I NEEDED THE ONLY GROUNDING TODAY! One of the most important steps for me besides breathing and meditating which can be hard in moments of sheer anxiety is to eat rooting foods. Enter in the sweet potato. Roasted sweet potato, Black beans, oven roasted San marzano tomatoes, microgreens and avocado. I鈥檓 almost feeling like myself. A friendly reminder that sometimes we need extra space to feel shit. Let that happen. And buy yourself chocolate. That helps too.
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Vegan chili...so filling and delicious! 馃憠recipe at epicurious.com @epicurious #meatlesschili #nobeefhere
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Not sure if I'm quite ready for pumpkin flavored things but we picked some apples today, grabbed some fresh cider AND cinnamon sugar cider donuts cuz um nothing says fall like cider errrthang. Who's ready for fall?
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A couple new brews now available... @cartonbrewing 077XX East Coast Double IPA & @stonebrewing Go To IPA. Session or Imperial, can or draft, East coast or West Coast, it's nice to have options. #sonathirteen #craftbeer #morristownnj #drinklocal #eastcoast #westcoast #nobeefhere
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Super sacred lentils from @skinnybuddhaorganic and I added my own flair with some avocado, cilantro AND sheeps milk ricotta salata. Protein powered and delicious.
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Only a few more chances to see your rad summer work reposted! Keep on tagging #luc#luc#lucadsummerwork! #gallerysouth #Repost @guac_em_ole 銉汇兓銉 who said were beefin'?! #nobeefhere 馃惍 #lucadsummerwork #lucadsummerwork2017
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My ground chicken spaghetti 馃崫 #spaghetti #healthier #nobeefhere
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Deliciously orgasmic and simple while healthy. Why does it all need to be complicated? So many fcking herbs to take, supplements, the next superfood, this diet that diet. Just keep it freakin simple. Let it be real. Let it be delicious. Let it be love. Hers: cauliflower fried rice (didn't want rice so this was foodgasmic!), with tatsoy (how do you spell this @jeffbialas??) pretty carrots, pineapple, broccoli, peas and shit ton of cilantro. His (swipe left): coconut amino, honey glazed teriyaki chicken wings with actual fried rice. 馃い馃槣 Can I get a hell yea for good simple deliciousness?
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