Thoughts on #Marchesa failing as a result of #harveyweinstein’s indiscretions? His wife, #GeorginaChapman is founder of Marchesa and may lose everything she’s built over the past decade. Would you buy Marchesa now that you know what you do? #CurrentEvents #Fas#Fashiones #Morals #Consequences #FashionEthics #Film #Fashion #RedCarpet #YouAreWhatYouWear
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🌿Endless romance at the @marchesafashion presentation!
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Airy whites + pops of pink florals at the @marchesafashion Notte #fw2018 presentation 🌸
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Behind the scenes of the #fw18nottebridal presentation! Shop your dream dress @lovelybride New York October 20th - 22nd! #marchesa #marchesabridal @georginachapmanmarchesa @kerencraigmarchesa
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I still can't believe I was apart of this incredible moment • • • #marchesa #marchesafashion #marchesagirls #new#newyorkfashionweek #ss2018 #fash #fashionaddict #fashionblogger #fashionintern #newyork
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Of course #kardashians made news this October but could any of them have #juliaroberts instyle pink #sunglasses as seen this weekend at #Oprah party 🎉 very in love with #dannymoder ? Look 👀 at Julia classy way of being always elegant / a real #calzedonia representant / as for Kardashians #help would sing 🎶 #paulmccartney in Brazil / Julia slammed #theweinsteincompany showing that not all "vivians" are for sale only in movies and if #richardgere brings you a 🌹 / #jamescorden don't steal my joke / #savethelastpopcornforme
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#marchesa 😻
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This.🎀 When I saw this exquisite confection coming down the runway, there was so much going on in my mind and in my heart! First of all, I would like one in every color possible! Thank you very much! I sketched something like this last year I think....if you look further down you’ll find it. I was getting ready to go back to fashion design and this was going to be my “Chanel suit”....or my “DVF wrap dress”....My signature look! A full lace suit with floral and ribbon cuffs and a giant flower brooch @innamorattas.petales But...I couldn’t pull it off. It wasn’t time. I even had my own...something I made the year before...not the full look but an earlier evolution. Sometimes when we see something that we’ve thought about come to life in someone else’s world, it’s easy to feel disappointed. The feeling of...”why didn’t I just do it when I thought about it???!!!” I have a completely different angle. I think....there’s a pool of beautiful ideas in the heart of God, The Universe, The Muse...whatever you would like to call it. And we all have unconditional access to this source. When I see an idea that I could have had come to life, it’s affirmation that I’m connected!!! I’m connected to the source that Marchesa, Chanel and all the great designers are connected to! Also....connected to the source that Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe and all the great artists are connected to. When it’s time, and if it’s meant to be, and if it’s for me, then it’ll happen. And it will be beautiful. And if it’s not meant to be, that will be beautiful too!🎀 @marchesafashion For now, drawing and painting is my happy happy place! Right where my heart wants to be. I get to enjoy all this beauty through my art! And I’m so grateful! I hope this inspires someone.😇 Pictures of me taken by my Angel Bride @feminin_grace 💗🎀💗
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And off to the met ball we incredible dress in the making at #marchesa
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All in the incredible detail of #marchesa ss18
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