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Money doesn't bring happiness and creativity. Your creativity and happiness brings money!
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Don't let weakness stop you💪
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People won’t always agree with your #choices
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Enough with your regular degular 🥗 ?Through trial and error, I am finally able to know what works in my salads. Thought I was eating meat⁉️ NOPE 👎 For meal preps I would have the microwaveable food separate from the actual 🥗, then put together when ready to feast. Comment down below👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 What other alternatives you include in your salads⁉️ . . . Ingredients: -Salad mix -Half Avocado -Cut Cherry Tomatoes -Cut Cucumber -Paprika and Black pepper on avocado -Dried raspberries and coconut shreds -Fried veggie sausages -Onions seasoned with turmeric and black pepper -Yellow Peppers -Traditional Yeast -Edamame hummus -Mango dressing -Amino Acids . . . #healthycooking #loveyourself #choosehealth #livelight #livehappy #healthylife #veganrecipes #veganeats #vegansalad #cookingtime #foodie #lifestylechange #foodielife #photographerslife #getout #mindoverbody #lovelife #livetothefullest #eattherainbow #groceryhaul #colorfuleating #ripeavocado #livehappily #stayblessed #diethappy #foodiehub #foodaholic #hungryeating #motivationneeded #wednesdaywisdom
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📽On YouTube!!!!📽 Don't Feel Like Working Out????!!!!! Fitness is believing in yourself and pushing your body believe it. When you believe in yourself you are able to push your body Beyond its limits. I have noticed that when I am less motivated and when I give in to my temptations that I am less physically fit. Today I invite you and challenge you to do a workout or physical action that you do not feel like doing but use your mind strength to do it anyway. We have to do things that are uncomfortable or challenges but it is an emotional and mental challenge to reach a greater goal. Today I did not feel like working out at all. I challenged myself to do a workout anyway. I started with a workout that I already enjoy. Glute workouts are my favorite type of workout. I hope you enjoy this video and can can relate to mental challenge that I have. I hope you like subscribe comment on like like and watch. My content will grow and exceed your expectations as you grow and exceed the expectations that you have for yourself. I hope this can help you today as always be great and have a great day. I believe in you when you don't believe in yourself and I hope you believe in yourself when everyone else gives up on you.
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Check mate. • • • Life is precious. Go and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, go and take the scenic route, go and see the most beautiful things in the world, go and do what makes you happy. • • • My nan was submitted into hospital today and naturally, the family is panicking. I’m trying not to get upset because I know that the doctors are doing everything they can to help. • • • I’m going to go and read and get lost in a story so that I don’t have to think too much about how short and fragile our lives are. • • • #chess #video #checkmate #checkmatebitch #chessnotcheckers #chessmoves #chesspiece #got #gameofthrones #gamenight #lifequotes #motivationneeded #lifeisstrange #smallthingsinlife #boardgame
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After an epic two weeks training I've really struggled tonight. Failing pretty much everything I attempted. #gutted but #needtomanup #motivationneeded #boohoo
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They do👌
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Starting now You can constantly tell yourself, "I'll start tomorrow!", but before you know it, months will pass by and you still haven't begun what you've been telling yourself you would! Stop putting off the things that you want to begin and get to it immediately! You can talk yourself out of anything but you can also talk yourself into begin that dream that you've always wanted to! If you know what you want to do, start by making a plan and then put action to it! Nothing helps you when you continue to put off something constantly! Take action and START NOW with planning and making small steps towards your dreams! It's like a puzzle, you start with a bunch of small pieces and then as you start putting the pieces (your smaller steps) together you Begin to get the bigger picture (your dreams/goals)! Do something today that will help you to be one step closer to what you want!! #startnow #motivationneeded #inspirational #pushyourlimits #faith #trusttheprocess #travels #growthmindset #bestfriends #underarmour #unstoppable
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Perfectly portioned snow day 🙃 I mean, LUNCH! Don’t let us fool you, we’re still working pretty hard over here in our own separate parts of the house now. For anyone who speaks portion containers, that’s a ❤️💛💚🖤 and double for him👇🏼
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Many of us dread work and despise the thought of doing labor. Rightly so considering that labor as a requirement is unnatural for humanity. When humans are forced into labor it is psychologically distressing and it creates feelings of dis-empowerment and negativity. There is a difference between doing your passion as a career and working to labor. Working to labor is slavery which is unnatural. Having a career that you are passionate about is in alignment with human values. Humanity thrives when they are passionate about providing skills, services or assistance to others with their contributions when they have freedom and flexibility to express themselves, on their own terms. • Real prosperity comes when we are doing what we are passionate about. While it may be the case that we are not doing our passion for our profession, we are at least going through a transition as a collective of humanity to enter into a more prosperous state. If humanity allows prosperity to come for ALL and not for just a FEW certain “elites” then we will all be far better off. When you want good for others, the good will also manifest for you. If we expect that everything in life will come for free then this will just create a new force of perpetual abuse, negativity and dis-ease. All of humanity is programmed and conditioned to believe that money is the only thing of actual value in exchange, until this mindset changes humanity will never be able to even appreciate anything which is free or done for you. • To read the full blog post click the link in our bio or go directly to 👇👇👇✨WWW.GOLDENALMACHCREATION.COM✨
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“I have been busy with work” That was just a plain excuse. 🤫 Back into training mode. See you guys in 30 days. #beastmode #plzjudgeme #motivationneeded
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What small win are you celebrating today? #motivationneeded #motivationmafia #myvibe
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La gente parla parla, c'è chi poteva valerne la pena e ha scelto di farla.🌹-cit @federicssssss #blackandwhite#half#motivationneeded
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🚂Just keep going💪
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got lost yourself into a shit life? take a moment, a deep breath and think.. is it worth? No? than its time to rethink your priorities, life and future.. u can start it anytime .. . . #inspiration #motivation #desire #hardwork #inspiredaily #motivational #mastermind #working #entrepreneur #businesswoman #teamdroidx #money #quoteoftheday #boss #girlboss #startup #morningmotivation #mymotivation #dailymotivation #selfmotivation #motivationneeded #perfection #excellence #goals #sayings #successful #secretentourage
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Um, is anyone else OBSESSED with their dog?! I hear all the time “oh, I can’t workout at home my dog or kids will get in the way”. And I’m over here like...I wouldn’t want it any other way! It makes me giggle. Makes the time pass by. Sometimes makes it a little more challenging or gives me a little break. There’s lots of moms & dog moms in my private support group right now, and they are blowing up my newsfeed with all sorts of videos funny videos & pics of their pets and kids during the workouts with them. I LOVE it!! Have you thought about joining us? A bunch more are starting with us on MONDAY!🐶👯‍♀️👩‍👧 #MegGetsObsessed
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Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do. Dr. Benjamin Spock
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Keep going
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Deploy yourself 🔱
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Celebrate YOU and set aside time for yourself every day. Think about how far you've come and where you want to go next. How do you intend on reaching your goals today? 👍🌟
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Taking a rest day from yoga to rest my arms. Hopefully I find motivation to do more than watch my Mac update #motivationneeded #updating #restday
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It’s snowing and I’m tired today. I don’t feel like training at all BUT my gym bag is waiting in the truck and I’ll be hitting the gym on my way home from work giving myself this pep talk the entire way there. When the motivation is lacking you just gotta #suckitup get to the gym and #trainyourassoff 😑😴 #sleepy #mot#motivationed #noexcuses #humpday #girlswholift #gains #doitforthegains #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #motivation #getmotivated #noslackers #fitlife #fitlifestyle
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Laundry Day tires Mia out too! ❤️😋
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