Simple Lobe piercing’s done with beautiful Segment Rings. #class @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur no.19 parliament street. ✨✨✨
37 1
Cartilage piercing I done today. Look at those earrings he has in😍➰ back at it Tomorrow for more @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur ✨✨✨
55 2
Tragus piercing on a Lovely Lady @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur
41 2
Back at it all weekend ✨🌹❤️ @theinkfactory no.19 nose Piercing done by myself . #little_lady_laur ✨🌹✨🌹 @babsdaly 📸
69 4
Back at it tomorrow 💖 bringing all this Valintines day Lovveeee with me. ❤️🌹 industrial piercing ✨ @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur
35 1
Double #forwardhelix ✨✨✨ 💕 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory 💖
46 1
Super high Conch done on this lovely Lady 💖✨ #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
41 1
Jewellery change on a healed nostril piercing that I done a few months back 🙌🏼💕 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
38 4
Septum piercing. 👌🏻✨ #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
54 1
I love those Action Shots!! @babsdaly capturing the mid moment magic! #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
55 1
Little Double Action from last week👌🏻👃🏻#little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
48 3
Sometimes, I even make tattoos Sparkle. 💖✨ Micro-Dermal Anchor dome on this lovely Arm. 🙌🏼 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory ✨✨✨
54 2
Super Set 🔥 Daith and Conch 👌🏻 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory ✨✨✨
46 1
Tragus Piercing. 🤙🏼 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory ✨✨✨
36 1
Little Lobe done by a Little Lady ✨✨✨ #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
43 1
Back at it tomorrow for another week of madness! No.19 parliament street is where it’s at 💯🔥✨ rook piercing I done last week #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
45 1
Double forward helix 👌🏻😍 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
50 2
Holy Craaappppp another week over and out. 🙌🏼 Sunday Funday as seen here in this photo 😂A moment of brilliance captured by the brilliant Barbra @babsdaly 📸 ✨✨✨ #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
69 3
Let this Sunday be Simple! 🙌🏼Back to basics with a single Lobe piercing done with a Ball Closure ring.✨✨✨✨ #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
35 1
Let’s have fun playing with some Balls this Saturday 😏 #little_lady_laur
63 2
71 1
Listen to that inner voice. Come clear your Conchsience by popping some holes in it. You know it will make you feel better. 👌🏻😏✨ #guiltypleasures @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur Conch Piercing done by me ✨💖
63 1
Excuse the little blood. 🙈 Micro-Dermal from last week @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur ✨✨✨✨✨✨
65 1
Low Cartilage Piercing 👌🏻 done at the Ink Factory by myself #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory. Last day of the week 👏🏼✨🙌🏼 #sundayfunday
48 2
No caption needed 🤗 look at that face😍 @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur ✨✨✨ 📸 by @babsdaly
71 2
Teeny tiny little ear 🤗 Rook piercing done by me #little_lady_laur at my place of work @theinkfactory ✨✨✨
34 1
Up close and personal. Micro-Dermal action shots 🙌🏼😏 📸 by the brilliant @babsdaly. Done on @killiancarolan at @theinkfactory 19. 💖✨ #little_lady_laur
45 2
1st day of Piercing in 2018 here at no. 19 parliament street. 🙌🏼 Daith I done today . #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
52 1
Fernando Hideki, master at Japanese torture. Trying his best skills to infiltrate and kill... Me, master of Joy... laughs at his failed attempt to inflict any suffering. Feather finger Fernando 💁🏻 #TripleF @fernandohidekitattoo 💖 📸 by @babsdaly
173 12
Back at it Tomorrow at @theinkfactory for a new year of new holes. 🙌🏼! #little_lady_laur... photo taken by my friend @babsdaly 📸#newyear #newstart
75 1
Eyebrow piercing 🙌🏼 oldie but a goodie 💉😍#little_lady_laur
28 2
Daith piercing done by myself here at no.19 @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur
47 1
Have a cool ear? Put a cool piercing in it ☺️ industrial piercing done by myself #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
45 2
Bevels up 💉 #little_lady_laur
72 3
Catch me for the last week of the year in Parliament Street doing my thing 💉 Double nostril piercing 🤗 (front Piercing was already in the clients nose and was not done by me I just changed the jewellery) #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
54 1
Christmas eve’s eve 🙈☺️ Nostril piercing done by me #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
36 2
Industrial piercing on this Gent done by myself #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
42 2
Before I pierce I do a quick hypnosis session with all my customers and then with a click of my fingers they wake back up to a new piercing 👌🏻 #easy #little_lady_laur #peacefulpiercing @theinkfactory @titan2172 ✨💖
75 4
Slow and steady is key. 10mm stretch for @isthatalexander ✨🤘🏼 @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur
40 6
Daith piercing done by myself #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory 👌🏻✨
42 1
Industrial piercing on this Gent ✨🤗 @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur
40 1
Eyebrow piercing done here at No 15 @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur 👌🏻✨
35 2
Kicking off liveeee this Sunday morning with a pair of double lobes and a Helix piercing all done in one by an absolute rockstar. Without a flinch she endured this mighty feat 🙌🏼 well done and congratulations on your Brand New Ears. ✨👏🏼 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
38 1
Re opened this Lady’s first holes and added second ones for her 🌺 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory 🤗✨🎄
30 4
Septum piercing by myself #little_lady_laur last week @theinkfactory ☺️✨
48 1
Little double done today @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur 💖✨
40 2
Last of the evening. A set of BEAUTiFUL CHEEK piercings. Client came all the way from Cork tonight to get these! 🙌🏼 Thank you Girl it was a fun experience. @sushi0pea 💋🖤 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory ✨✨✨✨✨✨
52 4
Medusa vibes going on 🐍 ✨💋#little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
33 1
Vertical lip done on this Gent yesterday @theinkfactory Am in No.15 all day today. Come and let me make you sparkle ✨☺️😘 (shorter bar to be fitted in a couple of weeks time when the swole goes down 💋)#little_lady_laur
53 3
Double helix done by myself #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
34 1
Black Friday over and out 🙌🏼 thank the Lord. Madness in the city. #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
84 2
Cute Simple little Ear Rim on this lovely lady last week. By myself of course #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory ☺️👌🏻 here’s to a good start of work days 😊✨
33 2
Another Tragus to feast your eyes on 😍 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory #piercing #piercinglove
35 2
Fresh Micro-Dermal Anchor. (Top anchor not done by me but we changed out the jewellery to match the Newbie) #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
42 1
Double Lobe Piercing done last week by me #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory. Client does not use previous hole on her lobe and has left close a good while 🙌🏼 #fabulous ✨✨✨
30 5
Another week over and out. I survived🎉 💃🏼 and that’s enough reason to celebrate 🙌🏼 Anti-Tragus and a Forward Helix done by myself, the ever wonderful #little_lady_laur 😘😅 @theinkfactory ✨💋
48 3
Lovely lips 👄 piercing done by myself #little_lady_laur at the @theinkfactory 💋
25 1
Tragus Thursday yesterday was a blast. Almost 100 Tragus’s were sweetened with little barbells. We rock this city 🤘🏼 @chellopot @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur
32 2
Surface Eyebrow. Done by me #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory✨✨✨
38 2
31 1
Lick it now, lick it good, lick it just like you should 🎶💃🏼 Tongue piercing. 😝 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
56 4
Septum Stretching 😝 we went up to 4mm today from 3.2. Fucking awesome 🖖🏼 @shane_anthony_c @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur
39 2
Super Orbital piercing I done on this lovely lady to start this Thursday off right ✨🌻 goodmorning 💋 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory
39 3
Hot, female piercer out looking for a Daith. 🙋🏼😁 #daith piercing by me #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory 😂✨💋
36 3
A Rook piercing. 🤗 #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory ✨✨✨
41 1
Nose piercing, by me #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory Have a splendid week 😘✨
32 1
Surface Tragus piercing done by myself #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory ✨✌🏼
36 4
The weekend is in full shwing. 💃🏼 come get your smile pimped. #little_lady_laur @theinkfactory 💋💃🏼😆
52 2
Custom industrial I done from a while back 🤘🏼☺️ @theinkfactory #little_lady_laur
56 1