✨ THE POWER OF POSITIVITY ✨ // . If there’s one thing in this life, I’m bloody determined to share the freaking LOVE! 🙌🏻 Always! 💘 // . To the beautiful peeps who follow me in this space, I’m calling on you tonight. 🌟 // . I want to start a positivity chain, where we share all of the epic good vibes possible! 💫 Post a comment below, and in your comment I ask you compliment the person who commented above you. You might share some encouragement, admiration or just some freakin’ good-for-the-soul love! 💕 The first person who (hopefully) comments can leave their fave emoji or fave part of their day - no love required here! 😉 // . No idea if this will work how I’m envisioning it here’s to sharing some freaking DAMN GOOD VIBES! ✨💕✨💕✨
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“ The shadow monk “
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二人乗り自転車で駅前の商店街を駆け抜ける若者。 大きな荷物は、冬物バーゲンで買ったコートか何かだろうか。 彼らもいつか地元を離れ、別々の生き方をして疎遠になったりするのだろうか。 #icu_japan #nightshooter #wu_japan #japan_vacations #bestjapanpics #rawurbanshots #streetpicjp ##
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📷 by @chappell_shots __ Reposted from our Facebook group. Join and post in our group to get a feature! Link in bio. __ Single Rise! Rise! Drive that dirt road forward and upward and on to the infinite. 6-4-16, 11mm, ISO 6400, f/4, 30 seconds, Canon 1DXMI. instagram.com/chappell_shots
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|13:40| What the weird ¿
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|10:12| views from the bottom 🏢
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Today, the weekend and well, life in general has me feelin’ a little like... ✨💫🌟 // . Whatever the weekend brings, I hope you allow yourself the time to feel and indulge in ultimate joy, eye watering + tummy aching laughter and soul warming love (inc. self love). 💘 //
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| 10th Anniversary Of The Christmas Light Spectacular At The Hunter Valley Gardens, With Over 2 Millions Christmas Lights On Display Until The 27th January🎄 | @huntervalleygardens We were lucky enough to have captured the amazing light displays this year with the latest Nikon gear! Utilising the 14-24 2.8, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8 lenses and cameras, thanks too @nikonaustralia 📷👌 ##Huntervalleygardens #Hvg #huntervalley #visitnsw #chr#christmaslights #christmas #christmaslightspectacular #nik#nikonralia #nikon #mynikonlife #roadtrip #nsw #pokolbin #rocheestate #bokehandco #photography #tourismnsw # nightphotography #nightshooter #nightshooterz #huntervalleywc #ig_australia #ig_discover_australia #seeaustralia #globalnightsquad #instagoodmyphoto #natgeoyourshot
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📷 by @bikermon __ Reposted from our Facebook group. Join and post in our group to get a feature! Link in bio. __ BLEND instagram.com/bikermon/ facebook.com/ramonColoma9 500px.com/rcoloma "The night's King & Queen" The photo is taken in Gredos, Spain. On July 21, 2017. These are the ruins of the old refuge of the King at 2100 meters (sea level). After 1h 30m walking and loaded with all the equipment, food and clothes to spend the night. My friend and me arrived at 21h:15m (blue hour) and took a picture of the foreground. We had to wait around 3h:30m for the Milky Way to be in the position we wanted. While we waited the temperature dropped, 4 ° C in the middle of summer. Neither the tea nor the spanish omelette sandwich made us warm, we were very cold and although we had the intention of spending the night doing a timelapse, we took the picture of the sky and returned to home. Pentax K5iis & 15-30mm f/2.8 WR Foreground: ISO: 200 F/8 6s Sky: ISO: 6400 F/2.8 30s
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|15:36| Low key 🚙
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|12:08| sick and tired of being sick and tired..
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駅前の現代アート。 横でストリートミュージシャンが尾崎豊を歌っていました。 東京を感じました。 ##写#好きな人と繋がりたい #igersjp #wu_#wu_#wu_japan #street ## # #暗がり同盟 #urb#urbanexploring #raw#rawurbanshots #icu_japan #wu_japan #nippon #japan #東京 #explorejapan #japanlife #instagramjapan #instajapan #tok#tokyoraclub #bestjapanpics ##icu_japan #wu_japan #japanbestpics #tokyo #lovers_nippon #nig#nightshooter #night #urbanexploring #rawurbanshots #asiatravel #donut #o #sony #
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📷 by @rosssvhphoto __ Reposted from our Facebook group. Join and post in our group to get a feature! Link in bio. __ PANO/TRACKED/BLEND ig: instagram.com/rosssvhphoto fb: fb.com/rosssvhphotography While the New Year marks a lot of things, for me it mostly just means we’re that much closer to milky way season again! Here is an unreleased shot from the most amazing night under the stars inside Mt Rainier National Park. I’ve been holding on to post it while we’re all missing those warm(ish) nights under the stars! I shot the milky way quite a bit in 2017, but this night was extra special. Airglow and light pollution can often take away or sometimes even ruin a night shot as it will overpower the stars. Not this night! I can’t begin to explain how amazed I was when I looked on my camera LCD screen after a test shot to see beams of light seemingly shooting out of Rainier. As the milky way aligned vertically with the peak, everything was pretty much perfect. I am going to have a hard time ever getting a better night shot of Rainier. Shot Info: Nikon D610 w Samyang 24 f/1.4 Foreground: ISO2000, 24mm, f/2.8 180s (stacked to reduce noise) Stars: ISO1000, 24mm, f/4, 183s (tracked, pano)
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A view that’s well worth climbing 311 steps for. If you’re looking to do something a little bit different (and cheap - only £5 a ticket!) in London, then you should definitely check out @visitthemonument. It’s a huge part of London’s history, and was built to commemorate the Great Fire of London 🔥 • • • #ad #TheMonument #Afterhours
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✨ Finding the elegance and calm amongst the chaos and busy. ✨ // . After now completing my 11th consecutive day of yoga, the biggest lesson I’ve been gifted is allowing myself the time for stillness and just being. Even on the days when my mind is quietly exploding with new ideas, unraveling a massive to-do list or amping me to race around at a million miles. Letting my body, mind and soul have an hour of regrouping, grounding and centring has been pure bliss (even when my mind reckons we shouldn’t be stopping). 🧘🏼‍♀️ // . I will be sharing a little more about my 14 day challenge very soon! 💫 // . Have you been allowing yourself time for the things that reinvigorate and reenergise you? 💕
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昔話だったら山賊が出そうな怖い夜道。 奥多摩をぶらぶら歩いていました。 愛宕トンネルというかっこいいトンネルがあります。 #写#好きな人と繋がりたい #igersjp #wu_#wu_#wu_japan ### # #暗#暗がり同盟 #longexposure #urb#urbanexploring #raw#rawurbanshots #icu_japan #wu_japan #nippon #japan #東京 #秘境 #explorejapan #japanlife #instagramjapan #instajapan #tok#tokyoraclub #bestjapanpics ##icu_japan #wu_japan #japanbestpics #tokyo #lovers_nippon #nig#nightter #night #urbanexploring #rawurbanshots #暗がり同盟 #asiatravel ####
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“ on duty ”
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📷 by @stefanliebermannphotography __ Reposted from our Facebook group. Join and post in our group to get a feature! Link in bio. __ BLEND FB: www.facebook.com/stefanliebermannphoto/ IG: www.instagram.com/stefanliebermannphotography/ Story: "2017" I want to end this year as I started. 2017 was a fantastic year for me. I would like to thank you for your great support and I wish you all a happy New Year <3 Thaaannnk you ^_^ You can see a night image from Tenerife, Spain with the milky way including the galactic center and a typical plant of this region the Tajinaste Rojo. Focus Stack of 2 Photos: Sony A7s | Sigma 24mm | F/2 | 15s | ISO 6400
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My first ever night skies shot: the stars aligned and I was right place, right time. I had stopped off in the #northumberlanddarkskypark to see the meteor show in December, looked the other way and saw this. Couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do, but Google came to the rescue - ISO3200, f4, 30 seconds. Good enough is good enough. I even managed to stay in the car while I shot - tripod set up outside, shutter fired through the open window (it was minus 6). Living in Surrey I need recommendations for closer dark skies to me - any suggestions?
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“ Ultimate traffic jam “
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📷 by @way@e_pinkston __ Reposted from our Facebook group. Join and post in our group to get a feature! Link in bio. __ Single Exposure Nikon 810A, 14-24 mm @ 14 mm, f 2.8,30 sec., ISO 12,800 This is a photo from White Mesa Arch in Arizona. It is in the Navajo Nation and you should have a local guide to go there. You have to dive through the front yard of someones home, so it is courteous to have a guide and give them notice. My guide this night was Quanah Parker from Majestic Monument Tours. The model is his wife, Jacinda Wiletto, thanks Jacinda! The night started with me embarrassing myself. You have to climb a sandy hill to get to the arch. I grabbed my gear and we climbed the hill. After setting up some lights and my tripod I realized I did not have a camera, sigh, it was still in the car. So back down the hill and back up the hill. The night turned out to be a success though. Instagram: instagram.com/wayne_pinkston/ Website: waynepinkstonphoto.com 500 px: 500px.com/waynepinkston Flickr: flickr.com/photos/pinks2000/
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Kalt ist‘s ... hier was warmes dagegen. Ein Foto mit Aussage 🙃 Foto @berberbeard . . . . . #butjerbirds #lindennord #hannovercity #jst4thfm
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📷 by @nwickphotos __ Reposted from our Facebook group. Join and post in our group to get a feature! Link in bio. __ STACKED www.instagram.com/nwickphotos Not having been able to go out for some proper astro photos, my only option lately has been revisiting older photos and trying a new spin on them. This photo was taken early last year at a beach in Washington. I still remember this night so vividly. With my gf and my friends wife dead asleep in the motel room, me and my buddy drove out to this random beach in the La Push area. Once we got there, I immediately recognized the Milky Way and got overly excited. However, due to cloud cover and heavy fog moving in, I didn't have much time to shoot. I set up quickly and begun taking a bunch of shots hoping I would catch something decent in between the heavy cloud cover and fog. I think I did. Canon 5D Mk 2 Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 Sky: 15 image stack, f/2.8, ISO 6400, 15 seconds. ( I was surprised at how well Starry Landscape Stacker put together the stacked image with a variety of cloud coverage) FG: Single, f/4, ISO 800, 2 minutes.
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... If there's something strange in your neighborhood.. Who you gonna call? . . . . . . . . #ghostbusters #nightshooter #igdd #bilderjäger
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