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She’s ready. 💃🏻👊🏻
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My family has a long history with the electric company here in St. Louis. It used to be called Union Electric before being bought out by Ameren. I’ve always been so proud that my grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-uncle spent the majority of their lives at the hydro electric plant. They supplied the community with a valuable resource. Often we don’t think about the day to day jobs and the workers who do them. But can we doing anything without electricity? It’s a vital part of our society. I’m so grateful and touched that this kid gets to learn about the past while enjoying the future. I know my grandfather would be so proud of this little guy. I know I am.
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My favorite kind of work days
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👑Queen of the World🌍 Salon/Barbershop in the heart of Montreal's Little Italy district Salon de Coiffure/Barbier au coeur de la Petite-Italie à Montréal 🌈
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Today on the blog I'm talking about busyness, grace and finding peace in the midst of this crazy, hustle-bustle generation. ~~~ You and me...we are the message to this world that there is another way. A way of peace, pleasure and purpose even though we often fall short or fall apart. Grace is the answer.
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Working hard and getting movited!!! Let's go EM !!! #Repost @iamerikestrada (@get_repost) ・・・ Doesn't need to be Monday to be motivated.🏆 . . Get out there TODAY and break a bad habit, break all the "can't do" or "can't have" thoughts and then go break a legend. Trust -- You got this! ❤️🖤#motivateU #motivateE #nothingEZ #GotEM #workout #training #tourlife #lifeincolor . . Leave a 💯below if you're with me
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You can never go wrong with LOVE! Either on your leggings or in life!!! Happy #LuLaRoeLeggingsDay #lovemylularoeleggings #AllAboutLove
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💚💜Ube & buko pandan ice cream with fruity pebbles #loveatfirstsight 💜💚 . . . Seriously, if you know where I can find ube ice cream in MN, please let me know! #obsessed 🍦 💜 🍦 💚 🍦 💜 🍦 💚 #islandvibes #filipinofood #hawaii #hawaiilife #icecream #fruitypebbles #ube #colorpop #lifeincolor #foodporn #eeeeeats #huffposttaste #instafood #icecreamcone #dessert #foodie #travel
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#Repost @iamerikestrada (@get_repost) ・・・ Doesn't need to be Monday to be motivated.🏆 . . Get out there TODAY and break a bad habit, break all the "can't do" or "can't have" thoughts and then go break a legend. Trust -- You got this! ❤️🖤#motivateU #motivateE #nothingEZ #GotEM #workout #training #tourlife #lifeincolor . . Leave a 💯below if you're with me
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I have been waiting to drop this line up for Dirtybird Allstars at Club Space this Miami Music Week!! Grab your tickets now or we will sell out!!!! bit.do/CalendarAndTickets use promo code GORDON for discounts on ANYTIME TICKETS which allow reentry!!!! For VIP tables 5612391200
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All my little Dirtybirdies I hope you can join me this Friday for a night with @j_phlip at @tradesobe To join David Gordon’s guestlist for priority entry, for any information, or VIP tables 5612391200
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When I was a little girl my family went to the Daffodil Festival. These flowers smell like childhood and those giant fields of yellow💛
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On Saturday night our tiny new niece (via her mummy and daddy) asked us a very important question, one that we answered with the biggest YES! I have never been a godmother before but I can't wait to fulfil this role for my beautiful niece so I'm really looking forward to her christening day now!
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Sharing a few snaps of me and Shadd's bedroom ✨ Now when I first moved into our single wide trailer I was going to go all HGTV on this place with Whites, Brights, Greys to make a neutral, clean, crisp, bigger space No matter how hard I tried I could not knock that style down and make it work for our home. I like color, fun and funky stuff too much. So I repainted our bedroom wall a BRIGHT Blue one day out of nowhere, bought this fun colorful rug, BLACK velvet curtains and made a fun gallery wall with so many fun pieces including a framed poem "The Last Time". <<---- ( if you're a mama look it up, it will change your life ) And a print Shadd's grandpa gave us of an Indian chief on a war pony. 💙 It's safe to say our bedroom is much more Our Style :) . . . #homedecor #livecolorfully #lifeincolor #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #westerndecor #stayathomemom
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Countdown to sunsets like these #6 #holidaze #sunsetporn #cottoncandy
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It’s mid-week and I’m thinking a lot persistence and perseverance. And how sometimes success is a matter of looking at things from a different angle 😉
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Does the sun promise to shine? No, but it will even behind the darkest clouds it will - @atticuspoetry ☀️
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Do not set boundaries for yourself! Just because something isn't happening for you right now, doesn't mean that it will never happen. #ElectricSheepLondon #NeverGiveUp #NoLimits
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