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"You're swimming in the deep ocean with no life raft You're just swimming and swimming, And you just cant reach the shore Feeling like any second you'll drown" - what my mental illness feels like, written by my mother. •📷: @aimericgmv
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The magic is very close! ————————————————————————You still get a chance to sign up for the most creative and unique Christmas photoshoot ❄️🎄👨‍👩‍👦‍👦for you and your kids. Book a session: 📱1(347)218-3202. Ph @sergey_mayboga
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I love the amazing look that Mom put together for the Shoot.
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Loved photographing these gorgeous kids in the west village #nyc
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Holiday birthday session. #oneyear old #holidays#birthday#littleny . . . www.littlenewyorkphotography.com
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Snowy days
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A final favorite from my recent session with this lovely mother & son duo in bay ridge! It's not too late to get your family/holiday sessions booked! DM or email me directly for a quote! Merry Christmas ☃🌲🤓
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Started the day with coffee and messages from worried friends. So sad that we have to worry about such things when all we want to do is enjoy life with the ones we love. Life is a gift, enjoy it with those most precious to you 💕
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Four years ago this amazingly sweet and very strong soul came into our lives. And I am forever changed in the best possible ways #alanadavisphotography
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Took my friends to Coney Island yesterday. ❤️
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Even though it was so cold out, I so enjoyed going Christmas tree hunting with this cutie & his mom & dad!! #alanadavisphotography
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Детские фотографии вызывают массу положительных эмоций. Фотографии детей нравятся всем. И фотографировать детей очень интересно. Детская фотосессия превращается в совершенно, порой, непредсказуемый процесс. Дело в том, что дети при фотографировании не умеют фальшивить, их чувства всегда неподдельны, искренни. Радуются, грустят, смеются и плачут они всегда только по-настоящему. Их эмоции живы, естественны. И именно это и делает детские фотографии искренними. Ловить и сохранять такие моменты всегда приятно 😇📸. ————————————————————————You still get a chance to sign up for the most creative and unique Christmas photoshoot ❄️🎄👨‍👩‍👦‍👦for you and your kids. Book a session: 📱1(347)218-3202. Ph @sergey_mayboga
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Brooklyn has some of the most awesome backdrops. We had so much fun exploring Dumbo with one of our fave families!! ⠀ NYC Fresh & Modern Family Photography www.michaelkormos.com⠀
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Love,Laugh and Happy tears!What a wonderful baby shower! Amazing friends, exquisite and healthy food!❤️🤰🏻😃Congratulations Ildi!!!!
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First snow of the season is already in the books... And winter wedding season is allowing down a bit. Amazingly today I'm photographing a small wedding in NJ. Stay warm and enjoy this time of the year! #angelacardenasphotography . . . . . . credits: workshop- @njsparkco blog- @redoakweddings Photographer- @angela.cardenas florist- @kp_designsfloral tables + chairs- @beyondthebarnrentals invites- @bellacartaboutique hair + makeup- @ncbridalstyling calligraphy signs- @pennedbyalice jewelry- @lpriorijewelry bouquet ribbon- @honeysilksco dresses- @renttherunway videographer- @tonemedia #ignite #bridal #styledshoot #igniteworkshop2017 #photooftheday #njsparkco #potd #thesnapsocietydailyfav #paw#paweddingographer #pawedding #nycweddingphotographer #nyphotographer #photobugcommunity #brooklynphotographer #nycphotographer #married #queensphotographer #manhattanphotographer #instagood #instalove #win#winterwedding #winter #love
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Hello, everyone!!! Meet my baby, Merle. We adopted him around May 2016, he was 3 weeks old and near death. :( He was abandoned and found in the crawl space under a house. With a lot of love from our older female cat and our family, this little guy isn’t so little anymore! He’s still very shy and timid, but he definitely loves to get his picture taken. ♥️
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The memories of us live on through those we’ve touched. Our last breath is held in the stories those we’ve loved tell. Immortality lies in the whispers our loved ones share with one another. Live on, live long and love strong.
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Рождество – светлый, теплый и семейный праздник. Именно в Рождество хочется опять стать ребенком, верить в сказки, осуществлять мечты. 🎄❄️ Кто ещё не записался на мои съёмки?!). ————————————————————————You still get a chance to sign up for the most creative and unique Christmas photoshoot ❄️🎄👨‍👩‍👦‍👦for you and your kids. Book a session: 📱1(347)218-3202. Ph @sergey_mayboga
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Starting off with a fresh new Instagram. This will just be a spontaneous gram of my daily activities featuring my face 😘
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