Mental pain can rule and ruin your life. It can fuck your relationships up along with your professional life. It can fuck with you so much it can cause you to take your own life. It's a serious problem. A couple of years ago I thought the most logical thing, the best thing for me and the people around me, was for me to kill myself. Any healthy person will tell you that's ludicrous but it happens. I thought it was my only option. I was just sick of the pain and I thought I was being a burden on everybody around me. Of course that last part wasn't true but when you're a dick to yourself it's hard to argue. But I did I fought and figured out what worked for me and what didn't (*spoiler* getting drunk shockingly did not help my recovery). It was a slow process and took years but bit by bit I got there. Now that I have my life back I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I hope that these posts and my blog posts will start to help people with their journey of recovery. ✌ & 💚. #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #help #getshitdone #liveyourlife #helpme #suicide #fuckthisshit #healing #mentalpain
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What I wanted wasn't the house🏡, but a chance for my kids to experience what I had when I was little👪. Have fun and do what they want💖 when they want to do it. Living in the center of Prague is beautiful & it was dream come true for 15 years🚀🎉. We're living a new dream now🌎 & I can't wait to show them the world & all the possibilities it offers. Build online business from your phone, make money online from home, our team will help you step by step. Start by clicking the link in the bio.
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~ •• WIZDOM WEDNESDAY •• >> MESSAGE 61 << { PASSION & ENERGY } 👇🏽 ~ • You MUST be PASSIONATE about what you do • You MUST carry HIGH ENERGY so others will be ATTRACTED to you • You MUST be making the MOST of your TIME here in life ~ Will you find your PASSION & ENERGY? Comment Below👇🏽
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Post workout meal includes my fruit, proteins, veggies, and carbs, all portioned out! • I LOVE fueling my body with healthy foods. It makes such a huge difference in how I feel and how much energy I have! • Happy Wednesday 💕
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. Waking up to see another day is a blessing. MAKE IT COUNT AND BE HAPPY .. 💖💕💗💓😘😘 Smoothies today ... Pink : guava, banana and mangofera kemanga/buah kemang Topping with guava rose and garnish with kiwi HAPPY WEDNESDAY #smo#thiessofig #veganstyle #fruitslover #familysmoothies #smoothiesforfamily #rai#rainbowfoods #eatclean #cleaneating #eatformedicine #foodforsoul #healthysmoothies #rainbowfood #instagoodfood #
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January's Chapter: Embark || Dear, every single moment happening right now is priceless. And I hope you never forget that living your life well can come in so many ways apart from just one road that defines all. Because you can definitely live bursting with color and emotions to paint this world however your color washes over the spaces within it. Live loud, dear. Live so loud the world vibrates your personality. ❤❤❤
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Laufen beruhigt den Körper und die Seele 💪ESN Shake Cookies and Cream Mega 😂 #sport #outdoors #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #running #esn #future #liveyourlife #cold #snow #kalt #bodytransformation #hea#healthystyle #healthy
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#Winter in sign of building up #strength, #speed, mobility, #stability and either those #breakinglimits points in my one and only #crossfit gym! 🏋 You won't see me on #track that often and my @strava stats won't be very breathtaking these days... 😃 But I'm not #off for sure!! ✌️ This training system, I'm running on, isn't very common for an #ultrarunner, but I know that results WILL come! 💯 And I still do #run even if not that hard. 😉 Faster 4k after a perfect #WOD in the box feels good anytime and it boosts that #stimulus, as speeding up feels as difficult as speeding up in a hard trail run! ⛰️ Looking forward to spring and keeping my #fingerscrossed that I might become #asicsfrontrunner and fulfill my dream that way! 🤞road to #asicsfrontrunnernl #fruitpower#swimbikerun#triathlon#vegan#running#mountaindutch#enjoylife#doyourbest#liveyourlife#trainmore#motivation#ultra#beast#marathon
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Das Leben ist wie eine Puzzle, anstatt sich über das zu freuen was uns gelang zu bilden, machen wir uns Gedanken über die Teile die fehlen! #puzzle #liveyourdreams #liveyourlife
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So you are down, feeling like shit, sad, depressed, having a bad day - The trials of LIFE exist to build your character , your determination, your will, your INNER strength. We can’t always be Smiley, happy beings. Damn everyone has the right to feel like shit and SHOW it! What’s important is to stay POSITIVE, DETERMINED , PERSISTENT and STRONG. Whatever your mood remeber to always live your life and live it to the FULL, every minute of every day. 💪🙏 #lif#lifeeblogger #life #lifequotes #lifeishard #depressed #mindset #sad #depressedquotes #strength #strengthquotes #inspiration #liveyourlife #lovelife #mood#positivity#quotes #memes
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Don't stop #Travel ❤👌👍💪🏼😍 #Airport #LetsGo #Adventure #GoodVibes #Nature #LiveYourLife
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You have it all inside of you! Learn, do, grow, become! It’s all you. #motivationaldesign
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Today in the girls locker room: —"I’m going to try that 500 calorie/day diet and do 2/day workouts" . — "I’m doing no sugar and I’ll have a shake in the morning. Then I’ll drink water and not eat again until 2pm!" — "I’m going to do 20% carb and pray I can get through the day and not be the biggest b*tch" This is for reals!! 😫 All the fad diets you read about, the horrible advice you take from some trainers, the advice you take from your thin friends....this 💩 is the stuff (like I most girls) that I tried for years and: 👺This is the 💩 that lead me to extreme fatigue 👺This is why I haven’t been able to work out like I’m used to in OVER A YEAR 👺This made me become allergic to almost everything this year 👺This made me almost take leave from work (yes, ME!) because I was TOO EXHAUSTED. . And this is why I became a Certified Health Coach. It’s why I now partner with the best health & WELLNESS Co. out there.... ...To 🛑 this dieting mentality that is exhausting, annoying and causes more harm than good (& will lead to weight GAIN in the long term). . If I have to beg, I will. Ditch the diets, extreme workouts, cutting food groups. Embrace a healthy lifestyle. The proof is in the pics. Jackie is ⬇️ 8 lbs, 5.3% BF and is EATING more than she ever has before!!! (serious congrats, Jackie 🙌🏻). If you've ever been caught in this vicious dieting cycle I’d love to help, just msg me to chat. . #befit #befree
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