Trying hard to discipline my mind to be focused. Focusing on work, focusing on Jesus, and focusing on striving to create more memories & positive change in my life. Tough gig... But. And it’s a big but. God takes so much delight in not only my struggle, but my determination to reach my goals in order to bring Him glory. And that delight is tangible; it’s real and it helps to take me to places of so much uncertainty but so much excitement. What a motivation; what a goal; what a God | #shotoniphone #discoverni
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A little spot next to Buttermere. @loandsons
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Misty autumn morning 🍁
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Hear that? Me neither. It's a beautiful sound.
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Another lovely hike in the city.
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🌞 #trakoscanskojezero #photoofday #walkaroundthelake *********************************
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🇵🇷 🇵🇷
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🇵🇷 🇵🇷
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Early mornings has been easier waking to the smell of spruce 🖤
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Something a little different for me but this sunset was awesome. It's good to talk to locals when in a new area - this was recommended as the best place on the island for sunset 🌅 - Rumpoint on Grand Cayman 🌴 have a great day / night 😀
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get you a girl who can do both, just sayin 😉
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