Downtown LA right before sunset🌅
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Last light in Santa Monica
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THINGS TO DO IN LA TODAY OCTOBER 17, 2017📆 1. [1 p.m.] Classic Horror Tuesday Matinees at LACMA will screen Mummy (1932) this Tuesday. 2. [7 p.m] The “Concrete” in Poetry and Art, a conversation at The Getty. FREE 3. [7 p.m.] Mr. C Beverly Hills extends their popular Poolside Cinema series into fall every Tuesday evening, from October 10 through November 21. Visit the gorgeous yacht-inspired pool deck where you’ll ensconce yourself in a lounge chair for a film and elevated bites under the stars. The series continues with a screening of The Princess Bride. 4. [7 p.m.] The Moth Storytelling Competition at Los Globos. Tonight’s theme is Discovery. Competitors will prepare a five-minute stories about unearthing truth. 5. [8 p.m.] The folks at Rooftop Cinema Club host two screenings at their rooftop locations. The Notebook at LEVEL in Downtown Los Angeles and The Shining at Montalban in Hollywood. 6. [8 p.m.] Runnin Down A Dream – A Tribute To Tom Petty at The Regent. 7. [8 p.m.] The Hollywood Roosevelt is hosting an “Endless Summer” ​Movie + Swim ​series every Tuesday night in October. Catch throwback films as you lounge by the David Hockney painted Tropicana Pool and enjoy a curated menu of food and drink offerings unique to each movie, this week it’s Labyrinth. All you need to do is rsvp to get in. 8. [8 p.m.] Stranger Things: The Musical Tribute at El Cid. DISCOUNTED (via Goldstar) 9. [8:30 p.m.] Harvelle’s Underground Comedy and Burlesque in Long Beach. DISCOUNTED (via Goldstar) 10. [various] Free admission days:  Los Angeles County Arboretum (note: the tram doesn’t run on this day), South Coast Botanic Garden and Descanso Gardens📰@welikela
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Perfect time for a selfie 😎
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#몸#몸무게공개 #WeightLossJournal 🤗 Since I do a lot of weight loss acupuncture on my patients they ask my weight, how to lose weight or maintain a specific weight like every single day in the clinic.. lol. I'm 5'6 and 120 pounds. I'm not skinny at all. I didn't want to share in the beginning because it's just a number. It's always #fluctuating. I used to be skinny and I gained a lot of weight (like 15-20 lbs) after moving to the US. I didn't know how to control my appetite and ate huge portions of food from family style restaurants. 🤣 I will start to upload how I control my appetite, diet, exercise, and my over all eating life style. I do enjoy eating and especially on the weekends 😅😆 (@foodwithluna) Stay tuned! #다이어트상담 환자분들 치료 할때마다 한의사 생활하면서 제일 많이 받는 질문 중 하나가 선생님 몇키로세요? 키는 어떻게 되세요? 이건데요... 이건 진짜 공유하기 어려웠던거라 망설이게 되다가 어렵게 얘기하게 되네요. 키는 171cm 이구요 몸무게는 54.5kg 입니다! #49키로 유지했었던 #모태마름 인줄 알고 있던 저에게 처음 미국 왔을때 #패밀리레스토랑 에서 주는 양 고대로 먹고 푹 찌웠지요... 거진 10kg 은 쪘던 것 같아요. 그리고 portion control, 운동 해서 빠지긴 했지만 49kg 까지는 안 빼고 싶어요... 그래서 54-55 Kg #유지어터 입니다 ! 전 지금 만족하고있구요. 더 빼면 제가 맥을 못잡아서... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (사실 남편도 더 빼지말라고.....🤣) . . 이쁜 #몸무게 라는건 없어요. 자신의 몸에 맞게 어떻게 코디하느냐에 따라도 달랐구요. 그리구 세상에 맛난음식이 넘 많은데 그걸 포기할순 없잖아요! #주말힐링 음식을 너무 좋아해서 food account (@foodwithluna) 까지 만들었으니까요 ㅋㅋ ( 먹고 #FoodBaby 😈 생기는게 취미) 그리구 주중에는 #건강식 #집밥🍚 먹을려고 노력합니(#HealthyMealPrep). . 다이어트, 운동, 라이프 스타일 더 원하시면 공유 차차 더 해드릴게요! 인친님들 댓글로 알려주시면 참고하겠습니다. (용기 내서 밝혀드린 거니까 응원많이쥬세용) . . 아 참 ! 가끔 제가 #PrivateAccount (#비공개 어카운트) 로 돌리는데 Block 한게 아니니까 인친님들 걱정하지마세요! 💕🙌 YouTube는 하려고 하다가 지금은 일단 저희 일에 집중하기로했어요.. 워낙 쑥스러움을 많이타기도하구요...😝나중에 기회가 잡히면 그때 다시 #유튜브 계정 살릴게용!
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