On the 2nd Day of Pretty, we bring you Eileen Eyeshadow & Beauty Sleep! All day: Buy 1 Beauty Sleep Serum, Get 1 Beauty Sleep 50% off! Buy 2 Beauty Sleep Serums, Get 1 Beauty Sleep FREE! Plus! When you spend $100+, you'll receive our brand new Eileen Eyeshadow for FREE! This brand new #rootEileen Pressed Eyeshadow is inspired by 2017 Root Model @eileeeeenkim. It’s a beautiful emerald satin shade with golden hues! See it in our stories later today! And when you spend $100+ today, you’ll receive this pigment free! Check out our website for full terms. #rootbeautysleep
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It’s a “wearing my Chucks to work” kind of day! Chucks make me happy! They are also my official mom shoes! What’s on your feet today?
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I am needing a Mani change STAT!!! 💅 How often do you switch up your mani's? I could totally leave these probably for another week but I need a Christmas mani. I often get asked does Jamberry actually last?! How does it hold up? A picture tells it's story! My mani is on day 12 and is still as good as day 1. So YES it lasts and holds up extremely well! I am sporting our wraps and gel and it is AMAZING!!!! I am telling you to TRY IT! Let me show you how! I have great teaching video's on my Jamberry Facebook page so go check it out! #jam#jamberryforthewin #jamberry
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After avoiding wearing nail polish for the last couple of years, I thought my nails could do with some festive cheer so I treated myself to some @mavalauk nail polish. According to the Mavala website, it’s free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, cellophane and heavy metals. It’s also only 5ml which also makes it eco-friendly. Are there any other brands to try? #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfhealth #ivf#ivfsupport #ivf2017 #ivfstrong #ivfsupport #ivfwarrior #ivfdiary #ivfsucks #ivfstory #ivflife #ivfcommunity #ivfgotthis #ivfhope #ttc #ttccommunity #nontoxic
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Weekends with our Toy Keys 😍 Enter to win $25 credit hosted by @theholtsathome 🤞🏼 #goodluck #kleynimals
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But seriously! 💨
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You guys... who LOVES free stuff?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️I’m talking legitimate FREEBIES that you get every single month just for stocking up on the products you need to support your overall wellness journey. I know it sounds too good to be true or that there HAS to be a catch, but there’s no catch. Promise. 💙 I just got these beauties in the mail just for ordering the goodies I need to live the good life. 😀 #freebies #freestuff #promo #monthlypromo
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This is a testimony from a salon owner So amazing! Wow! This is what I personally use on my hair as well. I love it! “Look at this amazing testimony!! I love our product's!!! I know it is beyond belief that no filter was applied to this photo, but I swear I did not! This lady, which I’ve known all my life, came into my salon today to try Monat. I washed her hair 3 times with the Black and let it sit for around 3 minutes each time. I then put the Replenish Masque on for about 5 mins, Rejuvabeads, & Blow Out Cream. The results were crazy, as you can see!! She had terrible buildup on her hair, she’s bleached forever, & smokes, so her hair was very dry and damaged. I am in complete and total shock & so is she with the difference just a shampoo & blowout can make!!! This stuff is FOR REAL💙” #blo#blonde #blonde #hair #bea#beautiful #beautiful #stylist #style #hairrepair #instagood #instadaily #instahair #fashion #longhair #curlyhair #shinyhair #healthyhair #nontoxic #nochemicals #dreams #shampoo #hairgoals
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Day 9 - Today only: our Orange Cinnamon Guest Soaps ($2.99) are on sale for only $0.99. That's 67% off! Looking for last minute stocking stuffers? Here is your solution. Keep some in your powder room, store one in your linen drawer so items smell fresh, place a few in a basket by the front door for guests to take home...it's a sweet little item that really comes in handy. No code necessary. #soap #stockingstuffers
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My favorite winter staple. ❄️ My lips get so chapped during the winter so I have this bad boy on hand at all times. Nourish and protect lips with our ultra-moisturizing lip balm, formulated with soothing and softening avocado oil, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and jojoba oil. That subtly sweet scent you smell? It's calendula and chamomile oils, which act as anti-inflammatories to help heal chapped lips. #betterbeauty #beautycounter #switchtosafer
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H A P P Y SATURDAY 🙌🏻 my mom and I are headed to a farmer’s market nearby this morning to get some goodies & then hopping on a plane to head back to AZ for a couple days. but for now...I’m digging into this baby 😈 what are your Saturday plans?? . . . . ##guthealth #healthyfoodshare #strongnotskinny #iamwellandgood #healthfood #crossfit #buzzfeedfood #eatwellbewell #bgb # #eatyourveggies #eatrealfood #eattherainbow #nutritiousanddelicious #prettymiraculous #goodeats #healthyish #eeeeeats #forkyeah #eatfamous #beautifulhealth #mindbodygreen #nontoxic #bodypositive #tastingtable #foodgawker #droolclub
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Still working on my brow game😂 But who agrees that a good hair day makes you feel like you can conquer the world?!? . . . #goodhairday #monat #modernature #monatmantra #instahair #instadaily #healthyhair #volume #shine #bounce #nofrizz #nontoxic #vegan #beauty
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Ultraviolet ombré Amatabha - the Buddha of Infinite Light - sitting with hands in samadhi mudra. Link in bio.
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🍊Hello Orange oil for mood support, sleep support and digestive support! Did you know it also helps stimulate the right side (creative side) of our brain? Add this to your diffuser and it will smell like you were just in your kitchen cutting oranges. Oh... and don’t forget to put a drop in your water. Yum! Have you tried Orange oil yet? #benefitsoforangeoil #citrusoils
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Best toothbrushes ever. These beauties are #biodegradable and made of sustainable bamboo. Even the packaging is made from recycled materials! They’re organic, nontoxic and BPA free. They truly are Eco Awesome oral care. @woobamboo #woobamboo
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From sweet to woodsy to calming, these evergreens bring life to our brutal winters. Which conifer is YOUR favorite? . . . #doterra #essentialoils #eos #wisconsin #winterwonderland #naturalhealth #nontoxic #theresanoilforthat
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My new unboxing video is up! Go check it out, channel Sunshine_Daisy_Mama. Here I am rocking my Love Goodly wares! @benaturalorganics @starfish_project @thehumble.co @meliebianco @shoplovegoodly @lippygirlmakeup #lovegoodly #vegan #crueltyfree #nontoxic #unboxing #subscriptionbox
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Yuck!! 10 being the most toxic and this is an 8! So today we are making our own 🙌🏻without the toxic ingredients 😍😍 #diy #nontoxic #homemade #essentialoils #momlife #momlifeessentialoils
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2017 what a ride - I know I know another post about how excited & forever grateful I am for this little shampoo gig - stay at home mom I needed a little more than just your average day at home with the kiddos / I've found that & so much more - this tribe of girls, some whom I've never met until these last few months - are so inspiring / this couldn't have happened at a better time in my life + I know some of y'all are interested in learning more - take the courage to step out of your comfort zone / let's chat if you're ready for a change! 🖤
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There are so many specials with GelMoment this December! Kits are on sale until December 20th and the sparkle collection and Gilty Soirée is all month long while supplies last. Link to shop in bio
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as long as they are doing their own research 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Oils work so differently than what we are used to. The key is not to pull them out in a tizzy and hope for the best. No, you need to use them daily, throughout the day - week after week. . Consistency is key with oils. . Here are my tips: . 1. Use them daily and throughout the day- this is key! . 2. PUT YOUR OILS OUT....all through the house in the spots where you will need them. The kitchen, the bathroom, your purse, the list goes on..... . Out of sight means out of mind, and we are creating a new habit here. Have them easy to grab! 😊 . 3. Use them. . Don't be intimidated or overwhelmed....just grab them, roll them on the bottom of your feet to begin, diffuse them, smell them. . We are so used to "masking things" and "quick fixes" instead of seeking out how to support our bodies consistently. . xoxo
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If you don’t have this one, add it to your wish list for your January Essential rewards order. Bergamot is an AMAZING oil that: * reduces nerve pain- Rub this guy on any area where your hurting instead of popping over the counter analgesics that’s are hard on the liver and kidneys. I used it on my TMJ this morning and i had relief within 5 minutes hence why I’m posting this 😍 * Acts as a Relaxant-because it relaxes the nerves and increases serotonin -this oil decreases overall tension and stress #happyoil * It’s Amazing for the bladder and kidneys/cleansing the urinary tract * Great for the tummy: It quickens the digestive process and reduces strain to the intestinal tract and prevents gastrointestinal complications * Great for the skin: Gets rid of scars * Excellent natural deodorant * Fever reducer/ over all body detoxifier * Germ killer /antiseptic/wound healer * Amazing for the respiratory system and spasms that lead to asthma
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✨In Bloom✨ #keepitcleanraleigh
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Love the way this henna hair color turned out! My natural hair color is the darkest shade of blonde with (new) tiny gray “highlights” at the top 🤬. I typically get blonde highlights in the salon twice per year, but you know I’m trying to avoid chemicals in all my daily routines so this seemed like a natural next step. I’ve tried using henna to lighten my hair in the past and it didn’t work well... which leaves me wondering what I’ll do in the summer?! But turns out it’s a good way to darken my long locks. Supposedly it will only last 4 weeks... I’ll keep you posted. # Anyway, my roots were long and dark and my hair was pretty light at the ends. This took about 20 min to apply myself and made a mess. You wash it out after an hour. It cost $8 and I bought it at the local health food store. Instead of mixing the henna powder with water I used fresh brewed black coffee and added olive oil to make it easier to apply (both suggested on the directions). Trying to avoid chemicals proves to be a much cheaper way to color (and hide those new grays!). Typically, healthier living is not cheaper! Now to play with new makeup shades! #brunette #imnotreadyforgray #hen#hennacolor #henna #naturalhaircolor #cleanliving #nontoxic #mediumbrown
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If you are struggling with styling curly hair👉🏻ATTENTION ❗️❗️❗️ ... 🔥Best combo for curly hair -👉🏻leave in conditioner and mousse mixed with taffy OR 👉🏻mix mousse with the curl cream. 🙌🏻💁 ... PM immediately after seeing this post to enhance your hair more beautiful!❤️
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Don’t miss @livenaturallytools ‘s giveaway!! You still have time to enter, no worries!! I love getting handy labels, spray tops, & other useful oil tools from them😍💞👍🏻😎
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🎄25 Days of dōTERRA Giving🎄 🌟Balance🌟 🌟 dōTERRA’s grounding blend, appropriately named dōTERRA Balance, promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions. 🌟The warm, woody aroma of dōTERRA Balance Grounding Blend creates a sense of calm and well-being. 🌟We perfectly blend Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil to offer an enticing fragrance that promotes tranquility and relaxation. 🌟Spruce, one of the oils in dōTERRA Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body. 🌟Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile can ease anxious feelings, while Frankincense provides a grounding, balancing effect on emotions. 🌟 Message me, comment below or go shop at my site www.mydoterra.com/rachelbowler and click Join & Save. A wholesale membership is just $42 (CDN) and you’ll receive 25% off all products all year long! #dōTERRA #essentialoils #giftsoftheearth #holistichealth #balance #groundingblend #givethegiftofhealth #perfectstockingstuffer #switchtosafer #nontoxic #naturalsolutions #aromatherapy #essentialoilsforthewin #certifiedpuretherapeuticgrade #onlythebestwilldo #crazyoillady #theresanoilforthat #25daysofgiving #lifeslittleessentials
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What is your favorite Christmas blend to diffuse? . 📸: @thenerdyoiler
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Have yourself a merry little Christmas! Our Aromatherapy candles contain only plant-based ingredients and cotton wicks thereby emitting NO carcinogens or toxins. Hand poured. Order today! #purehaven #non#nontoxicning #nontoxic #nontoxicliving #nontoxichome #candles #nontoxiccandles #handpouredcandles #plantbased
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Because bleach has toxic fumes and is very caustic and harmful to our largest organ, our skin. Try this alternative! #bleach #eo #essentialoils #oils #yleo #healthy #nontoxic
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✔️❄️💨zima a pokožka rúk 🙈MUST HAVE krémy na ruky Argital, ktoré pokožku ochránia pred podráždením a pomôžu urýchliť hojenie. #skús #dnestestujem #slovensko #ekzema #ruky #telo #argitalslovakia #zima #musthave #vegan #veganslovakia #netestovanenazvieratach #netestovanakosmetika #dnesnosim #dnesneessentials #zeny #muz #pokozka #bolest #daruj #healthcare #prirodnakozmetika #nontoxic
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#ren#renu28, #antiaging, #nomorewrinkles, #nontoxic, #Asearedox PM me if you want a free sample of #renu28
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Mixing up a few DIY gifts today. Here is my Grapefruit + Spearmint Sugar scrub. Use on your lips to ward off dryness or use as a full body scrub, which is super invigorating and refreshing. You will smell amazing! Grapefruit works w o n d e r s on cellulite so there’s that too 👌🏼 Scrub •1 cup sugar •1 tsp FCO •5 drops Grapefruit eo •3 drops Spearmint eo
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Saturday morning #diy project. Made rose water spray with my wild minis sample from my @wildfoodsco monthly box. Check out My Story to see the process. Spoiler alert: literally just boiled rose petals and water. 🥀💦 I’m not really a skincare person—I just wash my face with @drbronner’s, drink lots of water, and maintain a good diet and gut health—but I’ll spray this on my face occasionally this winter since rose water is good for your skin, especially red or irritated skin. It’s been so cold and windy here! Apparently it’s also good for repairing hair so I will spray it on my frizzy curls to tame them. It smells sooooo good! 🌹 #homemade #skincare #rosewater #herbology #nontoxic #allnatural #hol#holisticstyle #holistic #natural
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If your pup (or YOU) suffer from itchy or irritated skin our Skin Tonic spray from #Wondercide is here to heal! With naturally soothing ingredients like #NeemOil this powerful blend is our #1 go to for #hotspots , burns , #bugbites , rashes , and more! #feedpetpurveyor #youarewhatyoufeed
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Yeah, me too!! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I actually feel like it’s getting worse as I get older. Large crowds, noisy restaurants, parties...it’s a challenge for me to feel present, connected and relaxed in those environments. You know...feeling alone and awkward even though you are surrounded by people?! Attempting social interactions but that loud voice in your head screams “OMG that was so stupid! Why did you just say that to her/him!?” I used to just make a beeline for the bar the second I arrived, but now I put a drop of vetiver on the back of my neck...which feels like a much healthier decision these days (and no hangover YAY). Vetiver settles the nervous system and calms the mind. It is known as the “oil of tranquility” . . After applying the oil it takes 22 seconds for the molecules to reach the brain, 2 minutes to be found in the bloodstream and within 20 minutes every cell in the body! . . Holiday parties here I come!!! 🎄🎉☺️ . . These oils have been changing my family’s life for the past decade. I want to share more about them with you! Check out the link in my bio or message me if you’re interested in getting your own starter kit. Having these tools in my tool kit is one of the most empowering things I do for myself as a woman and as a mother. . . . #yleo #essentialoils #essentialoilsrock #youngliving #ylessentialoils #ylessentialfamilies #health #wellness #nontoxic #nontoxicliving #vetiver #anxiety #cal#calm #social #socialanxiety #authentic #authenticself #younglivingeo #holistic #holisticmama #allnatural #calm #honestmotherhood #wakeupandremember #nervoussystem #holidayparty
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Hello, Reusable facial rounds! Goodbye disposable single use face wipes! These go perfectly with our facial mask kits. Come see us today. Our 10% off sale continues! 🌿 #shopNaked #ZeroWaste
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Our merry minis. They may be small, but they're full of powerful natural ingredients.
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I just finished watching a wonderful video done by Carla Green. She speaks of an ancient Chinese proverb ‘Dig your well BEFORE you are thirsty’. This proverb can apply to many areas of your life such as health, safety, financial freedom, relationships, and more. . . Dig your ‘health well’ now. Now should be when you begin taking care of your body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Now is when you need to plan for your future health, not when you need it or become ill. If we consistently dig our ‘health well’ with a strong base of chemical free, plant based products we help our body function properly the way it was designed to. . . Dig your ‘financial well’ now. What if time wasn’t a factor? What if you could take off every Saturday to spend with your family, or you never missed the holidays? What if money wasn’t a factor? What if you could take off months to spend with family or friends when they need your love and support? Financial freedom is something most of us dream of, but never have a plan to achieve. If we invest in ourselves and our financial well now, it is possible to have all the time and freedom you dream of to spend with your loved ones. I have seen Young Living bless so many families with health, financial freedom, and time freedom! Time is our only limited commodity, and we can’t get more once it’s gone. . . I’m digging my wells now. My health and financial well will be there when I need it. My body will thank me for the support it’s getting. My family and future children will have my time freedom. That’s what I’m working towards ✌️ . . #yleo #essentialoils
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LIPCREME FROM HERMOSA ❤💄 ❤ Hydrating ❤ Wudhu friendly ❤ Full coverage ❤ Vit E & Collagen ❤ Long Lasting ❤ Matte Finishing but no dry on lips ❤ Smudge proof! ❤ Vanilla flavor ❤ Conditioning RM39 Each colors Package of RM110 for 3 matte lipcreme. #hermosabybelinda #teamellismurahrezeki #hermosaleader
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A lot of people ask me what sets dōTERRA apart. Ethics and quality is always my answer! ✨ 🌱 We pride ourselves on passion, serving others, and ethics. ✨ 🌱 sourcetoyou.com. you can type in every batch of oil to receive the test results, proving it's purity and quality. ✨ 🌱 co-impact sourcing. Oils and blends are sustainably and ethically sourced from their indigenous climates and soils, ensuring the highest quality plants are harvested. Equal paying jobs are created for both men and women. In return for the hard work of the farmers and locals, doTERRA gives back to their community. They build homes, schools, drill wells, and so much more. ✨ 🌱Healing Hands Foundation. We partner with many non profit organizations worldwide such as days for girls (supplying feminine hygiene products to women in developing countries), and operation underground railroad (rescuing children and young women from a world of sex trafficking). ✨ 🌱And of course, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. These are the only oils on the market that are certified pure. ✨ YouTube is full of great videos about 'why doTERRA'. I fell in love with this company before I ever tried their oils! . . . . . #doTERRA #doTERRAessentialoils #doterralife #doterrakids #holistichealth #organic #allnatural #ess#essentialoil> #essentialoilslove #essentialoil #wellness #wellnessadvocate #health #nat#naturalhealth #natural #doterralove #love #eo #aromatherapy #nontoxic #wellbeing #momlife #grandeprairie
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Organic Kids pajama A down comforter is a popular choice when it comes to bedding, but it’s not your best choice if you are experiencing night sweats and hot flashes. More details at https://organiclifestyle.com/blog/how-to-live-an-organic-lifestyle/3-simple-changes-to-your-bedtime-routine-that-will-reduce-your-overheating-night-sweats-hot-flashes-menopause-symptoms/ . . . . #organic #sustainability #nontoxic #zerowaste #natural #gif#giftideas #gift
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Here's a DIY room spray recipe perfect for the season! I love making room sprays for when I don't have time to get the diffuser going or just need a quick refresh to the air and/or furniture. Keep a bottle in the bathroom for after poos too 😷
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