“Which ones are mine ma’?” “Don’t worry I’ll open them all”😂😂😂😂 my big girl 😍#babybean #littleleaf #sicklittleduck #standing #christmastree #tistheseason #prettygirl #flowerchild #ninemonths #almostten #myworld #iloveyoubean #hippiemom #momwithink #momwithstretchedears
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I swear I don't plan my outfits to match my breakfast...😂
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Just a college girlfriends chatting about how we're gonna take over the world...err I mean change the world 😘 Hehe. Legit so flipping excited about this new program to be released! It is literally EVERYTHING us ladies want to work on - arms, abs & yes yo bootay. NOW is the time to be getting our arses INTO GEAR for THE NEW YEAR. And I dunno about you, but being able to work thru the program WITH the trainer herself - that's motivating enough for me. ☎ Couldn't make it to our live call, but want the deets? Shoot me a message, cuz girl - THIS SHIT IS GOING TO BE LIFE CHANGING. And I am committing to this 100%. Nutrition - the workouts - the supplements - EVERYTHING. Time is going to pass us by regardless, but imagine what YOU could accomplish in 3 months. ❤
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Christmas Kitty 🎄
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When I think about the day my son asks me what I wanted in life - I don't want to be that person to tell him, "Aiden, mommy wanted to do this and that and go on this vacation, but we decided to have you. And well, sometimes mommies and daddies dreams have to be put on hold." Here's the thing... You can have whatever you want in life! You can be whatever you want to be! You can do whatever you want to do! All you have to do is go after it. If whatever you're doing now isn't working - CHANGE IT. Get up, and go after your dreams because guess what? THEY ARE YOURS FOR A REASON. Not someone else's. ❤ When it comes to that day and I have that conversation, I will look Aiden in the eye and tell him, "THIS. We are living mommy's dream because mommy wanted to show you that you worth never giving up on." 💙
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My hair it's done 😍😍 Soooo, it's been a while since I use sponge rolls overnight and I was panicking when I took them out !!! But I like the way the curls turn out 😊😊😊 ( I made the hairflower) . . . . . #suavecitapomade #pinupgal #pinupbabe #pinuppixie #pin#pinupshorthair #tat#tattoedpinup #tattoedparent #tattoos #wha#whatgoesaroundoo #whatgoesaround #cherrytattoo #chesttattoo #facetattoo #uni#unicorntattoo #necktattoo #pinuphairstyle #pinupflower #pinuphairflower #piercing #lippiercing #pinupdoll #messyhairdontcare #collectif #heartnecklace #unicorntattoo #momwithink #tattooedparent #tattoedpinup #redhairdontcare #shorthair #pinupshorthair
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Best birthday ever. 😍
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Yup having a little fun during raid night🤓💜☠️🖤#worldofwarcraft #girlswhoplaysports #momwithink #momwithtattoos #creepygirls
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One happy pupper right there...Jeep rides are his favorite!!
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I love providing for my munchkin and other babies out there. I really do. But I'm gonna be so happy when I get to be rid of this contraption. 😥
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Seriously - will I ever get to go LIVE again? or have my day go AS PLANNED? Maybs. But probably not. But anywho - that big announcement eh? 🤔 NO, BearCub #2 is not on the way. 😳 I may have taken my Nexplanon out, but we're not having any more kids ANY TIME soon. My sanity can't take that if I want to be completely honest...NO, we didn't buy a house. 🏠 But I wish we would because maybe if we had a house, I'd be explaining this all LIVE instead of you reading this. HA. And NO, I didn't quit my job either. 💲 I actually just kinda got a promotion. Hehe. SO WHAT IS HAPPENING?! 😇 BACKSTORY. If you've been following my journey, you might know it all started with some colored containers and a trainer named Autumn Calabrese. 💪 Because of her and one of my best friends, I got into the best shape of my life. Last summer, I was fortunate enough to be a member of one of her new TV test groups for one of her programs. In the midst of really dialing in my nutrition, I got pregnant. 🍼 There's a funny rumor that there was something in the shake formula...cuz a LOT of us got pregnant. 🍼 HAHA. Fast forward to TODAY. She is coming out with another new program that I am beyond ecstatic for. 🙌 It's a 3 month program, focusing on nutrition (MORE food that what I'm used to and she tells me when and what to eat) and dude...every day is a DIFFERENT workout. 😲 So you'll never get bored! Corporate is extending the first test group beyond the usual TOP 10 Elite coaches...They've opened it up to ANY coach. So if you've been waiting to jump on board even as a discount coach - NOW IS THE TIME. Not only will you be coached by ME, but also Autumn HERSELF in a private test group. You could be featured in their promos for completing this! What could motivate you MORE THAN possibly being featured for your hardwork?! This program is and will be life altering. It will be hard and challenging. But what doesn't challenge you doesn't CHANGE you. ARE YOU IN?
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The average gym membership is roughly $55/month ($85 here in MINNEAPOLIS!) in the United States. Guess how much I pay? $8.25 I still get meal plans 🍎 World class training 💪 Not to mention the money I save by not driving to & from the gym and daycare at said gym. Oh and it's mobile - so I can stream all my workouts from pretty much anywhere. And above all - I still get results. The gym is for a lotta people, but not me and my ladies. So incredibly happy I don't have to leave the comfort of my warm house to go to the gym...when I can just mosey on downstairs and kill it. Then I don't have to worry about people laughing about my outfits...or maybs they're just jealous 😂
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Dropping a HUGE announcement tonight. 😁 Like quite possibly life altering. Nope, no clues cuz I feel like being vague today 😘 Happy Thursday. Hehe.
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Which Michael Scott are you? 😂😳
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DAY 7/30✔ Active Recovery I am so glad today was just stretching and slower technique movements. 😥 Eevee has woken up the last 4 nights sick at around midnight & it has been EXHAUSTING. In the day she's fine & playing, but won't really eat 👎. Today she's just happy in her fort, with some crackers & a show. Here's to hoping a day of snuggles helps her out!
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Was man nicht alles macht, um das Kind glücklich zu machen 😄❤ 'Einkaufen gewesen' ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ #babygirl #einkaufen #kinderküche #kaufladen #happygirl #einkaufswagen #mylove #kinderlachen #laugh #happymom #momwithink #mommyblogger #momblog ##babyfashion #baymodel #teamrosa #Netto #chi#chihuahuad #chihuahua #twoyears #fun #love #liebe
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Bring oooooonnnn the forts 😍!!!
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Weird I know, but I was excited to wake up super early - I was like "YUS! Gonna get my workout done. Get our stuff together for the day and get to work on time for once despite the blizzard!" Ya...no. HA. Someone fell asleep in my lap after a second feeding, and I couldn't say no. These days will speed by just like the last 10 months have. And I know I'd regret not soaking in EVERY. SINGLE. CHANCE. I'll get my workout in later when daddy has his turn for cuddles.
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Wrinkles means you have laughed, Grey hair means you cared, And scar mean you lived! An then before you know it You are freakin' half way to 70 🙈 Crazy eh? Today I am 35 Today is a New Day Today I am definitely grateful with Life in small things, big things and anything in between. Just soo much to be thankful for🙏🏼☝🏼 I am 35 and Proud ❤️💁🏻☺️💪🏼 ____________________________________________ #cebuana #pinay #filipina #bisaya #bisdak #asian #itsmybirthday #35andproud #ig #instagram #instamoments #mcgowandiary2017 #birthdaygirl #birthdayselfie #birthdayemotions #selfie #momwithink #tattoedgirl #tattoedmom
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4am wakeup call 😳😥
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Lemme take you back to that feeling when you were 16 - just got your license. Not a single care in the world and you were UNSTOPPABLE. THAT is what today felt like. And what every single workout should do for you. It's not about the number on the scale or the size dress you want to fit into. It's about that EMPOWERMENT. That belief you give yourself when you complete that final round! 💪 THAT FEELING is what want no just for myself, but you as well. To be the best you that you can be. Happy Monday, girl. Go kick the rest of 2017 in the face!
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DAY 6.5/30✔ SOO I only made it through half the work out today 🤗 BUT that isn't a fail. I was working until 2am, got up and STILL at least pressed play and went HARD for 30 min!! Speaking ooof work! DANG, a girl I was chatting with works until 3, goes to the gym for 1.5 hours, goes home AND THEN only sleeps until 7 when her kids get up. 🤤 WHAAAAA? Superwoman over thuuuur. But seriousrly, I am so happy I can wake up, put on pants and then literally work out in the shirt I slept in {with no one complaining if I smell 🙈😂} These home workouts are my life saaaaaaver. It's like Netflix for being fit in my dang house. & I LOVE IT!! So to all you ladies who workout after working nights, I love you, you are goddamn superheroes, but you are also a tad insane 🙈😉. {MAMA NEEDS SLEEP}
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Meal Prepping. 🍎 It saves lives, ya'l. As a busy mom on the go constantly, I don't have a lot of time during the week to prep my next day's meals. So taking a couple hours on the weekend to prep everything for the week makes life SO MUCH BETTER. Less thinking, less stress, and less likely the stray from my goals. What's on the menu this week? Breakfast: supafoods with 1/2 a nana & 1 cup of almond milk Snack: plain greek yogurt with granola & fruit Lunch: baked chicken chop salad Snack: vegies & hummus Dinner: meat, vegie & a carb AIDEN is getting banana oats, zucchini, pancakes & of course his milkies 😘 TRUTH: I don't meal prep our dinners, but we do get ingredients for a boat load of ideas that we can pull from. THIS WEEK 👉 Spaghetti Squash, Chicken Wild Rice Soup (leftovers from Sunday's din din) & probably tacos...cuz dude, tacos! 🌮🌮🌮
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A girl and her dog...it’s a beautiful thing 💕
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Double fisting before 8am 😂
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That's all you need in life 😍
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Moms durning December: “Mom I need deodorant and body wash” “Alright it’ll have to be part of your Christmas though” 🤣
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