Enjoy a Hair Masque cloaked in nothing but nutrients! Unveil your hair’s full potential with a delectable blend of Avocado (stimulates hair growth), Banana Oil (promotes volume and luster), Coconut Milk (rich in hydration and moisture) and Honey (promotes hair strength). Processed with ColdPress Technology® and infused with Organic Extracts to lock in all that is pure and wholesome, simply rinse off this must have masque to reveal a healthy, beachy, bouncy do. It truly is your answer for shiny, revitalised hair! Get #Rawlovin at select Target stores or target.com.
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Colour Correction & fruit spa for Riddhi 💁 #haircolour #hairspa #fruithairspa #naturalconditioner #strong hair #creatingchange #car#careandcurlmumbai #careandcurl
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Got that Friday feeling babes? 🌟 Bring on the bubbles and besties. #beautydustco #beautybeyondmeasure #naturalbeauty #naturalshampoo #naturalconditioner #allnatural 🌍 pic: unknown
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We’ve got a fresh batch of our Hair Peace Organic Hair Conditioner on the shelf! Made with macadamia nut and grapeseed oils, refreshing rosemary, tea tree and peppermint essential oils plus panthenol to nourish and protect hair. #conditioner #naturalhaircare #organichaircare #naturalconditioner #haircare #cleanbeauty #rosemary #teatree #peppermint #macadamianutoil #grapeseedoil #dryhair #damagedhair #karmasuds
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Processed with ColdPress Technology® and infused with Organic Extracts to lock in all that is pure and wholesome. A nutritiously appetizing smoothie enriched with Coconut (rich in hydration properties), Honey (which stimulates hair growth) and Almond Milk (to smooth) an ultra moisturizing formula to leave your hair feeling silky smooth! It’s time to make a change to your hair and those in need! As for every product you buy, Raw Sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need. Just look for the Bamboo Tops and White Bottles at select @target stores or target.com. #Parabenfree #Sulfatefree
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Are you ready to come clean?? * If you’re eating organic and mindful of the home cleaning products you use, etc but applying toxins to your skin (aka the biggest organ of your body!) you’re kind of defeating the purpose * Swap out 6 of your basic products (and some of the biggest offenders) for cleaner ones as get a *FREE* gift while supplies last! This is a great place to start✨Every step to decrease toxins is one in the right direction * Link in my bio DM me any questions . #bea#beautyter #saferbeauty #beauty #mascara #natualbeauty #mositurizer #lipsheer #countermatch #naturalshampoo #naturalconditioner #favoriteproducts #naturalliving #nontoxicmakeup #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxicskincare #switchtosafer
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The premium Hair Care Regimen to leave your locks looking Devine and feeling revitalized. All it is 3 easy steps! 1. Speak volumes with our weightless ColdPress Shampoo for shiny, moisturizing effects. 2. Lather in our ColdPress Conditioner to stimulate delectable growth. 3. Unveil your natural beauty with strong, desirable hair using our ColdPress Hair Masque that locks in all that is pure and wholesome. Love YOU in every way with this new Hair Care regimen. Get #Rawlovin at select Target stores & target.com 📸 Via Pinterest
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How can organic haircare products help you boost your Balayage? Discover how the colour-lock system used in our organic haircare can help protect your hair colour over on our Beauty Hub [link in bio] #greenyourroutine
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The future is here! Try ViTA's new super plant powered, plant-science backed hair care regimen and start experiencing your #betterfuture today. Your beauty care choices can now make you and your planet more beautiful. 🌸🌎🌺 Learn more by clicking a tag above....
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Thank you @peersway and @biolage for this amazing prize. It took a long time for it to arrive (months!), but I appreciate that you kept in touch and explained what the issue was. The prize was definitely worth the wait! 😊 . #giveawaywin #matrixbiolage #biolage #naturalshampoo #naturalconditioner #texturizingspray #beachwavespray #stylingspray #stylingmilk #hairsmoothing #hairstyling #bbloggersca
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They actually work! 💁🏻‍♀️ #mybabies #naturalshampoo #naturalconditioner
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The results are in... this is THE product for Blake's hair. We've seen her moisture restored and growth taking place. In fits of rage she would pull her hair, but this product has changed everything. Her hair stayed moist and easy to comb until wash day-thats remarkable. And all who know me - know my hair challenges. So If your looking for results and don't mind paying a few extra dollars more please try @@alikaynaturals Alikay Naturals Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo and Caribbean Coconut Milk Conditioner. It's Fantastic!!! Follow my blog @ Greyishmom.com| Read more about curtailing Blake's tantrums| Getting 2:30 and 4:00 to sleep through the night... and more! #nat#natural #natural #melaninpoppin #kids #brown #brownbabies #Girlpuffs #afropuffs #moisturizer #hairstyles #kidshairstyles #shampoo #naturalconditioner #Blacksoap #cocunutmilk #africanamericanhairproducts
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@rootpeoplewellness kindly sent me a bag of samples, no strings attached, and I'm so excited to try them all. These are all natural products! I always like trying samples, because I've discovered some great products that way, and sometimes realized that some wouldn't work for me. So, this is what I'll be trying: @graydonskincare Keto cleanse, Super sensitive skin stuff, Germs away mist @provinceapothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator @viva.organics Aromatherapy Milk Cleanser @johnmastersorganics Evening Primrose Shampoo, Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner @ursamajorvt Stellar Shave Cream . I will probably do little reviews of all/most of these samples (not requested of me, but I want to). Let me know if you're interested in any of these products, so that I can prioritize my testing 😊 . #gotitfree #rootpeople #graydon #provinceapothecary #vivaorganics #johnmastersorganics #ursamajor #naturalskincare #naturalhaircare #shavecream #naturalshampoo #naturalconditioner #naturalcleanser #naturalmoisturizer #naturalexfoliator #bbloggersca
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Condicionador Sólido/Hidratante em Barra Natural! Lá no Stories pra vcs! #solidconditioner #naturalconditioner #cosmésticosveganos #cosméticosnaturais
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Looking gorgeous ✨Balayage: @jillianledonne 🌿Cut: @nancism #HealthyHair #LaKoetSalon ⚡️ . . . Online Booking Available 👇🏻 (www.LakoetSalonJC.com)
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Beautiful eucalyptus tones⠀ ⠀ 📷 image via Karina Manarin
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Since you can’t get enough of Vanessa Megan shampoos and conditioners, we’ve now introduced both in 500 ml packaging...so that you never run out of it again 😉 Buy Shampoo + Conditioner together and SAVE 10% 👯‍♀️
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Are your tots tresses in a tangle? To help bath time go smoothly, de-tangle their locks with our super fruity children's Berry Smoothie conditioner. A natural 'no-tangle' conditioner with smoothing plant proteins, it's gentle on delicate hair and scalps and has a fantastic fruity aroma  #greenyourroutine
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#allnaturalhairmask# #naturalconditioner# #eggyorks# #beehoney# #oliveoil# #homemade# #hairfoods# Why not try out our simple hair strengthing condition ,have a great hair day... 01.How to use- Mix together,apply,leave on for 30min wrapped in a hot towel and wash as normal.. 02.How often? Once a week... 03.Why use ? strengthens adds body(thickness) and shine to your hair... Have a great hair day....
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Another satisfied customer SheaMint Moisturizing Hair Creme...looking for all natural alternative products for your hair take a look at my All Natural Hair Line www.cj-bodyhairessentials.com #nat#naturalhairucts #haircreme #naturalhair #naturalbeauty #naturalshampoo #naturalconditioner #hairoil #hairmist #mompreneur #healthwealth #skincareroutine #haircare #blackowned #blackownedbusiness #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #cjbodyhairessentials
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Series: Happy Things =) It’s about the little things that bring joy throughout the day. Materials aren’t the secret to contentment but within my means and needs as they come up are a nice spark! I needed some new conditioner and after seeing this natural cruelty free product that smells soooo good ...the description is what sold me “hope and repair”@lovebeautyandplanet I could use reminders of hope and some repair. #beautyandplanet #hopeandrepair #naturalconditioner #thebrynnmint #smellgoodconditioner #joy #happy #sparkly
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Feel good about hair care that helps more than just you! Every product you buy, Raw Sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need. So enter a state of peace and tranquility by Bouncing Back with radiating confidence, through a combination of essential nutrients to provide your hair with complete love and affection. Processed with ColdPress Technology® and infused with Organic Extracts to lock in all that is pure and wholesome. Our Sulfate and Paraben free goodness can be found at select @target stores or target.com, just look for the Bamboo Tops and White Bottles. #Rawlovin
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Get #Rawlovin with the ultimate revitalizing hair experience, filled with all the essential nutrients to give your locks a lusciously balanced look. Packed with Mango Butter (rich in moisturizing and softening benefits), Agave (a restorative treatment), Carrot Oil (stimulant for hair growth and strengthens roots). Finish by unveiling your hair’s full potential with a delectable blend of Avocado (stimulates hair growth), Banana Oil (promotes volume and luster), Coconut Milk (rich in hydration and moisture) and Honey (promotes hair strength). Processed with ColdPress Technology® and infused with Organic Extracts, the Bounce Back combined with the healing power will extend your shower “detox” from root to end in the most nutritious way! 📸Via @cestlestyle_
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Day 48 Reducing plastic waste - homemade hair conditioner in a handy refillable spray bottle. No more disposable plastic bottles and natural ingredients- better for me and the planet 🌍 #pla#plasticfree #plasticwaste #plasticfree #reduceplasticwaste #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld #smallchangesaddup #ecowarrior #ecofriendly #naturalbeauty #naturalconditioner
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Hawaii Dreamer Herbal Solid Shampoo is made, using HP (by choice from scratch) for the first time. Hawaii Dreamer Herbal Deep Conditioner (shown in pict) is also made. Matching Hawaiian Dreamer Butter will be made sometime next week. (Still waiting on my babassu shipment.) Also contemplating a matching natural deodorant for the full set. Will wait and see how well received this EO/FO blend is in the solid shampoo first. I'm down to the last 3 Spring Fresh Natural Deodorants from last batch made for a beautiful (inside & out) friend who is expecting. I'm so happy she's come over to the natural side!! I came up with this Spring Fresh blend to help with morning sickness. She said she loves it. YEA!! No more aluminum for her or the baby!! It's time... past time really, for some professional matching waterproof labels across the board. I'd rather be making natural goodies than labels any day, but I'm far overdue on this. Anyone know of a reputable and reasonably priced company that is located in the states, preferably as close to North Dallas as possible? Wishing everyone a HAPPY weekend!! #naturalskincare #naturalconditioner #naturalshampoo #naturaldeodorant #loveyourself #loveyourskinagain #loveyourhair #smallbusiness #texas #etsyshop
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Speak volumes with an achievable beachy, bombshell body in a single wash with a weightless shampoo looking fresh and ready to take on the world. Packed with Mango Butter (rich in moisturizing and softening benefits), Agave (to restore), Carrot Oil (for strength & luscious locks). Processed with the ColdPress Technology® and infused with Organic Extracts to lock in all that is pure and wholesome. The Bounce Back Shampoo will extend your shower “detox” from root to end. Finally, indulge in our conditioner that will help your inner beauty shine through with volume that radiates. For every product you buy, Raw Sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need. Now that’s beauty you can feel good about! #Rawlovin
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How beautiful are these Wild Rosella Flowers? 🌺 also known as Hibiscus sabdariffa from the mountains of far northern Australia and part of the Malvaceae family. Wild Rosella Flowers are also used as a food nutritional supplement and contain proteins, carbohydrates, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
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Coming soon! Palm free conditioner bars. I just tried the bars and they work well for my somewhat dry curly hair. After using a shampoo bar I ran the conditioner bar through my hair, combed, and rinsed. Super simple and my hair was really soft and easy to comb. I have been reluctant to make these since all the other bars I have seen have palm oil ingredients. I am so excited to finally come up with one that is palm free. More on the ingredients soon. The bars shown are sample size and about an ounce. I will have these listed in the Etsy shop in the next few days. These are unscented, but I will have essential oil scented ones soon too. Thinking lavender rosemary and maybe peppermint tea tree. #conditioner #conditionerbars #hairconditioner #naturalconditioner #noplasticbottles #solidconditioner #sha#sha#shampoobar> #shampoo #shampoobar #zerowaste #zerowasteshampoo #zerowasteconditioner #sustainablelifestyle #naturalhaircare #veganconditioner #palmfreeconditioner #naturalhandmade #etsyshopowner #etsysmallbusiness #veganhaircare #essentialoils
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INGREDIENT LEAVE IN CONDITIONER for SHINY/HEALTHY WET WAVY HAIR LOOK AND SERUM for CLEAR SKIN for only $3 !!! i know how much you guys love multi purpose diys .. so you KNOW i had to drop one of the easiest and most EFFECTIVE DIYS of all time! It takes just 2 ingredients and is as little as $3. #HairCare #NATURALCONDITIONER http://keepyoufit.net/2018/02/natural-conditioner-shiny-healthy-wet-wavy-hair/
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Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ kcart2279 says “lovelovelove using this & my natural hair loves it even more! I still wish there was a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, and shea butter with this scent - it smells absolutely AMAZING." #naturalconditioner #twistingcream #hairconditioner #conditioner #mangobutter #sheabutter
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In this course video from our Diploma in Organic Haircare Formulation, you can see us making an organic hair conditioner. . Conditioner formulations are split into two main formulation types: rinse-off and leave-in. Depending on your hair type and its porosity, you may have used both these types of products on your own hair. . Most mainstream conditioners are rinse-off oil-in-water emulsions which come in the form of a lotion. As an organic haircare formulator, you have a fantastic opportunity to let your imagination go and design different ways of applying conditioners to your hair. Your only restrictions are the safety and stability of your formulations, but you do not need to be restricted by decades of conventional synthetic conditioner design. . We define 14 different types of hair conditioner in our course materials and teach you how to make them. We encourage you to think beyond the limitations set by the mainstream haircare industry. When you study with us, you are on your journey of becoming an organic haircare formulator, which means that you can tear up the rulebook and create your own new product types. . What is your favourite type of hair conditioner? 🌿 #formulabotanica #conditioner #hairconditioner #naturalconditioner
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Sometimes you just want to slick your hair back & put it in a ponytail!!! Well you can with our “In Mint Conditioner” NO harsh Gel, I repeat No Gel🤭 needed! You only just need our conditioner!! After I wash my hair I put the “In mint conditioner” in. You can Wrap your favorite scarf around your edges for 5min to 10min ⏰ and there you have it🙌🏿 🌿 ~ Back to your Roots~ 🌿 #hair #hairgrowth #hairstyles #hairjourney #naturalhair #naturalbeauty #naturalhairdaily #lon#longhaircare #longhair #naturalhairproducts #africa #indian #teamnatural #4chairchicks #manelovers #blackwoman #blackwomen #smallbusiness #blogger #marketing #bighair #bighairdontcare #hairgoals #afo_ether #teamnatural_ #Naturalconditioner #conditioner #selfie #power #ceo
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Back to my favorite color rose gold until it fades back to blonde which is my second favorite color. I use water and Thirsty to revive my hair of bed Head curlz. At night I spray my hair with Natural hair Remedy spray. #rosegoldnaturalhair #sisterlyluvnatural #stylingnaturalhair #sisterlyluvnaturalhairproducts #yeahthatsgreenville #youtuber #curljunkies #curlyhair #mauldinschairproducts #Naturalconditioner #nat#naturalhairdambassadors😍 #naturalbeautyproducts #naturalhair Go to⏩sisterlyluvnatural.com
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Our flavoursome haircare regimen in scrumptious scents of Mango Butter, Agave and Carrot Oil as well as Coconut, Raw Honey & Sweet Almond Milk is a nurturing blend that leaves your luscious locks, hydrated & glistening with confidence. It’s time to BOUNCE BACK into routine with a MOISTURIZING SMOOTHIE! A revitalizing two step process our shampoo + conditioner offers with a haircare regimen moisturizing, restoring & strengthening your hair’s inner beauty! #Rawlovin
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💥If you follow the link in my bio you can check out the clearance section of my website for some of the best bargains! My favourite right now is this Geranium shampoo & conditioner duo with 30% off!! Infused with witch hazel, nettle and geranium, for balance, vitality and shine the natural way 🍃 #nyr #nealsyard #nealsyardremedies #geranium #naturalshampoo #naturalconditioner #crueltyfree #nonasties #noanimaltesting #ethical #essentialoils #aromatherapy #vitality #balance #veganshampoo #vegetarian #discounts #sale #clearance #independantconsultant #supportsmallbusiness #workfromhome #joinmyteam #yourbodyisyourtemple #pureskincare #organic #british #ukdelivery #northernireland #loveyourself
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I’m always interested trying #naturalhaircare products so when @lusetabeauty offered their travel shampoo & conditioner kits for $1, I jumped on it! link in bio (currently sold out) 🔗 . their products are sulfate, phosphate, & paraben free and come in five varieties for different hair types 🌿 . I scooped up a kit from each line for just $5 shipped! swipe through to see all the varieties they offer ➡️
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To LOVE is to..... (Finish this sentence in comments below and spread the #Rawlovin everywhere you go!) #HappyValentinesDay #ValentinesDay2018 📸Via @samlandreth
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Super savings! Prices slashed on our whole range. Check out our website 🙂🌱
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The first line of beauty products to treat you with the love YOU deserve through our ColdPress Technology® infused with Organic Extracts to lock in all that is pure & wholesome. Unveil your hair’s full potential with a delectable blend of Avocado (stimulates hair growth), Banana Oil (volume luster), Coconut Milk (rich in hydration) and Honey (giving you strong hair). A Hair Masque suitable for all types of hair, with a significant coconut oil base that doesn’t strip your hair from it’s natural oils. Delicately made with thickness & essential nutrients, we give you an easy applicable lotion. Get #Rawlovin with this Sulfate & Paraben free Hair Masque. Available at select @target stores or target.com. 📸Via @mombeyondmom
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Took my twists out and styled using Sisterly Luvs Thirsty for moisture and Coily "Q" Leave in Cream#Naturalconditioner#naturalmoisturizer#naturahhairproducts#stylingnaturalhair#yeahthatsgreenville#greenvillenaturalhairstylist#curlyhsirstylist#definednaturalcurls#naturalhairjunkies ⏩⏩Sisterlyluvnatural.com
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Leave hair looking luminous and healthy with dōTERRA Salon Essentials Smoothing Conditioner. I've tried many DIY conditioner recipes, but I prefer using DoTERRA's conditoner. It smells like I'm at a spa and it doesn't leave my hair oily. DoTERRA offers 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. As a Wellness Advocate, I love teaching others about natural solutions to their family’s wellness needs using essential oils. I especially enjoy empowering other stay-at-home-moms to start their own business with doTERRA. For more information, message me or visit my website at my.doterra.com/diy_oil_mama. I am happy to answer any questions and figure out which oils are best for you. #naturalconditioner #healthyhair #smoothingconditioner #homespa
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Double tap if you're ready for a #betterfuture! 🤗 ViTA is here and ready to make it your new reality - through your beautycare. Try ViTA's new revolutionary plant science backed haircare Duo and ditch your toxic past today. Your hair and 🌍 will thank you!
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Bounce back with a succulent ultra-hydrating Moisture Smoothie. Uniquely processed through our ColdPress Technology® infused with with Organic Extracts that lock in all that is pure & wholesome. Conscioulsy crafted to Moisturize, Restore & Unveil your luscious lock’s natural beauty! Sulfate & Paraben free a haircare you can feel confident is filled with only goodness & freshness. Time to get #Rawlovin! Lookout for the Bamboo Tops and White Bottles, at select @target stores or target.com.
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So I got these collagen tablets for my hair and nails etc.. and New bodywash plus shampoo and conditioner as have to take a break from my Goat one for a bit after I had a delayed allergic reaction doctor is sure it was the antibiotics but said wait awhile then try goat again if it is that I will get same reaction if not was definitely antibiotics. #collagentablets #olivella #olivellashampoo #olivellaconditioner #olivellabodywash #naturalbodycare #naturalshampoo #naturalconditioner #naturalbidywash #voost
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Haircare Natural Hair Conditioner With natural & organic ingredients #pitoe #pitoenatural #pitoebotanical #pitoelearningcenter #conditioner #naturalconditioner
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ahh! i'm so happy i finally got my huge jug of @calianatural conditioner!! i flew up from Mexico City 🇲🇽 to the U.S. 🇺🇸 to pick up this delivery from Canada 🇨🇦. if that's not a ringing endorsement for this brand, i don't know what is! 💚💚 i got their lotion and styling gel, too. so far... i love it all. (ps- this was paid for with my own money .... every time. i just love this brand and think you should give them a try!)
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Thank you for the beautiful photo 💕@petals.and.paws
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