From all of your students, clients, and followers at Impact Deliverance Center in Lake Mary, Florida we want to say, Congratulations to Prophetess Paula on 22 years of full time ministry in all of North America. We are so proud of you for staying committed and faithful to the work of God. May God continue to bless you and strengthen you in the years ahead. #ministrylife #destiny #purpisedriven #faithfulness #committment #committed #fulltimeministry #travellingthroughtheworld #northamerica #ministering #deliveranceministry #counseling #speakingengagements #availabletospeak #bookyourappointment #seminars #schoolofdeliverance #coachingmentoringtraining #mentoringprogram #marriagecoaching #relationshipstrategies #marketing
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According to the author, for the past 20 years in the church world and in the business world, so many great marriages and families have fallen apart. Leaders have failed to give their followers and supporters a closure on what really happened in the marriage. Especially in the church world many are left hanging and hurting because, they have lost trust. A pastor’s wife, the author is the first to bring out a true, open, honest and transparent story, letting her readers know why and how her own marriage fell apart. She believes that healing must take place in the lives of God’s people. Closure is very important for one to move forward. Order your copy today at #booklovers #bookreaders #authentic #author #speaker #relationshipcoaching #lifecoach #men#mentoringwomen #mentor #mentoringmatters #marriagehurts #marriagetraining #marriagecoaching #marriageproblems #relationshipmistakes #marriagecounseling #divorce #divorcecourt #mar#marketingtegy #marketing
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Society has made the woman responsible for HIS success, when all we really want (me in particular), is to cover what's vital. THOUGHTS? 👀
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Baetorious and I are LONG OVERDUE for a trip. WHERE SHOULD WE GO?
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Your marriage is built on sharing with each other ... The more you hone in on and focus on some area that you feel you’d like to see change for the better the more in tune and in line your own thoughts will move towards that goal. So that the more intent you are on seeing change and working at it the more your spouse will see it in you too and will be challenged in their own right to work towards the same. Your spouse will be wanting a “better marriage” as much as you – they may not always articulate it but if you love each other, don’t doubt that the will and volition is there. Learn to try and share your thoughts and wishes for how you might like things to be, try and share these with your spouse and work at trying to build on these together – learn to listen to your spouse’s viewpoint on the matter – you are two sides of the same coin, so your spouse might just have some ideas that you didn’t think of, which might even prove to be quite good ...... 😜
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Here's why marriage is significant to healing Adrenal Fatigue (or any other health issues). • The health of your relationship with someone you share your life with is everything. • For so many reasons. If your love is strained, tense, emotionally harmful, disconnected, or unsupportive this is going to impact your stress levels, and eventually your health. • But healing the relationship starts with YOU. Be the leader and take ownership of creating a new connection, new agreements, and have courage to speak up and have the difficult conversations. • Here are some resources to get you started. • Podcast episodes 55, 57, 58, 60, 64, 66 are all on the subject of marriage and healthy love. • You can also follow my new account @theawakenedmarriage • Need some support or guidance to heal your marriage and create a healing connection? DM me, or book an Awakened Marriage consult (link is in bio).
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You find out SO MUCH about people by the way they treat others. Pay attention. 🖤
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I mean, we have family and friends with opinions. How do we deal?? #fbowpodcast #linkabove
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It takes two emotionally intelligent and self aware people to create a healthy, safe and growth oriented relationship.
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Semakin cepat kita menyadari hal ini, semakin lama kita bisa menikmati pernikahan. #marriage101 #kelasnikah #ahokcerai #katakanputus #marriagecoaching #pembelajarhidup
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Semoga 4 tanda hubungan yg buruk ini tidak dimiliki oleh rumah tangga Anda #ahokcerai #marriage #keluargaharmonis #nikahbahagia #marriagecoaching #pembelajarhidup
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Let your spouse know / notice that you are willing to forego “victory” to rather have harmony …sometimes winning comes at a cost and the cost is normally at your spouse’s loss….. and may not be worth the “empty victory”... If you were asked to name three areas where you and your spouse disagree, you’d likely be able to do it without thinking very hard.  You might even be able to produce a top ten list if given a few more minutes.  And sadly, unless someone at your house starts doing some giving in, these same issues are going to keep popping up between you and your mate.  Unfortunately, stubbornness comes as a standard feature on both husband and wife models.  Defending your rights and opinions is a foundational part of your nature and make-up.  It’s detrimental, though, inside a marriage relationship, and it steals away time and productivity.  It can also cause great frustration for both of you. Granted, being stubborn is not always bad.  Some things are worth standing up for and protecting.  Our priorities, morals, and obedience to God should be guarded with great effort.  But too often we debate over piddling things, like the color of wall paint or the choice of restaurants. All it takes for your present arguments to continue is for both of you to stay entrenched and unbending.  But the very moment one of you says, “I’m willing to go your way on this one,” the argument will be over.  And though the follow-through may cost you some pride and discomfort, you have made a loving, lasting investment in your marriage. “Yes, but then I’ll look foolish. “I’ll lose the fight.  I’ll lose control.” You’ve already looked foolish by being bull-headed and refusing to listen.  You’ve already lost the fight by making this issue more important than your marriage and your spouse’s sense of worth.  You may have already lost emotional control by saying things that got personal and hurt your mate.  The wise and loving thing to do is to start approaching your disagreements with a willingness to NOT ALWAYS insist on your own way.
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Go and take a long peak 👀👀 at my website: (Link in bio) For those of you who don’t know who I am. My name is Tamron Little I am a Marriage and Life Mentor; who provides mentor services to my clients, which helps them overcome obstacles so they can have a successful marriage and an even better life! Im the first one ☝🏽to know that marriage isn’t perfect nor is it easy but with the right attitude and tools in place you can obtain success in your marriage! As a licensed Minister, Wife, and Mother of four children I bring a hefty dose of my experience to help you excel and live out your propose in life! You may fall in any categories whether it be you need help in your marriage with communication, faithfulness, trusting or you need someone to help you with some rough spots in life, allow me to help you and be your Mentor! I have several options to choose from for my mentoring programs. From a 1 month to a 3 month and even mini sessions! So go ahead take that first step to getting on track and sign up today! #lifementor #lifementoring #marriagementor #marriage365 #nuturingmarriages #helpforyou #helpformarriages #tamron
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The holidays can get hectic. Be gentle. #marriagegoals #marriagecoaching
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It's Not Coming. It' Here. 🎉 No fluff Marriage Strengthening Goodies without private coaching investment! Goodie bag in bio! 🎁
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What are you going to do differently in 2018 to cultivate more loving relationships? Or what are you going to keep doing!? Share below!
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This week is all about laughter!!! Every relationship has it’s ups and downs... it’s all what you make it out to be ...Have fun, be open, and enjoy each other!!! #havefun #beopen #datenight #fun #laughter #smile #share #marriage #relationshipgoals #beyourself #goout #randomfun #love #marriagecoach #marriagecoaching #lifecoach #mentor #mentordaily #realmarriage #purefun #findjoy #actsillytogether #dance #danceoften
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Praying that each and every one of you have a Merry Christmas! #jesusisthereasonfortheseason #Christmas2018 #joytotheworld #peace #blessings #love #loveharder #marriagecoaching
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Whatever you’re celebrating this holiday season, I hope you’re sharing it with someone special. ❤️🎄
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9 days until the launch of!  We are excited to encourage healthy, happy marriages with our Relationship Coaching! After 16 years (& counting) together, we have some secrets to being Married Besties 😉 those tips and more Coming soon...9 days!#marriedbesties #relationshipkeys #whenbffisbae #relationshipcoaching #willandjada #bettertogether #marriagecoaching #relationshipworkshop #loversoflove
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The next week is going to fly bye between traveling or perhaps your family is visiting you, parties and holiday events and traditions. Remember to stop and appreciate your partner. #MakeLoveLast
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Check out the blog for my latest #MidDayLoveBreak!
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Link in bio💕💕💕💕 luv blogging my thoughts and ideas on differ topic! Check out my blog spot! Let’s chat about it! #letstalkaboutit #blog #blogspot #blogger #bloginfluencer #influencer #marriageinfluencer #healthylifestyle #healthymarriage #marriagecoach #marriagecoaching #lifecoaxh #dailymentor
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Working with a spouse can be both incredibly fulfilling and super challenging. For example, I love working with Jonny and couldn't imagine creating a Turning Life Gold retreat with anyone else. And, we've totally had our challenges by working together as well.⠀ --⠀ One of my best tips for couples who work together is to create really clear agreements with one another for what each person's role is, when is the best time to be talking about work (for example, talking about work projects at dinner time/in bed, etc. is not ideal and totally takes the romance out of your partnership), and what your intentions are for each work meeting that you are having together. ⠀ --⠀ When we hold expectations with one another (instead of creating really clear agreements) that is when fights can break out. It's happened to us more than once, and we have started to learn super quickly that we need to be creating agreements with one another, instead of expecting each other to do certain things. Because when we expect these things, and then they don't happen, we are left with what @christinehassler calls an #expectationhangover. And those are not fun.⠀ --⠀ I remember when Jonny and I first started talking about what it would look like if he joined forces with me and at first I was super nervous about what it all meant. But overall, working with Jonny has been one of my favorite things about my business as it has brought it so much love, he pushes me to be even better, and most of the time he holds space for me like a champ...even when I'm crabby 😉 --⠀ Do you work with your spouse? If so, what have been some of the biggest lessons that you have learned along the way? 📸: @joshbeecherphoto
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Are you! Contact me for your Free Coaching Session this month! Let’s work on it together!!! #dailymentor #lifecoach #lifecoaching #marriagecoach #marriagecoaching #coach #marriagetalk #freesession #freecoachingsession
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💕💕💕💕😀😀😀😀Look back on tools that help us grow !! Lets do the work! Check it out ! #youtuber #youtubechannel #motovation #dailymentor #coach #marriageproblems #marriagecoaching
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Start your #NewYear off right! Schedule a #FREE 15 minute phone consult with me so we can hit the ground running in January! Visit to schedule!
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Happy Monday #LoveGeeks! Just a friendly reminder that communication isn’t all about talking— make sure you’re really listening to what others are saying!
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Emotions run high during the holidays. How do you #PlayFair in times of high stress in your relationship?
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It’s getting to the time of year where everyone is making resolutions. I challenge you to make 3 wishes for your relationship in 2018! What do you want to change, improve on or keep doing?!
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There are many ways to create intimacy between you and your love. Here are a few you can implement TODAY to feel closer to them - #1 - Physical Intimacy. Every morning when I get up I head into the family room to see Allison. She usually gets up earlier than me because she has a morning routine she likes to do, so when I walk into the room she’s there waiting. We have an unspoken agreement that we hug first thing. It is a long embrace when we both breathe each other in and know that whatever happens that day we’ll be ok because we have each other. How can you create physical intimacy today? #2 - Emotional Intimacy. Allison and I love the show “This is Us”! If you haven’t seen it you need to run, not walk and watch it now. There’s something to be said for both of us to be experiencing our own interpretations of what the stories mean to us, but share them together in a raw and vulnerable way. How can you create emotional intimacy today? #3 - Spiritual Intimacy. Allison and I love to read together. Right now we’re reading “Thank & Grow Rich” by Pam Grout and completing the daily gratitude exercises. We love sharing our daily blessings with each other and talking about the things we’re grateful for. Nothing feels better than when Allison tells me she’s grateful for me because I listen to her incessant talking and still respond thoughtfully ♥ How can you create spiritual intimacy today?
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Find me a happily married couple who would trade places with a happily single person. Hard to find, yes? ♥️💍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 That's the power of romantic partnership. It's not like loving your girlfriends, your cat or your job. It's something way bigger, way deeper and way more expansive. It's about feeling 100% mortal, 100% imperfect and yet being loved and accepted in the presence of another human being. It's about seeing parts of each other that are not rosy, not exciting, not appealing. It's about slogging together through to-do-lists, lying in bed tired at night, sometimes too tired to even talk, it's about taking responsibility for being in this life together. And it's about loving each other through it all in a fierce and fundamental way. A healthy, happy romantic partnership is the closest you come to experiencing bliss on earth - there is nothing like it on the planet. 🙌🧚‍♂️♥️ And that's the kind of partnership I help amazing, strong, single women to create, every single day ! It is my zone of genius and I feel so blessed to be a medium of creating more love in the world! With over 85 engagements in the last 2 years, and 6 Wunder love babies on the way, we have ALOT to celebrate 😍 Come join me on my private dating and relationship support group Wunder Divas to learn the love skills that work and turn around the lives of thousands of women (Link in bio ) ♥️#dating #datingcoach #marriagecoach #marriagecoaching #ring #engagementring #proposal #love #lov#lovecoach #beingmarried #samiwunder #wunderdivas #partnership #relationshipgoals #relationshipexpert #loveadvice #onlinecoaching #expert #lovecoach #understandingmen #understandingrelationships
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Ahhh!!! I’m so excited! I can’t believe it’s been two years! I can’t believe what has been accomplished within those two years; marriage obstacle course events, a marriage devotional, a Wives conference, and countless marriages restored! My God is AWESOME! Thank you to my amazing followers and supporters. Your testimonies and words of encouragement inspire me more than you will ever know! I can’t wait to share with you all what 2018 will hold! #equippingmarriagestowin #prayhard #loveharder #marriagecoaching
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What’s the real reason you’re avoiding sex with your partner?
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Our Deliverance Counseling & Empowerment Mentoring Program will enable you to overcome blocked communication, faulty remedies and past failures restoring a happy marriage relationship. Our program is design for those seeking Deliverance and Inner-Healing within the marriage from personal bondage’s. Contact us Today: #marriagequotes #marriageproblems #marriagehurts #relationproblems #healingthehurting #healingformarriages #marriagecoaching #marriagetraining #mentoringprogram #mentoringmatters #see#seekinghelpyaddiction #prayerformarriage #deliverancecounseling #deliveranceministry #sortingoutproblems #dealingwithproblems #seekinghelp #rebuildingrelationships
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