I know I've been totally absent from social media lately, but dude... Sometimes you just have to step back for a minute. 2018 has already brought some big wake-up moments for our little family, and transition is already coming fast. All of this has left us a little overwhelmed, and in an attempt to spend more time creating (my current alternative to therapy), I'm working my way through @jennarainey's Everyday Watercolor book - and having the most fun! I highly recommend it, whether you're new to watercolor or if you’re a mildly experienced doodler like me. 👍🏻 But really, it’s awesome.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Favorite parka from @zara!
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It can be such an easy trap to get focused on what you don’t have and miss out on appreciating what you DO have! This has been a big lesson for me over the past six months, but I’m glad I’m learning it 🙌 . . . #letterer #letteringart #quotesaboutlife #wordoftheday #calligraphyart #calligraphypractice #createeveryday #livecreatively #foodforthought #procreatelettering #procreateapp #ipadlettering #ipadproart #tyxca #creativeart
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In this spread I used a free printable from @victoriathatcher and my Happy New Year kit from @ele@elegantplans. Remember to click on my Linktree and checkout @elegantplans and use the code Ericka15.
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Love when old friends come into town 🖤 #circuslife
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I'm all 😍😍😍 for the colors I got to play with for today's photo shoot!⠀ ⠀ What would your dream color combo be?
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It was so fun to play with these pretties and collaborate with some other wonderful people earlier today! I can't wait to share some photos of what we were doing. 🤗
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January days out in the nursery ❄
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This whimsical firebreathing "alebrije" is the very first carving that began my personal collection almost 30 years ago. After seeing it in my home, friends asked if we had these in the gallery. Hmmmm, was this an important message? Since then, we have introduced so many folks to this delightful art form from Oaxaca, Mexico. #alebrije #mexicanwoodcarving #mexicanstyle #mexicanart#livingwithstlye #livingwithfolkart #thethingswelove #thefolkartgallery #uniquegifts#visitmarin #lifeinsanrafael #marinstagram#marinmagazine #enjoy_marin #livingwithcolor #spiritanimal #spiritanimals #sanrafaelawesome #abmlifeiscolorful #livecreatively #lovesanrafael #coco
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Do not feed the pigeons 🐦⠀ ⠀ Inspiration ⭐️ @foreignpolicydg created this perfectly pigeoned perishable packaging for Park Bench Deli. From natural kraft textures to vivid colored patches, every inch of their packages exudes their cheeky charm.⠀ ⠀ #customboxes #custompackaging #packagingdesign #packagedesign
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Valentine's Day is near 💕 Grab your love one - whether it's your partner, best friend or cat - for a pre-Vday photo shoot! We're announcing our next day and location tomorrow 😍 #ValentinesDay
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I've always found this to be true! Having a quiet time allows us to focus on what we *already* have. It becomes clearer how we can transform the things at our fingertips into something greater. When are you most creative?✨
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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. Albert Einstein Imagination proposes ways of achieving our goals. Confronted with a problem, we can turn our imaginations to generating many potential solutions. Of course, imagination is not enough. If you are highly imaginative but have inadequate knowledge of the facts on the ground, you will very likely choose the wrong option. But nothing can stop your mind running wild if you set it free!
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WANDERLUST - Lately I've had a major case of it. It's been a very busy start to the new year, which I'm grateful for. Im still working on my Hoal List (er happens every year) but one thing I know for sure is travel is on the list! - Where do you want to go this year? Might I suggest Istanbul? It's the most amazing, friendly place! - #istanbul #merhaba #wanderlusting
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Hey Planner Babes, welcome to my page! The Sweetest Plans here to help inspire your sweet sweet plans 📖✏️💞 How exciting! 🙊 It's only Thursday and I've already started planning for next week! Isn't everything just so cute in a mini? I would LOVE to see how cute your planners look ♥️
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WEBSITE FEATURE Here's the finished website for MH2 Recruitment! They are a labour hire company specializing in temporary, contract, and permanent placements. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I think the website captured what the company does. Yay or nay?
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Sometimes even the smallest act of kindness can change someones day. Sometimes even your own. Hope you all are having a beautiful day. #snowkisses #ilovecrochet #crochetstyles SHOP LINK in bio. Buy something to keep you snuggly warm.
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If you set yourself up for success then you can’t fail! Amirite??? 🤔 . My 30 minute clean each night is taking me less than 30 minutes now SDSU’s because I’m setting ya elf up for success - I’m doing it consistently so things don’t have time to pile up, I’m prepping each room by removing things that don’t belong there as I’m doing day to day things, and doing things like making the bed and emptying the sink. . Each room has a ‘reset’ or something you can do to bring it back to ready each time you use it. Make the bed, empty the sink, clear off the coffee table (we eat on the couch do dishes often get left there!), etc. if you do those things then you’ll have an easier time tackling your chore list. . This may be a ‘duh, Moe’ moment for some but for me cleaning was always overwhelming mainly because I do too many things. I’m constantly on the go. And I lack discipline in this area!!! We’ve just passed the New Moon so get those Capricorn vibes going and GET STRUCTURED in any area of your life!!! You can do it, I know you can. 💗💗 . Ps we can’t have curtains bc the TV is too big for that corner 😂😂😂 it touches the window 😂😂😂 . #creativeliving #liv#livecreativea> #livecreative #cle#cleaningine #cleaning #motivation #homedecor #decorate #abmathome #abmlifeisbeautiful
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HAPPY THURSDAY, fam 💕here is a ✨sneak peak ✨ of one of my biggest orders of seven wood slices, yes.. SEVEN 🙈 they are so precious and I can't wait to show you guys all of them, but for now a small sneak peak will have to suffice 😛 . #woodslice #woodsliceart #woodburning #coasters #handsandhustle #makersgonnamake #craftculture #wearethemakers #makersmovement #shopsmall #wallnuthollow #darlingmovement
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Snow Days are the perfect opportunity to stay inside, fix a cup of Hot Chocolate, work on goals, + create dope shit! What are you ladies working on? ☕️❄️💻📝
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I’ve been working on some cat projects! Tag the crazy cat lady in your life ✨🎉
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I definitely signed up for this challenge last minute, but I just had to get in on it because it looked like too much fun! Hi, I’m Meghan 👋🏻 and after doing this challenge I’ve realized that I have way too many favorite things 😂🤣 #HOMwork @homsweethom
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My heart.
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A visit to the Boarding House will always find you wanting to do dressing room selfies with their sweet outfits. ⠀⠀ So many choices of great brands there. We had so much fun developing out the concept for their #MyBoardingHouse campaign. ⠀⠀ 👕👖👟👓 Go give them a follow at @theboardinghousemh and @theboardinghousesc . . ⠀⠀ #TagWeAreIt #calledtobecreative #BeyondTheBrand #ClientWork #creativebusiness #dowhatyoulove #blackandwhite #creativityfound #explorecreate #digital #communications #thirtyhashtags #wardrobe #clothing #outfit #whatiwore #fashionaddict #aboutalook #interiordetails #designideas #interiorstyling #createeveryday #livecreatively #instaart #creativelife #studioscenes #wordsofwisdom #thoughtoftheday #quotesandsayings
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No time like the present 💕
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Finally completed! @lorenhope abba earrings in jet iridescent. Lots of pretty purple, blues, and turquoise colors 🦋🦄#lorenhope #abbaearrings #artbyelleaiche
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Whew- what a day! Six back to back meetings and a whole lot of info. Now I’m just going to stare at these.... #peonies #beautifulworld
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CURRENTLY // Hanging around friends’ pools, waiting for summer. #cantwaitforjuly
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I just wanted to show of my January spread since I’m pretty proud of how artsy it is! I took this a bit ago so that’s why not everything is correct!
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Week 3: Read A Book!!! Reading is inspiring, and gets your imagination going! You create characters, situations, emotions etc and play out the text in your head! It doesn’t matter whether your reading stories, factual information or even How-To’s! Reading fosters creativity! —- Blog Post Search “Read” 52 Weeks Of Creative Inspiration! #livecreatively . . . . #read #readersofinstagram #bookstagram #thissideofparadise #fscottfitzgerald @f__scott_fitzgerald #classics #readingChangesUs #beyondpages #52weeksofcreativeinspiration #readingchallenge @barnesandnoble @goodreads
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The wood at the top of the piece appears withered away while the bottom remains full and expands out beyond its own shape. The concept of this idea is that, as you go through life, you lose parts of yourself. You invest parts of yourself in things that don't always end up working out and a result, part of you may feel as if it's been lost or taken. The alternative aspect to this concept is that, although life can take away from you, you also grow and transform into something more than you were before (as presented through the unwithered wood and puff balls). ⚬divided wood into 3 even pieces and paneled each one to ensure they had a smooth surface ⚬glued pieces together over night, placed with a clamp ⚬sanded the shape from a rectangle to a polygon ⚬drilled holes using different drill bit sizes, sawed crevices into the piece ⚬burned the wood to tint it brown ⚬added in gloss to shine parts of the surface and added on little puff balls. #concept #sculpture #saw #drill #sanding #woodshop #conceptart #art #studio #creativity #create #exploretocreate #livecreatively #design #artist #photography #photographer #colour #artistsoninstagram #young_artists_help #artsfeatures #expression #artsbynight #artsy #artaccount
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I’ve always been a doodler even though I never realized that and not very creative at drawing things from memory. Last year I learned to do floral line drawing and since then my doodling days have been forever changed 😂. I can’t seem to stop drawing all kinds of flowers. My notebooks and journals are filled with them. . Here are two of my floral doodles that I thought would make a great #valentinescard. They are available now at my store (check bio for the link). . As I learn to draw and paint flowers more and more each day I realize how intricate they can be. I don’t know how many times I ended up switching to another flower because one turned out to be too intricate to do. I guess I need more patience ha ha ha. Have you ever done that? . To me it just shows how mind-boggling God is that He could create all these amazing flowers out of nothing ... my goodness ... He had no Pinterest to refer to !!! . Thank you Lord for creating so many beautiful flowers for us to enjoy, plant, take care of, draw and paint. ☺️ . . . . . . . . #valentines2017 #valentinescards #celebratelove #loveday #etsyshopping #floralillustration #modernflorals101 #365daysofart #flowerillustration #instagramartists #calledtocreate #womenofillustration #womenoffaith #christianartist #christiancreative #communityofchristiancreatives #makearteveryday #makeartthatsells #beinspirational #livecreatively #createdaily #creativeprenuer #illustrationartists #illustratoroninstagram #huffpostarts #botanicalartist #botanicalillustration #flowersoninstagram
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Studio scene from today. Still in progress.
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Grow through, what you go through. 🌿
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