I love seeing this little preview from @littlegrayfilms_co from a wedding at @theaddisongrove a few weeks ago. Her films have such an ethereal and artistic quality to them- really different from a lot of wedding videographers you see out there. Silk by @seda.medicina Planning by @kindleandgather
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Cheers to the weekend! 💫
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-happy anniversary- Deze prachtige foto maakte wij 6 maanden terug van mijn mooie zus&zwager!😍🌅 #rcreative
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Чудесных выходных вам 💛 #фотографнаталиядубинина
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The bridal details...
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любить. 🖤 #dirtybootsandmessyhair
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Happy Saturday everyone🌿✌🏻........here’s a beautiful braided boho updo finished with some gypsophila and eucalyptus leaves. I used my @corioliss.official styling iron to smooth and curl the hair then used @colabhair to add some texture to her freshly washed hair. Next I braided a dutch fishtail braid using big sections from the left to the right hand side of her head and secured the end of the braid. Then I sprayed the braid with @designmehair PUFF Me Light and pull at it to make it nice and big! I then secure the braid back on itself and added the flowers and foliage!!!
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In honor of #nationaladoptionday I just cant help but share one of the adoption photos of me and my sweet Emmy! I had the honor of photographing one of my dearest friends’ adoptions today and it brought back all of the emotions! Also, in case you missed it...i have started an Instagram for my Emmy to tell her story and share some joy. I’d love for you to follow along @emmycandme Photo by Jessica with @adrialea . . . #weddingplanner #texasbride #dallasweddingphotography #dallastexas #dallasweddingvenues #dallasevents #txbride #gettingmarried #futuremrs #shesaidyes #weddinginspirations #couplethings #couplestuff #oncewed #potd #gorgeous #dallasweddingphotographers #destinationwedding #photographer #photographerslife #photoshoot #photomodel #instalove
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Günaydınnnn. Böyle tatlı bir aşkla 🎀
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Editing late into the night but dreaming up some more of these awesome styled shoots for next year! So thankful for the fantastic people I was able to meet and collaborate with! 🙌🏻 Tap for the rad wedding vendors!
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If someone is destined for you, never in a million years it will be for somebody else. #MJtyingtheknot • Amazing people behind this scene @wiley.putnam & @vinnagracia 💕
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For her, the ocean was more than a dream, it was a place she needed to visit to find herself. Couple session of Julia and Mike. 📷 Fujifilm X-T2 + XF23mm f/1.4R 🌐 www.gusmank.com
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В продолжении предыдущего поста!...Так много теплых воспоминаний оставил вчерашний день (17.11.17)! Было ярко, весело и очень жарко) Безумно благодарна молодоженам за такую возможность и 100% доверие, создать необычный свадебный торт. Люблю когда нет "рамок", тогда и результат лучше и интереснее! Как сказали гости "торт ломает мозг своей геометрией", "он падает, падает" имея ввиду верхний ярус))) Но все обошлось ничто не упало) и даже не думало. Декор и покрытие торта 100% шоколад. Как пишут многие кондитеры #тортбезмастики. Хочу поблагодарить банкетный зал @ban@banket_yurta_ за предоставленное нам отдельное помещение для 11 часовой подготовки! Такой торт не привезешь просто так и не поставишь. Многое выполнялось на месте) Спасибо большое тебе Машенька @mary__cake___ что стала частью нашей команды на 1 день и внесла большой вклад в создании декора торта) Иначе мы бы не успели)) Банкетный зал: @banket_yurta_ Организатор: @matveeva_studio Декор зала и флористика:@hey_whitee #weddingday #weddingbouquet #weddingdress #weddingidea #weddingcake #weddingdetails #weddingdecor #weddinginspo #the_bride #weddywood #oncewed #weddinguu #свадебныйтортуланудэ #свадебныйтортиркутск #свадебныйтортуланудэ #шоуторт #тортназаказиркутск #тортназаказуланудэ #мктуяныбадмаевой
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Maui and that morning light.
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San Diego in the Fall is just the best kept secret. The clouds, the light, the amazing colors. #sneakpeek of this dreamy E-sesh for @shakashanny and Phil!
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“I live a lifetime every moment when I’m holding you close. Honey I won’t ever let you go. Now I’m right where I belong, I’m gonna love you the same for the rest of my days.” @johnnystimson 🖤 Mallory and Andrew, engaged and so in love.
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