It's graduation day in Stillwater, OK!! 🎉🎓
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If only all mornings could be like this 💙 #heartexplosions #mycookiemonsters #happysaturday
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✨We sure are lucky to live in such a gorgeous part of the world where fresh air and stunning views are never in short supply✨ . . . . #thisisqueensland #visitqld #visitqueensland #visitgoldcoast #verygc #beachdays #wanderlust #burleigh #lovelylittlesquares #our_everyday_moments #shf_mum #healthymums #mumfit #healthymindandbody #whfloves
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When Harper and Frankie met Casper 😊 @seanbennett30
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Nothing better than peaceful and sleepy Christmas nights with my favorite humans 😍😴🎄✨
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It's been alllll about Christmas around here the past few days. And I've been taking all the pictures. It was pajama day at school and we got to join in on brother's class party so both boys were decked out in Christmas jams. That little one is saying "ho ho" because he's wearing his Santa hat, of course. 🎅 . . . . . #raisingboys #boymom #uniteinmotherhood #momtogs #momswithcameras #motherhoodrising #dearphotographer #candidchildhood #kidsforreal #childphotographer #lifestylephotographer #photooftheday #childhoodunplugged #letthekids #letthembelittle #dailyparenting #thehappynow #lovelylittlesquares #ohheymama #summer #loveourbigkids #documentyourdays #Christmas #christmascrazy #hoho
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You better watch out, you better not cry... 🎶 Preparing for Santa 🎅🏻
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Let’s just say Logan likes reindeer more than Santa 😂. He also doesn’t like anyone holding him still. Swipe right to see more... #santa #santavisit #webelieve #cryingsantapic
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Another beaut day in Welly! ☀️ Happy Saturday everyone! ☀️
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Grandma @lupiramirez_ doesn’t know how to wait for Christmas to give gifts 😂
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THIS is why being positive is so damn exhausting. It isn't real and it isn't sustainable. Feeling everything is what's real, sitting with it and growing from there. Yesterday Havana and I had a really rough day. Like really rough. There were tears. Both of ours. I was soooo close to having a tanty and calling it a day but we pushed through and had a great night. Today I feel empowered. Why? Because I did it anyway. I sat in the uncomfortableness, I felt all the things and came through the other side. Being positive in order to be temporarily happy is suppressing your feelings and that my friends never ends well for anyone. RG @thugunicorn
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no bulb lights, no giant wreaths, just a simple bunch of greens hung by a red ribbon on the front door and the fluffiest flakes blanketing the ground every where we look. it’s been difficult—to say the least—having my anticipation and hopes of moving in before christmas dashed right and left. the more i have been reflecting on this and looking inward at my heart and what truly matters i have seen that i have become increasingly negative—full of complaints and frustration. so today, i bundled up my girls, took them out for brunch, blasted cheery christmas tunes on the way there as we watched the snow fall outside our windows. and we drove slow, for if i sped up even a wee bit the tires began to slip. and it was a perfect reminder to slow down, to quiet the negativity and frustration, to let joy in, to seek goodness, to celebrate life, to count my blessings.. there is darkness in this world. there is hurting like no other. there is defeat. there is loneliness. and then there is hope. friendship. healing. the warmest of hugs. catching snowflakes on tongues, plopping a fizzing bath bomb into a steaming hot bath, signing “i love you” to your first born and her signing back...there is still so much good.
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If you haven't checked out our online vintage section in a minute, now would be a good time ⏱! Our favorite kinds of closets are ones mixed with old and new ✨⠀ ⠀ Lots of new arrivals just dropped and we've discounted several items...because the Holidays 💕⠀ ⠀⠀ 📸: @dillongitano 😘
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We've always been on the look out for cream for Luca's eczema that gets worse during the winter time and we have found an amazing one! Totally recommend the eczema-prone skin line from @mustelausa for any of your littles who are in the same boat. Natural ingredients, too! 👏🏻 Happy weekend friends!!
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Wondering..... If a #vegan does #CrossFit, which do they talk about first⁉️ 😂😂 Love my vegan & CrossFit pals! Silly #fridayfeels because 10 more days ‘til Christmas 😜🎄 . . #friyay #vegans #veganhumor #botanicalpickmeup #lightinspired #simpleandstill #subjectlight #photosinbetween #pursuepretty #feelfreefeed
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I wonder...will your hair stay brown? Will it be blonde? What about your eyes? Grey? Hazel? Blue? Brown? ...I’m so excited to watch you grow into your own little person 💛
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Feeling cheery today after seeing my chiropractor for the 6th time since last Friday. 👵🏻🙌😂
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It’s been that sort of day ... not very Friyay for a number of reasons. Not Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows should sort it ... and wine always wine 🍷
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It’s no secret I’m a blue & white girl through and through, but I’ve found myself loving touches of emerald this season, too! I swoon over @prettysmitten’s gorgeous mantel! She’s absolutely #onetofollow! And I recently purchased a little green dress that you’ll see me wearing for the rest of the season! I linked it in my bio, but fingers crossed I feel well enough to photograph it styled this weekend! 🤞🏼 Hope y’all are having a great start to your Friday! 🌲💕
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This week has been a lesson in listening — listening to my body and listening to my baby. Sometimes that means feeding her every hour, other times it means every four hours. Sometimes we wake up at 7:00, sometimes 11:00. Sometimes it means putting her down, other times it means holding her all day. She knows what she needs, I only need to listen 💛
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Happy Friday sweet friends! Just wanted to pop in here and give y’all a shameless selfie and say heyyyy👋🏼 if we haven’t met my name is Courtnie (you can find more of my shenanigans over at @courtniewysong) I love coffee, and My sweet musician husband Tyler. If I’m ever lost, I’m not, just at Target 🙈😆 I love Jesus and try to be a kind human. My biggest passion in life is health and fitness and leading others to that place of freedom and walking through life with them every step of the way. What is one thing that you can not live without?? Besides Jesus obvi mine would be podcasts, what about you?? Happy #friyay 💕 #fridayintroductions #shamlessselfie
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I’ve always been a jeans girl, but these joggers are darn close to replacing my skinnies... and they’re currently 40% off (direct link on the blog under the shop tab) 🌟 #thisisann
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I just love painting temples. And the San Diego temple will always have a special place in my heart. 💗 #sandiegotemple
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Just a little girl..on her first birthday..eating cake for the first time 💗 Her little “mmm mmms” are now my most favourite sound in the world and i will treasure this moment for all of my precious little Lottie turning one whole year 💕 👉🏻 swipe to see the cutest video ever
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Christmas break is only a matter of hours away now & that means I get to finish up editing this engagement session!! (And also develop a normal sleep schedule... we'll see how that goes though)
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The definition of love knowing no bounds. The Yin to his Yang.
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11 days until Christmas!!!🎄And one more work day before we commence our staycation holiday extravaganza for the rest of 2017! 😁 #christmastime
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Well, this little place has certainly grown on me. When we relocated across the state I had my heart set on getting a little house on a little piece of land...and then I thought we found the perfect place but our offer didn't get accepted, even after some begging. Anyways, we ended up getting this little place just on the outskirts of town...and it's just exactly where we're supposed to be right now. 💙 . . . . . #raisingboys #boymom #uniteinmotherhood #momtogs #momswithcameras #motherhoodrising #dearphotographer #candidchildhood #kidsforreal #childphotographer #lifestylephotographer #photooftheday #childhoodunplugged #letthekids #letthembelittle #dailyparenting #thehappynow #lovelylittlesquares #ohheymama #summer #loveourbigkids #documentyourdays #Christmas #holiday #brothers #brotherlove #brotherhood
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This time last year I was in such a different place. I was burned out as a stay at home mom, trying to juggle school, a newborn, and Alec’s crazy schedule. I was burned out in my marriage, having no idea how to ask for what I needed or how to give anything to Alec. I was so preoccupied with THINGS...feeling like if I looked like I had it all together on the outside, I’d feel more complete inside. It took losing almost everything for me to realize that the only things I needed to make me feel whole were the three humans that make up my family. Today I found my Burberry watch that I lost right before we moved as i was searching for Pippin’s shoes. Losing the watch initially was immensely humbling for me as it’s worth the equivalent of my husband’s paycheck, which I don’t say to brag, but to highlight how obsessed I was with my style status & how horrible it was to lose. After finding it, I was reminded of the scripture about how God entrusts those with much who are trustworthy with little. I haven’t been a good steward & I haven’t been grateful. I’m so thankful for the chance this holiday season to refocus my energies and desires on spending quality time with my family & not on whether my husband bought me the Tiffany ring I’ve been lusting after. I’m kind of rambling now.. but I guess my point is, I love this watch. But from now on I look forward to it reminding me of how meaningless all these icons & symbols are & that the true value is found in loving the time spent with those close to our heart. Merry Christmas loves, may your holiday be full of joy & meaning.
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The way he whispers ‘papa’ makes my heart melt. ♥️ He never says it out loud for some reason. Too cute not to share. 😭😍
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Today was a day (you mamas know what I mean 🤦🏼‍♀️) but we are all snuggled in our pajamas and about to chow down on chocolate chips and mini marshmallows and drive around our neighborhood to look at the lights...which means in about five minutes I’ll forget all about the hard day and be crying hormonal mom tears of joy! 😭😂 #honestmotherhood
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It's been a fun Christmas season in the studio, I can't believe there are only a few days left for Christmas shopping! The last day to order from my shop in order to make sure your gifts are delivered in time to make it under your Christmas tree is this Saturday, December 16! I've got a handful of these acrylic ornaments left just waiting to be lettered on! [p.s. tomorrow I'll be sending out a special discount to all my email list subscribers! You can get in on the discount too by following the link in my profile and subscribing to the list!] .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ #silentnight #christmasgiftideas #tistheseason #customgift #cus#customornaments #customornament #etsyseller #etsygift #etsygifts #handlettered #lovelylittlesquares #abmlifeisbeautiful #abmchristmas #lovelysquares #cherisheverymoment #prettylittlething #ornaments #christmasornaments #makeitblissful #verilymoment #thatauthenticfeeling #creativityfound #livethelittlethings #customgifts #etsyshop #etsyhandmade
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We are finally starting to come out on the other side of this sickness. A bad cold, croup and an ear infection? My poor sweet girl. So thankful she’s feeling better and extra thankful that all of this didn’t happen over the holidays and her birthday... which by the way is only two weeks away! 😫🎈#sheisone
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Ever since I completely changed everything about my diet and then added in oils into life I’ve really started paying attention to ALL of my other personal care products. Like literally I had no idea what was in my products and really I didn’t think about it until I began to change other things in my health. If you told me a year ago I wouldn’t be wearing Mac, Urban Decay, and Benefit I would’ve laughed in your face because DO NOT take away our fave products right???! Call me crazy but I truly am impressed and obsessed with @savvymineralsmakeup Love the way it feels on my skin, love that I’m not disrupting my already crazy hormones even more, and love that it doesn’t break the bank because let’s be real we’ve all dropped $200-300 on replenishing our favorite things and I’m all about that #budget life! 🙌🏼 so ladies here’s my gut honest opinion YES it’s gooooood 😍❤️Gorgeous pic by @themodernessential #mineralmakeup #naturalbeauty
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Today on I’m recapping my day visiting @wsunionsquare! It was such a fun experience and I loved re-living it in this blog post! ♥️
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Never let go 💛 . . . I cried over the thought of your Daddy going back to work today. I never want the snuggles to end...but then I remembered how lucky we are to have him work from home. I guess tears aren’t necessary after all 🤣
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Me decorating my house for Jesus on Christmas
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Finally mailing our Christmas cards today. 📬 I’ve had them since November but was waiting for a few more addresses and wanted to mail them all at once 🤷🏼‍♀️ #merrychristmas #minted
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A little quiet time activity that usually gives me about 5 minutes to get some work done 😅
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Here’s to another four years! Congrats on your reenlistment Lucas ❤️
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We had a little photo shoot in front of our Christmas tree this morning and I think it’s safe to say Sadie loves Christmas - just like her mama! 😍🎄🎅🏼⛄️
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Since starting my small business a little over a year ago, the holidays have been a little different. A little more stressful, but a lot more meaningful. Gifts are my love language, and now I am thrilled to be able to share the impact of a thoughtful gift with so many others all across the country. Each gift I have shipped, hand- delivered, and given this year has given me so much joy, it’s indescribable. You have all given me the greatest gift of all, and that is to be able to do what I love every day. Every good day, bad day, and extra stressful day is worth it. It’s worth it for each excited email and text I receive saying your loved ones enjoyed their gifts. It’s worth it for each comment, direct message, and tag telling me how much you love what I do, that I inspire you, and that you support my dream. It’s worth it to be surrounded by this amazing community who I never would have found without taking that risk to just get started. From my small business and the bottom of my heart, happy holidays loves! ☺️❤️🎄 . . . . . #happyholidays #pursuepretty #smallbusinesslove #prettylittlethings #christmastime #holidayseason #makeyousmilestyle #lovelylittlesquares #keepsocialmediasocial #communityovercompetition #collaborationovercompetition #mycreativecommunity #girlboss #creativeentrepreneur #risingtidesociety #makersmovement #businesswithheart #businesswithpurpose #savvybusinessowner #creativeminds #passionproject #beingboss #calledtobecreative #whyhellolovelylife #createcultivate #creativepreneur #dowhatyoulove #curatedgifts #flashesofdelight
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I had this super fun idea to be a cool mom and let my kids play with the Christmas lights to do a photo shoot! To my surprise they weren’t too into it. Oliver kept running away and laying on the floor (poor dude isn’t feeling good), and Theo kept saying, “but mommy we aren’t supposed to touch the Christmas lights.” He is such a rule follower until he wants to break the rules.🤣 I tried, I tried! #honestmotherhood #buttheyaresocute #11daysuntilchristmas
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Plié Thursday. . When life gives you tulle. You just gotta slip on that tutu and dance dance dance! . #tbt Bella Rina @kel@kelsikendel our very first brand representative! 💕 . [cutie] @kelsikendel [featured] ballerina all-in-one
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[ S N E A K • P E E K ] Twinning with my Wild Mini💛🐻 Do you love to twin Mama’s? . . . Our Wild Twinning Collection will be live from January 2018🙌🙌🙌 Curious? Pre-order? Show your love? Feel free to get in touch with me😏😙😘 . . . . ➳  I spy… ‘Wild Mini’ Onesie  and ‘Wild Mama’ Shirt and 'Bandit, The Raccoon' Knee-High Socks #wildlittleshaheen #wildlittlemama . . . . . . . #vscobaby #vscokids#vscocam #thingsiwanttoremember #mot#motherofboys #mytinymoments #babyboy #motherofboys #simplychildren #clikinmoms #ohheymama #thehappynow #modernkids #modernbaby #scandibaby #scandikids #monochromebaby #monochromekids #momdotme #twinning #motherhoodthroughinstagram #magicofchildhood #littlepiecesofchildhood #lovelylittlesquares #mom_hub #livethelittlethings #holdthemoments
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Almosttt the weekend! This week was a tough one. Lack of sleep was at an all time high the last few days! I need to read up on sleep schedules from a well put together momma! If that's a such thing.😆 Ready for the kids basketball games and time with the hubby! Also, how do people get cute Christmas tree pics without an arm or a leg making an appearance?! 🎄 #momminainteasy #brothers #boy#boymom #boy#boymomlifeebestlife #boymomlife #christmastree #christmasdecor #lovelylittlesquares #mama #baby #boymom
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Work, clean the house & squeeze in some yoga while baby naps 〰️ OR 〰️ just hold her in my arms the entire duration of her nap in mommy-baby bliss because I know she won’t fit in my arms forever 😩 ....Definitely a hold her in my arms and cuddle her while she naps kind of day 💕 (I’ll be the one up at 11pm working, cleaning and attempting yoga tonight 🤦🏻‍♀️ Posting this photo in hopes to motivate 🧘🏻‍♀️) > > > Do you do the NAP TIME HUSTLE or the MIDNIGHT MADNESS SHIFT to get your sh*t done⁉️ . . #stopdropandmom #wahmlife #momlifeisthebestlife #yogaeveryday #homepractice #yogaathome #workathomemom #mylifeooo #abmhappylife #thehappynow #documentyourdays #lovingtheordinarymoments #mamablogger #yogablogger #onlineyoga
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