This picture is one of my favorites - it's at our first 🏡 - the home that we FINALLY just sold and closed on yesterday after a year. . The home where we weathered the storm of Hurricane Sandy - started our marriage 👰🏼 - and started our family 👶🏼 . I saw you remain calm during the most difficult times, like when our yard was flooding faster than we imagined was even possible during the hurricane and we could no longer evacuate . I admire your ability to weigh the pros and cons in every situation and not make rash decisions solely on passion and emotion (you know, like the way I make decisions 😉) . I've watched you grow a successful book of business in your career over the last almost 12 years- with the SAME company- and I can only hope to have that same kind of success with my business. . Some people are inspired by famous sports figures or successful business people - but I am inspired by YOU. . My better half - my partner in crime - my best friend - my husband. . Thank you for showing me what success and hard work look like. And thank you for supporting me in every way possible. I don't say it enough, but I could never say it enough - THANK YOU 😘
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So my husband is the absolute best! He's not here for the rest of the week so he prepped my lunch, snacks and even breakfast! He pre-split my English muffins for me. He knows how little time I have in the mornings. I'm so spoiled! #mealprep #meals #thisislove #husbandandwife #myhusband❤️ #myhusbandrocks #imspoiled #weightloss #weightwatchers
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If you have a man in your life who helps bring balance to your world🌎, who isn't perfect but he's perfect for you💏, who works hard 💪 and would do anything for you, who makes you laugh😆but drives you crazy🙄, who is your best friend 👫and sometimes your only friend, who you want to grow old with 💑 who you are thankful for 👏 and truly adore💗 #love #happiness #bliss #adore #husbandandwife #life #travelers #memories #priceless #adventures #blessed #thankful #married #penguinlove #together #myhusbandrocks
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Gifts that say "I pay attention. I get you. I honor who you are now" are my favorite kind of gifts. Thank you @adrian_eimerl for this amazing drum. Cannot wait to have some fun with it!!!!! #happybirthdaytome #blessed #myhusbandrocks #lovelanguage #drums #drumcircle
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I am the happiest person on the planet today! My garden is one step closer to reality! Future orchard coming soon! #myhusbandrocks #orchard #dreamscometrue
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Get it J-bird! I am fascinated everyday with how much my love grows for my husband and our sweet girl. I love watching Jade learn new things, and becoming this amazing little ball of fire with so much energy and personality! #daddysgirl #growingtoofast #blessed #parenthood #ilovemydaughter #myhusbandrocks #marriedlife
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And this is why I turned one of our empty nester bedrooms into a man cave with a recliner, T.V. and bed for times like these... #toomuchestrogen #mancave #dietcoke #birthdaygirl #girlsnight #girlsnightout #myhusbandrocks
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