woke up fucked up
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gus eating cake♥️
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white tee♥️
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i used to think i love you
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lil bo peep
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1k 3
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i’ve been thinking about you every single day for the past few months
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i told my brother to play lil peep @ my funeral
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gus with pink hair>
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Look at the sky tonight, all of the stars have a reason❤️
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Dreamer boy❤️
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I’m be back in the morning...❤️
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"what?!" ☹️❤️
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Sooo I’ve a question. I wanna get a piercing again, I’ve a septum already but I don’t know if I want one in my tongue or lip. I’ve always wanted to get my tongue pierced but none will see it? It’s not like someone wanna go in and look in my mouth lol. Please help. @lilpeep.y ♡ ♡ ♡ #lilpeep #lilpeepers #lilpeepdead #riplilpeep #restinpeacelilpeep #gustavåhr #gustavelijahahr #savethatshit #lilpeep4ever #gbc #gothboiclique #gothboiclique💔
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good morning
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"Jugging on a Friday, but I saw you on the freeway"
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good night ♥️
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this is how to set a live wallpaper, the app is “intolive”(PLEASE MESSAGE me if u want the video, it’s so much easier to send) (you can also ask anyone who already has the video to send)
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i love you gus. :/
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keep sending ♥️
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lovin you is like a fairytale
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cuties 💕
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look average Vc: @peepsluv 💓💞💘
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his smile is so precious
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life update: still waiting for a time machine
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i’ll try to post the interview he did explaining his tattoos
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Young punk bitch, fuckin' on a young bitch Fell in love when she saw me in the club, bitch Young punk bitch, fuckin' on a drunk bitch Shawty fell in love, now she doin' all my drugs💫lil peep - white tee
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