrainer #gym #fit #workout #fitfam #health #bodybuilding #fitspo #weightloss #cleaneating #muscle #exercise #healthyfood #strength #prepcoach #vegan #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #weightlossjourney #shredded #transformation #clearskin #transformationcoach #bodybuilder #personaltrainer #drive #gymflow #fatloss #cleanfood
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Snow doesn't stop me from hitting up my stairs. 4 rounds again. Tomorrow 5 rounds and adding laps, back in the pool. 😊 #stayhealthy #nutrition #onlinecoach #onlinetrainer #onlinetraining #femaletrainer #mobiletrainer #inhometraining #outdoorbootcamps #outdoortraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #bootcamps www.westcoastpersonaltrainer.com
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