“You may not be a Picasso or Mozart but you don’t have to be. Just create to create. Create to remind yourself you’re still alive. Make stuff to inspire others to make something too. Create to learn a bit more about yourself.” ~Frederick Terral | Via @arthunter.me
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Когда твои сосиски в бордовых ботфортах явно выигрыше💮 Про сосиски-это я в прям смысле 🤦🏻‍♀️😒 Вроде каждый день хочу по 10-15 километров 🛣, вроде занимаюсь дома каждый вечер , а им хоть бы хны 🤬 какие-то мягкотелые ребята 👿 Что с ними делать ?🧜🏼‍♀️ Какие упражнения , кто знает ?🙏🏼 Только когда занималась його вроде себя нормально чувствовали🌙 Но эта девушка , которая постоянно говорила : ВДОООООХ , ВЫЫЫЫЫДОХ ТАДАСАНА , меня явно достала 🤣😂
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The Lion King window display at the entrance of @neimanmarcus at Millenia Mall in Orlando, Florida.
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That is all 👌
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why are so many minimalists attracted to white in design? ⬇️ . . white space allows your eye to focus on what is important.
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qui rogat non errat / '(one) who asks, doesn't err'
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Avete mai fatto caso che le belle giornate sono direttamente collegate ai giorni lavorativi. Specialmente i #lunedi #monday #mainagioia
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On the 18th day of Christmas... A beautiful jasper set in sterling silver.
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Mix and match | Storm Base White & Storm Tube Brown Glass | STORM SYSTEM®
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Repost: Dreaming of ... traveling away far from all known.. reset button 🖲 #sevenmilebridge #minimalistic #minimalism #bridge #ocean #florida #keywest
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We just recieved a very few Nighttimer #allblack 40 mm . Better be quick if you want to get one of the last few we have available before X-Mas. Use the code „cybersale“ and you get 40 € discount on every watch + 2 extra watchstraps + the changing tool. Check the in Bio to get to the shop! Free shipping world wide.
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My daily essentials. Although I don’t really use the Google Home for much except for Spotify and asking it random questions 😂
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Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. 📷 @last_abdi
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Hello and happy monday to all of you! I want to say a big thank you for all your messages and love lately! A lot of you answered my question in my story where you come from and it’s just crazy that people from all over the world are reading this! 🤩😍😍 Thank you so much for this!!! For that happy occasion I thought a pic with my cat would bring a smile to your face (as you brought one to mine 😊) . . you can get this cute 3-year-journal at @odernichtoderdoch.de ❤️ . . . *productplacement *werbung *ad #cat #catstagram #instacat #glasmomente #odernichtoderdoch #planner #journal #minimalistic #buj#bujobeauty #blogger_de #fashionblogger #instablogger #pet #lifewithacat #petsagram #potd #photooftheday #love #l4l #bulletjournal #bujo #study #selfie #me #myself
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How festive does this are look. Those flowers were only £5 from Tesco
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.......... #Camouflage #converse Don’t loose yourself in the middle of the crowd. Stand out be proud. Speak out and converse! 🙂
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Southern California. | @thismintymoment
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Vilken ironi...man tänker att man ska bli snällare mot miljön genom att byta ut all plast i hemmet till bland annat rostfritt istället. Framförallt i köket. Men i slutändan visade sig att jag var dum mot mig själv, nu har jag fått veta att jag är väldigt allergisk mot nickel. Vilket förklarar de symtom jag gått med i flera år utan att veta varför. Så visst är det skönt att veta. MEN, nu måste allt detta bytas igen! Har ni några bra tips på nickelfria husgeråd som inte är av plast så får ni gärna lämna en kommentar. 👍🏻 #minimalism #min#minimalista> #minimalist #inspiration #mallisseninspo #plastbanta
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Not everything in life is in black and white, but this picture sure is. 🌚
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/ light in silence /
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ten points right at ya if you know the song. // #aesthetic #textpost #grained #vscocam #the1975 #lyr#lyric> #lyric #tumblr #minimalistic #simple #clean
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bigger than my head🍦💭
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