Always great when our furry friends lead the way! ⛷ @cjbivo @twoplanksoneing @meredithdrangin
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Check out "Babe in Her Element" Self portrait of me last year when I was in powder bliss at @skilouise
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[ Those Who Ski 001 ] This is my good friend Lisa. She is a really 🆒 gal. Skiing for 19/21 years of her life on Earth . . . . This is a photo series I started as a photography project last year. My goal is to capture portraits of people that have made skiing more than just a hobby or sport - they have truly made it part of their life. I'm going to start sharing this series here on Instagram, so stay tuned! If anyone is interested in being part of this photo series, comment or send me a message! 🤘🏔 #thosewhoski
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when @amandashaelyn asks me to go to yoga.....i be like “exercise?!......i thought you said extra fries!” 🙃
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From soaking wet moments in Scotland or Ireland💦, freezing nights in Switzerland❄️ or the Faroe Islands 🌨up to the exotic Morocco or India☀️ up to those hot beach days in the Canary Islands.. 🌊 Always with @patrikpaulinyi by my side 👫 #travelbuddy #partnerincrime
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I am always trying to be present and appreciate the beauty of everyday moments rather than letting my anxieties or painful memories cloud my vision. Sometimes this is very difficult. Today I am thankful for my morning bike ride to this view.
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Feels great to be back home in Cali! Sure am gonna miss the abundance of waterfalls though 💦 #sprinkleme #kelliefromcali #instafinallyunshadowbannedme #imoffthelist
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"I took a walk" -Passion Pit, Take a Walk ~ Sometimes you just gotta take a long walk off a short bridge. Er, um, in nature. Yeah, that's it, in nature. Lol. ~ Spent the weekend surrounded by trees, friends and fresh mountain air. But came home to some sad news from one of my best friends. I'm ready for another nature walk.
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On top of the world in Zion National Park with lots of tourists behind me. Made everyone ask what I was doing. ☺️Glad I introduced others to @mtn_babes_ while on this trip. #mtnbabes #angelslanding #zio#ziononalpark #zion #pranaliving #brixton #adventurethatislife #lifeisgood #takeahike #hikergirl #desertvibes #desertview
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Sedona, you sure are beautiful! And i have decided i really like northern AZ. I will be back! #devilsbridge #sedona
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Gotta love gloomy days!!
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Those mornings where you just wake up feeling so happy. Thankful for this life and all the people in it.
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9 hours of ridgeline hiking in the superstitions is a lot for a pup! 🐕⛰❣️. - Lots to share about this hike, message us for any questions or details! 😘 • • • #superstitionmountains #ridgelinetrail #ArizonaHiking #Exp#ExploreAZ #KeepItWild #HikeAZ #ArizonaHikersGuide #InstagramAZ #GetOutside #Camping #Hiking #Rei #OptOutside #GirlsWhoHike #MountainBabes #Explore #Travel #havasufalls #Mountains #Outdoors #CliffClique #mtnbabes #explorearizona #dogsthathike #dogsofinstagram #puppies
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My newest piece "BRAAP LAPS"
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Our friends @mulberrymaven have the cutest grinch trees for the holiday season 🎄💕Get yours before they’re gone! ・・・ Guess what YYC?! We've decided to offer FREE home deliveries with all grinch tree orders! While supplies last 😊🙌🏼 Contact us for details.
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