Joining Lucy @charmaboutyou for #saturdaynightcraftalong I'm stitching down the binding on #mollysrainbowquilt whilst watching #chrispratt in Jurassic world #multitasking
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These are my purchases today. I needed the thread as none of the colours I had were 'close enough' I want to make some progress on this baby quilt during the #saturdaynightcraftalong I'm auditioning the fun spot fabric for the binding, although I usually go with darker colours to hide the dirt. Waving Hello to our hostess, the lovely Lucy @charmaboutyou #mollysrainbowquilt #aurifil #gutermann #konasolids
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Finally...some sewing time. An unexpectedly busy weekend means that I'm only now able to get on with some #finishalong2017 sewing. Let's be clear...I didn't have anything planned but between helping Spousus to get ready for a work flight at 5 today and Offspring needing to shop for an interview suit at short notice, I seem to have been kept away from my sewing machine. I now have a window of 3 hours between the drop off at the airport and the collection from the train station. #andtheykeeptextingme #familylife #mollysrainbowquilt
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Using my day off wisely. Despite developing a bit of a cold I'm feeling productive. About to break into this little 'tester' pack of @aurifilthread which is the perfect match to topstich this zippy pouch. I've made a few but wanted to try a different version. A quick inter-search and I came across this well written tutorial by Ali @veryberryhandmade I'm multitasking too- I've pinned out the backing for #mollysrainbowquilt and am waiting for it to dry.
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I haven't joined in with the @finishalong since Q4 last year... so here goes....I'll be linking up via Lucy's @charmaboutyou blog page. 1. A baby quilt, fabrics picked, design sketched. 2. Tulip quilt. A few practice blocks have been made and I'm inching to get this one started. 3. A new Christmas cushion. This seriously cute pattern is 'Crimbo' by @unicornharts ...I've already printed the pattern out and chosen the fabrics. 4. Lovely #sevenberryfabrics tortoise print. My daughter wants a small tote bag and I plan to make a couple of #zippypouch 5. Crosses quilt top. Needs batting, quilting and binding. 6.This little #sewingwrap is moving at a glacial pace. It will be finished before years end! 7. This was a practice zippy pouch. It needs some remedial surgery but it can be saved! 8. #mollysrainbowquilt needs batting, quilting, binding and gifting. Good luck to everyone, however long your list is 馃槝 #finishalong2017 #fal2017q4moogiemum
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Nope. #unpickingqueen Joining in with Lucy and the gang for #saturdaynightcraftalong although not for long if this continues 馃槙@Charmaboutyou #mollysrainbowquilt
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