Though there are many things you can make yourself when going zero waste to save money or reduce your packaging waste, sometimes it's nice to let other folks do the heavy lifting for you. At @merzapothecary we were pleased to see a large selection of deodorants packaged in glass jars or compostable tubes rather than plastic, including some brands we trust like @meowmeowtweet, @odouds, @primalpitpaste, @schmidtsnaturals, and more. Paper packaging can be composted, and glass jars can be reused and then recycled! You can see more goodies we found at Merz on our stories today, too. Where do you guys stand on DIY beauty products? What do you make and what do you buy? #zerowastechicago
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. meow meow tweet (ミャウミャウツイート) . ニューヨーク発!🗽🌟 ヴィーガンが 生み出した エシカルコスメの リップバーム のご紹介です! . シトラスの香りのタンジェリンライム 、スッキリとした香りのローズマリーユーカリプタス 、無香料のノンフレグランス の、 3タイプ が ございます!😮 . 厳選した植物成分 で まるで料理を作るようにこだわりぬいた レシピで つくられた リップバームは 唇を柔らかくし、 整えます! . パッケージも ポップでかわいい😍 . 乾燥した季節に 体にも優しい 環境にも優しいコスメ で 潤ってみませんか😌✨ . #リップバーム #リップクリーム #ニューヨーク#オーガニック #オーガニックコスメ #meowmeowtweet #アリオ橋本 #橋本 #橋本駅 #輸入コスメ #輸入雑貨
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My Top Natural Deodorants🌹 ⠀ I’ve gotten a lot of deodorant questions lately, so I wanted to share my top picks. My long time readers know that I’ve tried A LOT of natural deodorants and had many fails, but these 2 have come out on top over and over again. I linked to a review of these from last year in my bio, but here’s the short version: ⠀ ⠀ @agentnateur holi Rose works for me EVERY single time and smells amazing. It’s THE best natural deodorant I’ve tried. Sadly, I’m sensitive to baking soda so I can’t use it everyday. ⠀ ⠀ @meowmeowtweet baking soda free deodorant has been a long time favorite and I’ve recently tried the solid stick version and love it. It works well with no irritation. It’s not quite as long lasting as the holi Rose above, so I need to re-apply on hot days. It still works better than almost deodorants I’ve tried though. ⠀ ⠀ Head to the blog for the full review. What are some of your top choices for deodorants?
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It’s been a few weeks, so I thought it was time for a little update on my new @target green beauty buys. [swipe left to see swatches] . The @meowmeowtweet deodorant in grapefruit has been working wonderfully! I previously had the lavender one, but grapefruit is a fun switch. I’m loving the fresh and zingy scent and it’s been keeping me stink-free 🙌 yesss. . The @sailorbycb Sea Splash Face Cleanser also smells amazing (again, mainly like grapefruit) and it cleanses the face very well. I cannot use this as a makeup remover, as it stings if I get it near the eye area. It feels almost like a liquid soap and leaves my skin with that squeaky clean feeling. If you like that type of cleanser, this would be a great option! And the price is fantastic. For my skin I need something slightly gentler, and I also like a two-in-one makeup remover and cleanser, so I won’t be repurchasing it in the future. I DO want to try the sea salt hair spray from this brand though, so another Target trip may be in order before long 😉🎯
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Sometimes zero waste alternatives aren’t available. * Surprisingly, I have struggled to find vegan soap in bulk. The ones in bulk usually contain beeswax. My solution? Pick the soap with the least wasteful packaging. * There are times zero waste is either not available or too expensive, in those instances choose packaging wisely. Try to opt for packaging that can be composted or recycled. * We don’t live in a zero waste world, but we can and should make smart choices that lead to a more eco conscious society. 🌎🌿🌍
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A new video is live on my channel. It's all about new green and eco beauty at Target! Check it out! Link in bio. #tar#targetty #target #greenbeautyattarget #meowmeowtweet #plantapothecary #sailorbycb #pacificabeauty #naturallybeautifulgirl #linkinbio
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Some of my favorites this week! ✨ So Instagram decided to delete my whole description box which I spent ages writing (I must learn to write it in notes first! 😤). Anyway here we go again: ✨ @jomalonelondon Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne, one of my all time faves! ✨ @sonandpark_korea Son & Park Beauty Filter Cream is like magic, as a primer it gives you the most insane glow! ✨ @jordansamuelskin Hydrate The Mist has been quenching my skin in this changeable weather here in NY, so good! ✨ @tan_luxe The Face* giving me some colour on the easiest way. ✨ @laneige_us Lip Sleeping Mask is a seriously good lip hydrate that tastes amazing! ✨ @meowmeowtweet Lavender Bergamot Deodorant Stick* smells great and keeps me fresh all day without chemicals! ✨ @diptyque Rose Delight making my home smell delicious! *PR gifts
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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: @meowmeowtweet has been at the forefront of numerous aspects of the clean, ethical beauty movement, from ingredient sourcing to sustainable packaging. But a major piece of what makes the line stand out is its attention to products that care for your underarms in a way that most of us only care for the skin on our faces. Co-founder Tara opens up about the importance of underarm health, why a natural deo detox isn’t necessary and what’s new for MMT this spring, in our Brand Spotlight on the #bitsofbrillianceblog now at #opalavenue (
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INGROWN HAIRS. A few months ago Dr. Trujillo asked me, “is there anything you can do for ingrown hairs?” I looked at him like 🙄 Really? YES!!! Here’s my 3 step system for ingrown hairs and shaving irritation: 1. Wash your face with warm water before you shave. You get extra points if you use a steamy wash cloth to open your pores. 2. Change out your razor blade once a week or twice a week if you shave everyday. A fresh razor creates less friction on the skin, friction is irritating to the hair follicles. Use a stainless steal safety razor and change out the razor blades. You’ll save money in the long run and protect the environment. Use a shave cream like Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lemongrass Lime. 3. Aftercare is the most important part for prevention. Don’t use traditional aftershave products, they kill off your protective Microbiome and irritate your hair follicles. Use the Geranium Palmarosa Toner from Meow Meow Tweet and follow up with the Juniper Carrot Seed Face Oil, which is a great beard conditioner too. These products will hydrate and heal your skin after a nice shave. Dr. T’s shave irritation is a thing of the past and he no longer suffers from the huge pustule blemishes that arose after a shave. You can purchase the Meow Meow Tweet products by visiting our boutique. #truehealingskinandspine #redlands #inlandempire #meowmeowtweet #ingrownhairs #shavingiritation #greenbeauty #cleanshave #organicskincare
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Do you have a favorite #nontoxic #deodorant? Have you tried any of the brands our "Mini-Olympians" are swishing past in this photo? We want to know! Take about 3 minutes to hop on our blog and vote for your favorites in skincare, body care, hair care, makeup and more. Post your score via link in bio, and may the best in #crueltyfree win!
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🐱 🐱 🐦 @meowmeowtweet
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Empties AF. Things got a little out of hand creatively with my last post so let's all bring it back in with a simple family portrait style photo. __________ 💦 #meowmeowtweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant in Grapefruit - HG deodorant, I already have a backup 💦 #rahua Conditioner - Loved this. Lightweight moisture, doesn't weigh your hair down. 💦 #skinowl Maqui Berry Beauty Drops - Amazing, Mangosteen drops were still my fave but these are super nourishing and just a great staple. 💦 #marieveronique Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist - Can't live without it. Keeps skin balanced AF. 💦 #honuaskincare Aloha Youth Serum - Super lightweight and brightening. 💦 #lilfoxmiami Cleopatra Mask - Insane, my fave clay mask. Results are always 💯 💦 #munskincare Akwi Purifying Cleanser - HG oil/first cleanse. Nourishing, rinses clean. 💦 #joshrosebrook Nutrient Day Cream - Not my fave. Didn't play well with some of the other products I love but this works great as a stand alone, single step moisture+spf. It delivers all day moisture so I did't really need to layer it with anything but I LOVE TO LAYER, SO. 💦 #innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner - Crazy moisturizing, not for fine haired ladies. Will weight down your hair. Gorgeous but not for everyone. 💦 #previseskincare Nutrify Hyaluronic Serum - HG and I miss it and I need it back in my life. Favorite hyaluronic serum period. Try this. __________ #skincare #cleanbeauty #ecobeauty #greenbeauty #organicbeauty #naturalskincare #naturalbeauty #ecoskincare #organicskincare #greenskincare #eco#ecoluxurybeauty #ecoluxe #ecoluxury
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This stick is downright fresh! Baking soda: love it, hate it, in a part-time relationship with it? For those less enthused fans, this stick’s for you! ⠀ ⠀ 📸@jthebeatfreak ⠀ ⠀ @meowmeowtweet ⠀ ⠀ 👉To shop, follow the link in bio!👈
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After running out of my stick deodorant, I went searching for a new “zero waste” brand. I read countless reviews on multiple brands which ultimately led me to try this deodorant cream from @meowmeowtweet! I’ve been using this cream for about a month now, and I’m in love ♥️ —————————— Here are the pros & cons from my experience with this product: PROS: ✔️ Certified organic + fair trade ✔️ There are only 6 ingredients which DO NOT include parabens or aluminum!!! ✔️No. White. Stains 😍😍😍 ✔️ I can purchase this item in bulk and refill it at @therefillrevolution ✔️ Smells delicious when you put it on (this scent is lavender, but they also have tea tree) ✔️ Easy to use, simply rub a pea-size amount into your skin. ✔️ Fights odor all day - this one truly amazed me! ✔️ I don’t have a smell anymore?... it’s really crazy! CONS: ❌ It’s not an anti-perspirant (I still sweat with stick deodorants so this doesn’t bother me). ❌ It’s pricier than other deodorants, however, I anticipate that this jar will last me much longer than a stick. ❌ Some people might not like rubbing on your deodorant, but it’s just like putting on lotion so whatevs!! If you’re looking to incorporate zero waste hygienic & beauty products into your life, I can tell you so far that it’s 100% paying off! Remember that a significant portion of zero waste efforts tie into the quality of the items we purchase, AND the value we place on the items we own. —————————— #wastetosimplify #zerowaste #zerowastehygiene #organic #fairtrade #parabenfree #aluminumfree #refuse #reduce #reuse #recycle #meowmeowtweet ♥️♥️♥️
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Some of my fave beauty products! 💄 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I know how overwhelming it can be to think about doing a complete overhaul of all your beauty products. I remember pushing it off because I didn’t even know where to begin, didn’t think I’d find products that would work as well, and didn’t realize how important it was! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BUT now that I’ve almost transitioned everything I can say it really isn’t as hard as it’s seems luckily! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My #1 tip is to do it little by little! Each time you run out of something, replace it with a cleaner/non-toxic version. If you’re not thrilled with it, try a different one next time around. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Many mainstream cosmetics contain chemicals which can damage your skin and health, and disrupt hormones 👎🏻. Cosmetics in the US are also very poorly regulated. Did you know that many lipsticks contain lead? That there is often aluminum in deodorant? My husband’s shaving cream had formaldehyde as did my nail polish before we noticed and switched them out! 😳 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For those interested- I’ve tagged my favorite products in the pic! 😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #cle#cleanbeauty #nontoxic #nontoxicbeauty #greenproduct #safeproducts #beauty #bea#beautyproducts #beautyproducts #juicebeauty #honestbeauty #beautycounter #safecosmetics #cleancosmetics #cleanbeauty #cleanbeautyproducts #makeup #cleanmakeup #nontoxicmakeup #nontoxicskincare #nontoxicliving #cleanliving #takecareofyourbody #takecareofyourself #meowmeowtweet
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PSA to my friends: tonight I embark on a possibly stank-nasty but needed healing journey. I apologize in advance if I smell like a musty trash bin. The end results will be worth it. #aluminumdetox #aluminumfree #primalpitpaste #meowmeowtweet
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shelfie sunday
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✨ The one cleansing oil that checks off all the boxes... 🙌🏻 The Lemon Rose Cleansing Oil from @meowmeowtweet . ✔️ Organic ingredients ✔️ Eco-packaging ✔️ Remove stubborn makeup ✔️ Gentle, good for all skin types ✔️ Smells amazing ✔️ Totally cute cats on the box (even for a dog person) 😉 HAPPINESS GUARANTEED | Shop from link in bio 👆🏻 . . . . #berootpeople #cleanbeauty #cleansingoil #organicskincare #selfcare #ecobeauty #plantbased
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A sampling of my January empties. Only one of these isn’t a rebuy for me. Can you guess which one? Finished off two masks in January! Though it always hurts my heart a little to finish off my favorites. The Bean is an absolute staple in my routine. It literally is a do it all wonder for the skin. I also purchased a full size of the @h_is_for_love Propolis after sampling it in the @theboxwalla box. Another sort of do it all miracle wonder mask. Want to hear my thoughts on the rest? Video up now! #januaryempties #thebeanmask #mahalocare #hisforlove #napinthemeadow #earthwisebeauty #joshrosebrook #meowmeowtweet #crueltyfreebeauty #cleanbeauty
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Do you know what an underarm primer is? #meowmeowtweet
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Woot! New @meowmeowtweet !! 😻 I’ve been on a natural deodorant journey for awhile now - wanted something natural that also did NOT come in a plastic container. I’ve used this brand before in the jar form and was so excited to see it in stick form! It’s been awhile and I’ve used another brand in the meantime - it made my armpits dark and the skin peeled - so I opted to try out the primer this time. Yay!! . . . . . . . . . . . #2018 #deodorant #naturaldeodorant #meowmeowtweet #recycable #nomorestinkypits #bakingsodafreedeodorant #sensitivepits #happymail
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Meow meow tweet always nails the packaging. I am becoming a skin care junkie. Send help. #meowmeowtweet
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Okay, okay, okay! We all want to know what the BEST natural deodorant is, right? No-one wants to be the #stinkygirl in their class (or office, or house)! So, I rounded up all of the deodorants that I could get my hands on (actually that I could afford), and put them to the test. I wore these bad boys hiking, to workout, at night, all day and tested every reasonable variable that one can imagine! I loved some, didn’t love some, and would like to see some take a different consistency. Head to the link in my bio 👆 for the final results of my testings!!
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Did you see @dir@dirtyboysgetclean selection? We’re so honored to be here 😘💚🌿 @dirtyboysgetclean Good morning! I want to know what items you all want me to test. If you’re curious about something drop a comment so I know what to test out next! I’ve been testing out this deodorant that @meowmeowtweet sent to me, (available at @target ) and it’s so good! Really impressed with its performance (no odor, no wetness, no irritation). Do you have a favorite deodorant? • @sundayforevernyc @belifusa @dermalogica @tan_luxe @sigilscent @aveseena @velvetreport @nightshiftwaxco @sachajuan @captainblankenship @sailorbycb @glo@glossier @balibody @caudalie @drunkelephantskincare @glossier @freshbeauty @paparecipe_official_us @briogeo @katesomervilleskincare#beauty #bblogger #itgtopshelfie #makeup #skincare #dirtyboysgetclean #shelfie #pink #glossier #drunkelephant #balibody #caudalie #katesomerville #herbivorebotanicals #freshbeauty #captainblankenship #target #sachajuan #dermalogica #briogeo #tanluxe #sigilscent #meowmeowtweet #paparecipe #lifestyle #glowingskin #selflove
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Good morning! I want to know what items you all want me to test. If you’re curious about something drop a comment so I know what to test out next! I’ve been testing out this deodorant that @meowmeowtweet sent to me, (available at @target ) and it’s so good! Really impressed with its performance (no odor, no wetness, no irritation). Do you have a favorite deodorant? • @sundayforevernyc @belifusa @dermalogica @tan_luxe @sigilscent @aveseena @velvetreport @nightshiftwaxco @sachajuan @captainblankenship @sailorbycb @glo@glossier @balibody @caudalie @drunkelephantskincare @glossier @freshbeauty @paparecipe_official_us @briogeo @katesomervilleskincare#beauty #bblogger #itgtopshelfie #makeup #skincare #dirtyboysgetclean #shelfie #pink #glossier #drunkelephant #balibody #caudalie #katesomerville #herbivorebotanicals #freshbeauty #captainblankenship #target #sachajuan #dermalogica #briogeo #tanluxe #sigilscent #meowmeowtweet #paparecipe #lifestyle #glowingskin #selflove
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Looking for ways to impress your Valentine? We've got you covered! Shop unique gift ideas via link in bio 📲 💖
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Plastic free deodorant finds at Target. I bought the cardboard applicator in Eucalyptus Lemon. Can’t wait to give it a go. #meowmeowtweet #plasticfree #meowmeowtweetdeodorant
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How cute is this?? ❤️😘I found this new deodorant at target 🎯 is vegan and cruelty free plus you can take it anywhere since it's small. The packaging is so adorable since i love ❤️ cats 🐱 and I actually like it. I don't like wearing deodorant because it itches. But I don't have that problem with this one ☝️ hopefully you guys give it a try ..#vegan #veganmakeup #veganmakeupshare #crueltyfree #deodorant #beauty #maquillaje #maquillajevegano #wakeupandmakeup #meowmeowtweet #catlovers #target
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DEODORANT | WHY WE CHOOSE @meo@meowmeowtweet. It works (duh) and we've tried too many natural deodorants in our time so have had our fair share of flops 👃🏻😂. AND it doesn't contain bicarb/baking soda like many natural versions do. We'd rather avoid stocking any with baking soda to avoid potential reactions occurring because many people find they develop rashes & itching and we don't want that to happen to you. We care about every ingredient in a product and are committed to carrying the safest and cleanest 💕💕. We carry the stick in grapefruit and the pastes in grapefruit and lavender (all baking soda free) 😋. 📷 @meowmeowtweet . . . . #cleanbeauty #cleanbeautyaustralia #cleanbeautymarket #cleanbeautyrevolution #meowmeowtweet #sephoraaus #meccacosmetica #beautyjunkie #cleanisthenewblack #goldcoast #visitbrisbane #goldcoastlifestyle
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I’m all about easily accessible green beauty, so when @target stocked their shelves with an assortment of new products several days ago, I knew I’d be trying them. . A fresh @meowmeowtweet deodorant couldn’t have come at a better time since I’m almost finished with my old one. This works so well to keep me smelling nice and it’s also baking soda free! I am currently using the lavender scent so now I’m excited to test out the grapefruit one. . I also found several @sailorbycb products so I thought I’d give the Sea Splash Face Cleanser a go. I’ll keep you updated!
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We like polka dots… but not on our faces! Enter Meow Meow Tweet's spot serum. A powerhouse of organic essential oils, it discourages bacteria growth and combats blemishes. Suspended in jojoba oil, known for it’s similarity to the skin’s own sebum, this handy roll-on is the perfect solution to stop blemish growth, or shrink and heal existing spots ⭐⠀ ⠀ 📷: @meowmeowtweet ⠀ ⠀ 👉To shop, follow the link in bio!👈
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I searched high and low for a natural deodorant that worked for me. I finally found one that has held up even through a sweaty Barre class. Thank you @handandland for the suggestion! Photo Regram:@meowmeowtweet#meowmeowtweet#thisstuffreallyworks#handandland#naturaldeodorant
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Meow Meow Tweet's Grapefruit Baking Soda Free deodorant stick is downright fresh! Baking soda: love it, hate it, in a part-time relationship with it? For those less enthused fans, this stick’s for you! 💕⠀ ⠀ 📷: @meowmeowtweet ⠀ ⠀ 👉To shop, follow the link in bio!👈
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‘I wish the camera could smell my armpits. Dude, mine smell good.’ ~Ryan Ross 😂 What’s your underarm preference? #meowmeowtweet #aunaturale #armpitprimer
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@barefootbeautynails is a one-stop-shop for all your green beauty needs with a beautifully curated selection of natural products including @meowmeowtweet #greenbeauty #barefootbeauty #natural #naturaldeodorant #meowmeowtweet #nailsalon #claythornephotography
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Épisode 2 avec ma commande chez Letizia @sonaturalbeauty 💕💕💕 * A défaut d'avoir du soleil dehors, il y en aura dans ma salle de bain 😁😁 * 🌞body scrub sweet orange papaya et body oil sweet orange néroli @meowmeowtweet 🌞mermaid mask @leahlaniskincare 🌞savon plumeria @kopakauai 🌞body oil tropical @livinglibations 🌞vernis mister pookies @ailacosmetics * Comme d'hab, qui a testé quoi et qu'en pensez-vous??? * Bon week-end💋 * #instabeauty #beauty #beautyaddict #instahaul #haul #commande #sonaturalbeauty #green #greenbeauty #beautygreen #greenaddict #greencommunity #beautycommunity #meowmeowtweet #lea#leahlanicare #leahlani #kopakauai #livinglibations #body #skincare #vernis
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Meow Meow Tweet at Target!! #meowmeowtweet @meowmeowtweet
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NEW! You can now buy and email gift cards right from our website These gift cards can be used for any Chiropractic, Reiki, Facials, Waxing, and Threading services! Even all products count as well!!! Easy, eco friendly and simple! ❤️❤️❤️#truehealingskinandspine #org#organicskincare #chiropractic #greenbeauty #laurelwholeplantorganics #meowmeowtweet #organicskincare #chiropracticadjustment #reiki #redlands #inlandempire
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Some of our favourite deodorants 😍 Aluminum, paraben, petrochemical, and toxin-free 🌿 Plus they smell awesome, come in baking soda-free options, and actually work 😀 . . . #barefootbeauty #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #toxinfree #betterforyou #organicbeauty #organicskincare #ecofriendly #naturalskincare #meowmeowtweet #mabrookco
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Do you know where the name Meow Meow Tweet comes from? #meowmeowtweet
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🌿Loving this @meowmeowtweet deodorant!! It’s effective and pretty much #plasticfree - it comes in a jar, with a metal lid, but it does have a seal under the lid. It’s a great alternative for the folks who don’t always have time for DIY projects, or interest in DIY for that matter. 🌿I also love that it doesn’t have baking soda, so my sensitive underarms are good to go! I will be checking out their other products for sure. Do you use Meow Meow Tweet products? What do you recommend? Share below! 👇 #notanad #doedorant #zerowastedeodorant #meowmeowtweet #bakingsodafree #ilovejars 💚#mindfullysustainable
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Another clean deodorant option in the shop, @meowmeowtweet Tea Tree deodorant cream. Safe, clean, effective, and leaves you smelling good all day! . Organic plant oils and shea butter to soothe skin. Baking soda, arrowroot and clay to help keep you dry. Aromatic essential oils to help combat bacteria and control odor. . Also, it’s one of @taylorbrrrrger favorites!
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The search for a good, baking soda-free deodorant is pretty difficult. The search for a good, zero waste, baking soda-free deodorant is near impossible. But, friends, I’ve done the work for you and tested out this one which checks all the boxes. Irritation free ✔️ Subtle scent ✔️ Safer ingredients ✔️ Easy application ✔️ Compostable tube ✔️ Cute label ✔️ Actually keeps me stink free! ✔️ And while my powder supplement bin keeps growing, my medicine cabinet stays organized with just one multivitamin. I’ve been using this one, exclusively, for over a year, and it makes my plant-based, minimalist heart happy ❤️
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So far, this is the BEST deodorant I’ve ever tried! Conventional deodorants are filled with so many chemicals and toxins that are linked to breast cancer, and since your lymph nodes are in your underarms, every swipe raises your chances of developing it. . This one from @meowmeowtweet has worked so well for me in terms and dryness and smell, is completely natural, and comes in plastic-free packaging! . . #greenbeauty #naturalbeauty #cleanbeauty #organic #organicskincare #nontoxicbeauty #veganbeauty #crueltyfree #crueltyfreeskincare #meowmeowtweet #thedetoxmarket #fairtradebeauty #theholisticbella #greenbeautyjourney
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have y’all tried @meowmeowtweet products yet?!? so. so. sooo amazing. And how CUTE ARE THE BOXES?? 🦄🐱my go to’s are the charcoal/tea tree facial bar, avocado shampoo bar, & lavender deodorant stick (and after many miserably failed attempts at making my own deodorant the stick is life altering and seriously WERKS) not an ad, just a #1 fan here! #favoritesustainableproducts
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Starting off the morning with these products 💪🏽 🔮Cleanse with @pinkandgreenskincare One balm*, first impressions are very positive😻 🔮Second cleanse with @labellafigurabeauty Gentle Enzyme Cleanser 🔮Treat my undereyes with @may@mayachiabeauty The eye achiever👀 🔮Using my all mighty @mayachiabeauty The super couple face serum 🔮To quickly freshen up my hair I used the @rahuabeauty Voluminous dry shampoo 🔮As a deodorant the @meowmeowtweet baking soda free* version has been realy pleasing me lately💖 • • *products were kindly gifted, thank you very much🙏 • • #greenbeauty #organic #natural #skincare #bodycare #cosmetics #crueltyfree #luxury #greenbblogger #ecochic #naturalbeauty #pure #metime #healthylife #cleanbeauty #skinfood #ecobeauty #greencommunity #holisticskincare #skincareobsessed #labellafigura #meowmeowtweet #pinkandgreenskincare #mayachia #mayachiabeauty #rahuabeauty
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My favourite deodorant ever! I’ve tried so many and this is the one I keep coming back to. It’s a bit expensive, but when you consider quality ingredients and the fact that you use so little for good effect, it’s well worth the price. Going from an antiperspirant to deodorant was a hard transition for me, but one I’m glad I made. #cleanalternative #meowmeowtweet #smellsdelicious #reusablejar #greenbeauty #deodorant #natural #greenskincare #nontoxic
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After months of experimenting with deodorant options, I am so thrilled to have finally found a #zerowaste solution that I’m happy with! I’ve used Tom’s of Maine, which kind of worked but still came in plastic. I made my own a couple of times but had underarm discoloration or needed to constantly reapply. @meowmeowtweet smells amazing, makes my armpits happy, and comes in cardboard. 2 weeks in and totally loving it. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
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Been on the hunt for a natural deodorant⚰️Found an awesome one but it was dry and abrasive. @meowmeowtweet deodorants f’n RULE, holy smokes! It’s been hard to find and transition to cruelty-free skincare so wanted to sample it all. Like with any brand, some killed, others not so much but def will purchase again (esp the deodorant, repair balm, lip balm, and face oil 💣). Love brands like this so much that not only perform but are natural, friendly to Mother Nature and her innocent creatures ❤️😻❤️ #meow #meowmeowtweet #crueltyfree #vegan #motd #ootd #deodorant #caturday #nof#nofilter #makeup #skincare #nofilter #fairtrade #glutenfree #mua #nyc #wakeupandmakeup
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It's so excited to see my beloved cats contuine expanding as you and me can soon start seeing the cats at your local target stores . I love my deodortant and its exciting that now my favorite everyday products can be found where I do my local house shopping. Congrats @meowmeowtweet !! #greenbeautyblogger #ecoliving #meowmeowtweet #greenproducts #greenliving #veganbeauty
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Mountain getaway skincare edit! 🏔️ Spy any favorites? Short trips are always the perfect opportunity to use samples and minis I've been wanting to try! 😍
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2018 & I'm finally making the switch. I figured winter was the best time to start, so let's see how this trial and error process plays out. #Beauty #CleanBeauty #NaturalDeodorant #CredoBeauty #NewYork #Wellness #MeowMeowTweet
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B A C K I N S T O C K - Meow Meow Tweet's Grapefruit Baking Soda Free Deodorant stick is now back in stock!⠀ ⠀ Meow Meow Tweet's tried and true dream team of potent plant oils and mineral powders with a sweet citrusy Grapefruit scent in a convenient push-up paper tube. No more fingers and B.S. woes! 🍊🍊🍊⠀ ⠀ 👉To shop, follow the link in bio!👈⠀ ⠀ 📷: @jessoshii
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YES!!! 🙌🏼 @meowmeowtweet is going to be available @target !!! 🎯 I love their BS-free grapefruit deodorant and their underarm primer - they’re the only green deodorant products that work for me! You can go onto Meow Meow Tweet’s website and see if they will be available near you (under Store Locator) #greenskincare #greenbeauty #meowmeowtweet #meowmeowtweetdeodorant #nontoxic
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Knock knock ... 😻😻😻 #knockingatmywindow #meowmeowtweet
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The folks at @meowmeowtweet know you need something that won't irritate your underarms and works for the whole day. Their Lavender Bergamot #Deodorant Stick fits the bill, with skin conditioning, organic plant oils and butters to moisturize and soothe even the most #sensitiveskin.
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