Happy Thor's Day, everyone. I haven't posted much in the last couple weeks. Still getting my sweat on every day but a few things have happened that made me feel the need to change things up. First, the last week and a half I have felt very heavy and clumsy, since I have a race in four weeks this concerned me. Well come to find out that in a month and a half my weight skyrocketed from 219lbs to 231lbs. I'd like to believe that it's all muscle but it just ain't so. The second is that I had a line of thinking that shook my whole nutrition foundation to its core. Anyone who knows me knows that I love meat and for years I've been a firm believer that animal protein was just as important for us as fruits and veggies. Without going into the details of my epiphany I'll just say that I don't believe this anymore, so for the last three days I haven't eaten any meat. #nothingdiedformetoday Our journey through life and for fitness is going to take us through all kinds of twists and turns, if you want to grow as a person then you need to learn and adapt. #workout #roadtosparta #fitover40 #liftingfortherapy #sportsbrasnspice #fitdad #coupleswholift #weightlossstruggle #Semperfi #lifelessons101 #fitgamer #insanity #gamer #lovethyself #lovemygirls #firenirontraining #beachbodyondemand #bodybeast #nevergiveupneverquit #fitfam #P90X #letspuketogether
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LIFE GOALS 💯 fit chick that makes bomb ass meal prep (and cookies) for her hubby, never wears pants, aaand builds a 6-figure business online helping other women understand and reach their potential 🔥 kinda fucking scary to put that out there but I mean every word ☝🏼 it’s like I’ve flipped a switch these past couple weeks 💡 cause DAMN - my vision is clearer, I’m more focused, and the universe is giving me alllll the signs 🔮✨ 2 mentorship calls for my new baby coaches & a live webinar tonight sharing my story, talk about being LIT UPPP with passion 💖 I was always the leader type in school so when I naively (but excitedly) jumped into coaching I felt like I lost that confidence in myself to get shit done and lead the way .. but damnit I’m BACK!!🙌🏼👏🏼 the sense of purpose I feel from this “job” is unexplainable.. When you’re ready to feel the same way just slide into the DMs bae 👀😘
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“Surveys say that over 80% of people believe that hard work is a more valuable asset, yet for whatever reason we all are mesmerized my “naturals.” (The book Grit) . Are you a “natural” or a FIGHTER??? I’ve never been a natural at anything I’ve ever done in life, and yet people thought I was. . In fourth grade I averaged 17 points a game in little league basketball, my team went undefeated, and I was the mvp of the season. People thought I was a natural. What they didn’t see was how I had spent every minute I was awake in the driveway with my older brother playing basketball (and he would beat me every game) since I was 5. They didn’t see that I played with the teenagers at my church on weekends. They didn’t see that my dad made me to drills up and down the driveway wearing goggles that didn’t allow me to look down at the ball. . Got a job detailing cars. For my first 6 months I was the slowest guy in the shop. Asked questions all day and night because I couldn’t remember anything. But after a year, my manager moved away and I was named the new manager because of my work ethic. . Signed up for the John Maxwell Team. My mentor put in a word for me because after a 30 minute talk he could se that I had a growth mindset. I spent 5-6 hours a day listening to PD while I worked, 30 minutes listening to Think and Grow Rich on the drive home. Worked my biz for 2-3 hours before dinner. After spending the evening with my family went back to the office to read for 30-45 more minutes before doing nightly reflection and going to bed. . It took me 2 years just to get certified because I couldn’t afford the payments. But by the time I finally showed up for a certification I was making $20k/month. Everyone there thought I was a “natural” because they didn’t see the previous 2 years. . That’s why I’m a PUSH Coach. I never had anything natural, and I don’t really care if you do either. The one thing I KNOW is that you have potential. You have a purpose. You have a mission. You have a story. You have a dream. That’s all you need. I just want to help you find it! I want to help you fight for it! I want to help you PUSH for it! I want to help you achieve it!!!! . #letspuketogether
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There is no greater feeling than accomplishing an hour workout with only 1 interruption (spilled milk). I remember when I first started working out from home and wondering how I would squeeze it in with 3 kiddos running around. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure! But over time, it has become the new normal. I give them the option of either working out with me or having quiet time. Today they chose quiet time (which wasn’t quiet AT ALL) It’s done and I am feeling stronger everyday!! So thankful for my support system ❤️ If you don’t have an accountability group to help you reach your goals, I got you girl! Reach out and let’s chat 😘 . . . . . #letspuketogether #accountability #honeworkouts #momlife #momof3 #healthy #mytherapy
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My life is not my own. I wasn’t born into this world to gain, but to give. And when I give all I have, I gain all I need/desire. As my mentor from afar, Zig Ziglar, always said: you can have anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.
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Let’s make something clear! Just because I feel I still have more work to do, doesn’t meant I don’t love myself! It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate how far I have come and It doesn’t make me selfish! All I’m saying is I want more! I was meant for more! Goals are not the end, they are just pit stops on this amazing journey of life! I have come to find that it is hard for woman (men too, but for reason woman a little more) to admit we want more! That just because our lives are good and we are happy, that it’s ok that we want more! That just because we are girlfriends, wives, mothers, care givers, it doesn’t me we aren’t meant for MORE! #selflove #meantforgreatness #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #workit #likeaboss #letspuketogether #faceyourfears #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmotivation #motivation #fitmom
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Lucas: Mom what are you drinking? Me: Unicorn blood 🦄 Lucas: What? Me: It give you magic powers🌟💪✨🤷‍♀️ Lucas: Oh is that how you know when Ben and I are wrestling in our room? Me: 😉 YES, yes it is.... and I’m drinking it now so you two better be good today! #momofboys #fitmom #unicorn #magicalpowers #energize #RiseUPAlliance #thelindashowobsessed #letspuketogether #workit #workingmom #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmotivation #mommotivation #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #faceyourfears
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My push coach in my ear, with my journal and knitting in my lap while I sit outside watching my children play. I love the life we are creating. ✨ #waldorfmom #knitter #coachlife #letspuketogether
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Happy Valentines Day!!! Today I celebrate love with my gf, but I also celebrate 4 years of doing what I love by releasing my next book: Clarity and Focus for Entrepreneurs! . This book contains the top lessons I’ve learned on my own journey, and helping others to chase theirs! It will teach you how to focus in on the things that matter the most so you can build the life of your dreams!! . You can pick up this ebook on Amazon or download it in the Kindle app!!
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3/80 Today was cardio! Not awful but..... Me: 0 Sliders: 1 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😂😂🤣🤣 P.S. I was laughing so hard mainly because my shirt says “Tip of the day: Don’t smash your face”#oops #thelindashowobsessed #RiseUPAlliance #weightlosstransformation #faceyourfears #80daysobsession #transformation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #smashyourface #letspuketogether #tryinghard #gotthis
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Today’s before & after ladies! Full face of SeneGence. No filters on these photos! Same lighting! Amazing right! I’m such a washed out mumma with suitcases under my eyes, pigmentation, hives & then look at me with SeneGence make up! I look alive! I feel alive! #BeforeAndAfter #WithAndWithout #SeneGence #NoFilterSelfie #RazzberryLipSense #HotMessMum #LipBossBabes #letspuketogether
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Did someone say RECRUITING?!?! . One of the number one things I get asked about is how to RECRUIT people!! So per your request, I’m hosting a FREE Recruiting Masterclass on March 1!! . Link is in my bio, tag a few (hundred) below!!!!
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How was day two you ask? Ummmmm So yesterday I was cocky! “That workout wasn’t hard, This meal plan is easy... plus I felt like I was going to explode! Too much food” Today was 🍑booty workout you have to get on all fours and work you butt! . . . O. M. G! . . . First of all, my arms were sooo sore that putting my shirt on was hard and no she wasn’t me to hold myself UP??? This chick is crazy, but I did it! Second, the second row was of workouts I upped my band weight! “ What was I thinking”! Good thing about having a desk job on booty day? NOTHING! I swear if Michael pinches my butt like he normally does I’m going to hit him! Last but not least, I was good greatful for my shake! By the time I got to work I was hungry! I can totally get down with this eating every 2 to 3 hours thing!!! So how am I doing??? FREAKING AMAZING! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this program! I love the set up and I love that I can feel the changes!!!! The Linda Show is totally Obsessed! #The#TheLindaShowssed #TheLindaShow #RiseUPAlliance #80dayobsession #autumncalabrese #letspuketogether #fitness #faceyourfears #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmotivation #workit #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #sorearms #booty🍑 #bootyday #getitgirl #gotthis #hellyes #transformation
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One of Tony's tips for Tuesday. Variety IS the spice of life. I firmly believe that the more variety you seek out and experience in your own life the better and stronger your life becomes. Let's face it, one of the biggest threats to humankind is boredom, monotony, ennui whatever you want to call it.. We eat when we are bored, we dwell when we are bored, we wander when we are bored and why do we get bored? Because we find one single recipe and then we convince ourselves that this is what we must do over and over again to get from point A to point B. But halfway down the road we get bored, give up and turn around. There are many paths and roads to success, stay consistent, mix it up and keep moving forward. I feel like I've hit a wall so I had to remind myself of this and this morning I mixed it up. Whatever aspect of your life feels stale, mix it up. If your food is boring try eating something you have never eaten before. Talk to that strange person on the bus, you never know how much more enriched your life will become with a little variety. #varietyisthespiceoflife #fitdad #coupleswholift #weightlossstruggle #Semperfi #lifelessons101 #fitgamer #fightforit #gamer #lovethyself #lovemygirls #firenirontraining #beachbodyondemand #nevergiveupneverquit #letspuketogether #nextlevel
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“4:00 AM is early! What crazy person wakes up an hour and 30 mins before they needed to just to eat and workout??” 2 year ago if I would have seen ME, that is what I would have said! I love sleep! I have my comfy king size bed and I enjoy cuddling with Michael! I how ever am not a HUGE fan of getting out of it! So why do I when I DON’T have to? I will never workout at night! I drive to much all day and by the time I come home I just want to relax! If I worked out at night, I would flood my workout with excuses! I know this about myself! I also know that I have health concerns and that the whole workout/eat right thing is improving them(some faster then others)! That kinda trumps laying in bed! So HAPPY FAT TUESDAY! I’m pushing play and eating right at 4AM!!!😱😱😱😱 #TheLindaShowObsessed #RiseUPAlliance #letspuketogether #getitdone #80dayobsession #booty🍑 #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmotivation #faceyourfears #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #workit #gotthis
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We hadn't seen each other in almost a month, so we spontaneously met in the middle and celebrated an early Valentine's Day the best way we know how: burgers, champagne, and darts . Thanks for being my forever Valentine! . . . #livingmybestlife #healthybody #happysoul #familyfriendsfun #maketodaygreat #gradstudentlife #goaldigger #minnesotabride #nearlyweds #blogger
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The hardest thing about chasing your dreams is to CONSTANTLY remind yourself that what you’re doing today isn’t supposed to pay off today. It’s supposed to pay off 3-6 months from now. You have to find a way to emotionally detach from the results, and find satisfaction and fulfillment from knowing you did the right thing!! . If you’re feeling discouraged, lock into your daily routine. Celebrate the small victories. Keep reminding yourself of the end goal!!! Just keep going!!
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Day 25 to sum up this day... Shitty! Shitty motivation, shitty food choices, shitty mind set. Didn't get much accomplished that I wanted to... BUT tomorrow is a brand new day!!!!! #day25 #80days #homegym #nomotivation #offday #legday #letspuketogether #pushlife #joshcoats @garyvee #crushingit #tomorrowisanewday #backontrack
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We all do things we don't like to do to get to where we want to be. #boba #10x @grantcardone #letspuketogether #lovemyselffirst #livingmydreams #outdoorfun
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If you aren’t worth the fight, they are!! Remind yourself every day who you’re REALLY fighting for!! I want to build my dreams. I want to be my best. But more than anything, I want my kids to be THEIR best!!
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The End! ✌🏼”Never look back except to see how far you’ve come”🧐 . It’s more of a continuation. . . I guess. 😆 . Yesterday I walked out of my last job as a registered nurse 💉. I will be a nurse forever and I can honestly say I LOVE ❤️ the work I do. . I am HONORED to have worked along so many brilliant men and women who each in a unique way taught me so much. 💖 . The next chapter has me 🤯struggling a lot. I’m overwhelmed and I get frustrated 😡 with myself DAILY. . I know it will get easier, or rather, I will get stronger 💪🏼 and better 👍🏼. So for now I’m choosing to lean into the struggle. 🤪 . . . . . #nursesrock #nursesofinstagram #ernurses #icunurse #ccrn #cen #traumanurses #nursepractitoner #ernursepractitioner #ontothenextadventure #lastdayasanurse #neverlookbackexcepttoseehowfaryouhavecome #educatedlatina #boymom💙 #workingmom #onedayatthetime #patienceprevails #letspuketogether #dreamlifeinthemaking
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I've said it before, I'll say it again and I will probably say it every week. Yoga, yoga, yoga, it's not just for the ladies. No matter what program or routine you are doing adding a day of yoga into the mix will have amazing results. I have a couple of strong young men on my team which is part of why I have pushed us into double days for this month. I chose the Master's Series for a couple of reasons, one being that the rest day is on the same day as P90X Yoga X. Why have i done this? Because double days are hard on the body, so a mid week break gives our bodies and minds a chance to slow down and heal. Yoga works on so very much and ultimately it helps prevent injury by increasing strength and flexibility. So put your manly ego aside and get your yoga on! #workout #roadtosparta #fitover40 #liftingfortherapy #sportsbrasnspice #fitdad #coupleswholift #weightlossstruggle #Semperfi #lifelessons101 #fitgamer #insanity #gamer #lovethyself #lovemygirls #firenirontraining #beachbodyondemand #bodybeast #nevergiveupneverquit #fitfam #P90X #letspuketogether #nextlevel #teamac
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I’ve been sharing a lot about coaching lately. You might wonder why. It’s because of this amazing training we earned for hitting our goals last month. Honestly, it is the push I needed to break out of my comfort zone. The push I needed to help my team better. The push I needed to succeed. With that said, I am looking for 5 new teammates to hop on this wagon with me. Trainings from some of the best in the biz as well as from their mentors. It can’t really get better than that! Here are the requirements: 1. You must be coachable - if you’re not willing to learn and be coached, you will NOT have success. 2. You must be willing to go out of your comfort zone. 3. You must enjoy working with other people and help them focus and reach their goals. 4. You must be a product of the product - you can’t very well teach someone what to do without doing it yourself! 5. You must be willing to put up with my silly, sarcastic, taco-loving self. If you meet all of those requirements, you have the makings of an amazing coach! Who’s in? Application is at the link in my bio 😘 #BeYourOwnBoss #FindYourSuccess #TimeForAChange #LetsPukeTogether
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. Do you know that feeling where something is so scary, so new, so unknown that the thought of it makes you wanna puke? — It’s kinda like that feeling when you take that first hill on the roller coaster. The feeling might be scary but that shouldn’t stop you. — To be honest for a few years I let that feeling stop me from a lot of things. Most of it was because of my anxiety but I let myself stay “safe” for so long. — The funniest thing though is since I decided to step outside of my comfort zones I’ve been happier than ever before. — So take a risk- do something outside of your comfort zone everyday. No matter how big or small of an action. JUST DO IT 💕 . . . . #teachersofinstagram #familygoals #healthyteacher #fitteacher #homeowner #catmom #catmomforlife #sunflowertattoo #letspuketogether #diyhome #freestuff #chaseyourdreams
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You know what’s crazy? If 3 years ago someone were to tell me that I would be empowering other women to positively change their lives, getting in the best shape of my life, living in a perfect home with my perfect FIANCÉ.. I would have laughed at you and told you to get out of my f#%^}*^% face 🙄 • My life seems almost unreal. I actually blacked out a bit when I was proposed to on Sunday. I never in a million years would have expected my life to be where it is now.. I was the #singleforever girl my entire life. • But I made one decision... ONE.. that changed my life. And that was finally putting my health first. I don’t just mean physical health.. I mean mental and emotional health too. I then turned that success into helping others and became the woman I am today 🐙 • I noticed a shift in my life. I was healthier, I was happier, I was able to open up my heart and let someone in.... 💞 • And here I am.. in love ❤️ Traveling the world✈️ Building a dream life from my part time job 📱 Inspiring others 💫Happy😁 • You can do it too. DON’T EVER think you are undeserving of happiness, of love, of a dream life ✨ My team is hosting a one day event on all the ins and outs of coaching {open to my US, Canada and UK friends} tomorrow over on FB... if you feel stuck and feel like you need a change.. let’s chat ❤️ . . . #letspuketogether #limegreen #tanktop #bestshape #3yearsago #iammywomancrush #crushgoals #divergirl #newlyengaged #diycraft #craftylife #changeyourlife #fiance #futuremrs #youareworthit #newenglander #massachusettsgirl #adtr #blackhoodie #choosehappy #oceaneyes #oceanaddict
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Happy Wednesday! I forgot how brutal of a workout Back and Bis is and I'm feeling a little frustrated this morning because my pull ups were pretty bad. I did not feel very strong at all. I am pretty sure the problem is that I'm not eating enough to cover the double days so I'm upping my calories, mostly with protein and clean carbs. I felt good with everything else and two hours later I still have a pretty good pump and my arms feel like wet noodles. Remember, not every day is going to be your best, we all have a lot going on between work, illnesses, kids, school, sports and the list goes on. Life is busy if you are doing it right but always make sure to take care of yourself first, you can't do anything for anyone if you are down and out. #workout #roadtosparta #fitover40 #liftingfortherapy #sportsbrasnspice #fitdad #coupleswholift #weightlossstruggle #Semperfi #lifelessons101 #fitgamer #insanity #gamer #lovethyself #lovemygirls #firenirontraining #beachbodyondemand #bodybeast #nevergiveupneverquit #fitfam #P90X #letspuketogether #nextlevel
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Today I was challenged by my business mentor @joshcoats_pushcoach to channel my favorite rockstar and take a selfie! 🤳 - - I'm not bashful about taking selfies so I had a lot of fun playing around with this challenge. There might or might not have even been a few impromptu dance parties thrown in... 💃 - - This challenge had a deeper meaning though as Josh has been coaching me to find my inner rockstar and own it and then show that passion in everything I do. - - Slowly but surely, I'm growing as a person and as a business owner. This is because I'm willing to get uncomfortable and do the hard work. - - Each month Josh continues to push me to set goals that make me want to puke! #letspuketogether - - While I may not always reach those goals, something I have noticed is that my business has grown by leaps and bounds when I've set those big goals. - - The reason for that is that I never would've worked that hard if I hadn't had those huge goals! I would've settled and been happy with just achieving what I'd always done in the past. - - Gah, how many times have we all been guilty of doing that in life? Whether it's with our job, marriage, family, etc. we are all guilty of phoning it in. - - How many of us are stuck in a job we don't love just because we're complacent and afraid to dream big I wonder? Why not channel your inner rockstar and go after the life you've always wanted but been afraid to go after? - - #rockstar #dreambig #lifechanger #careergoals
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Ummm, so yeah. When you commit to DOUBLING a goal that you’ve set for each day while in this training for the month.😳🤢 #kindamakesmewannapuke . A training that I EARNED, btw. For free, which would normally run a person between $250-300. Just by hitting some goals last month. Pretty freaking awesome that my leaders push us to GROW. 🙌🏻 . I read something earlier today, it said, “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” . Today, I chose to step forward into growth. . Are you growing or staying safe? ———————————————— . . #growthisbetter #steppingup #pushingmyself #letspuketogether #biggoals #dreambigdreams #thatcoachlife
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We all have that big-a$$ scary dream. The one we’re afraid to even say out loud because people will probably think we’ve lost a few marbles. 😱 . I’ve had this crazy vision of up and leaving MN & taking few months to travel the world.🌎Its something I think about all the time but rarely tell people about because its scary & part of me is afraid it will never really happen. . Every time I start thinking about it theres a voice inside of me says “keep dreaming sister, you’ll never be able to afford it, you can’t just up and leave for a few months” . But my heart keeps coming going back to this vision of me coffee shop hopping, hiking & eating my way around the world. . I work with some pretty sick people every day and I’m quickly realizing that waiting until I'm 65 to live my dreams just isn’t an option. 👵🏻Nobody knows what can happen in 40 years. . Today I got the news. The countdown has begun, one month until I’m officially part time. A little more time to travel & a little less time tied to a desk & an office with no windows.💫 Its the first step I’m taking towards that stupid crazy dream. . I’m not sure where this journey will take me but I do know that one day I’ll make that world trip happen. 💕 . We all have the power to make our dreams come true. So as someone wise once said. “Don’t quit your daydream”.
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How do you finish a Plyometrics morning? With 30 mote minutes of Plyometrics in the evening. To get to the next level I'm going to have to push, pull, jump and crawl my way too it. I'm ready, are you? #workout #roadtosparta #fitover40 #liftingfortherapy #sportsbrasnspice #fitdad #coupleswholift #weightlossstruggle #Semperfi #lifelessons101 #fitgamer #insanity #gamer #lovethyself #lovemygirls #firenirontraining #beachbodyondemand #bodybeast #nevergiveupneverquit #fitfam #P90X #letspuketogether #nextlevel
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🥗Dinner to fuel this coach lifestyle! The entire team is pushing for “Puke Goals” (@joshcoats_pushcoach phrase cred 🤮) #letspuketogether helping our 👯‍♀️💚👯‍♀️tribe improve, grow & get healthy AF!!! 🙏🏼💚💪🏼🍑📚💎💎🧘🏻‍♀️💰#cupidbootyproject #findyourtribelovethemhard
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BIG business moves require BIG dance parties.... getting hyped up before checking off my last couple to-do's... When you are at a crossroads in YOUR business or anything in life... Dance on the couch. 💃 Use your kid's guitar to rock it out. 🎸 Feel your strength. 🏋️‍♀️ Know your worth. 🤲 Laugh at yourself. 🤣 Then GO SLAY YOUR GOALS. BOOM! 💣 BIG Business goals mean big things happening.. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. Because I said so. And I'm the ROCKSTAR BOSS. #letspuketogether #JoshCoats #momboss #reclaimingdiamonds #comebackfitness #doit
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Dream it. Wish it. Do it. The concept is so simple, so why do we often fall a little short of our goals... or worse yet, never even get started with them ? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyone else been there with me?? The reality is we need a strong reason WHY when we set out after a goal.... and in addition to that, we often need a little (okay, a lot 😬) of ACCOUNTABILITY. Too often we let FEAR get in our way. We’re scared of being rejected, scared of being outside of our comfort zones and worried about others’ thoughts and opinions. 🚫 It’s time for that nonsense to stop! What if we just went for it?! What if we stopped making excuses? What if we started building our DREAMS ⭐️ instead of building or excuse list?? This month I’m committing to push fear aside. I’m going after my VISION. I’m going to make stuff happen for me and my family and I’m going to crush new goals when I realize that everything I want in this life is 💯 attainable if I’m willing to WORK HARD for it and go ALL IN. This month I’m working with PURPOSE and with URGENCY.... because when I close my eyes and imagine what my life will look like when I achieve what I set out after, it looks pretty damn amazing. 😍 What do you want? What makes you happy? And are you ready to stop letting fear keep you from it and go after it relentlessly?? C’mon! Let’s go! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #letspuketogether #dream #wish #relentless #nomoreexcuses #beconfident #february
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Sometimes you have to act like a rockstar to be one... #ArrogantAsARockstar #LetsPukeTogether #JoshCoats #PushLife #DreamNationGoesElite
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Plyometrics always brings out the sweat angel. It takes a bit of mental preperation for me to press play on Plyo. It's not my favorite kind of cardio but it's good for you. My heart, legs and lungs feel stronger but I sure felt like I was getting a whole lot higher than it looks. I could have passed it up and did a workout I enjoy, could have ditched plyo for some weights but the goal here is functional fitness, we want to be strong in all aspects and that means pushing yourselves through the workouts that are more necessary than fun. Today is going to be extra special though because this afternoon is going to be Hammer Plyometrics. 😅😅 Have a great Tuesday everyone!! #workout #roadtosparta #fitover40 #liftingfortherapy #sportsbrasnspice #fitdad #coupleswholift #weightlossstruggle #Semperfi #lifelessons101 #fitgamer #insanity #gamer #lovethyself #lovemygirls #firenirontraining #beachbodyondemand #bodybeast #nevergiveupneverquit #fitfam #P90X #letspuketogether #nextlevel
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Coach life. Mom life. I love that this opportunity doesn’t mean I have to choose one OR the other....It means I choose one FOR the other. 💕 I heard a knock at my office door, then heard a tiny little voice tell me that supper was ready. Kins ran over to take a peek at my conference call on my computer, gave me a hug, then run back down the stairs. Today starts the first day of an amazing push group that I have a chance to be a part of... a very special opportunity to help grow my business and learn from the best for the entire month of February to build my business to new heights. I’m super honored to be able to participate, but it means I’m going to have to focus. Lucky for me, Coach life means that I can choose when and where I want to do that. My scheduled time today was thrown off because little man had a fever and needed to come home early from school.... but Coach life gives me the freedom to rearrange things as I need to for my Mom life. Both are important to me.... I love that this opportunity doesn’t mean I have to choose one OR the other....It means I choose one FOR the other. I coach so I can give my family more, and I love the fact that they support me in that. So while mommy was upstairs hard at work, daddy was downstairs hard at work... taking care of the kiddos and cooking our supper, because he believes in me and this business and where we are headed. Do you want to see where building your own business could take you? Drop a ❤️ below or email me at kellyguy822@gmail.com and I’ll fill you in on how Coach life and Mom life make the best life. #momlife #daddyscooking #myoffice #cutecoworkers #pus#pushp #letspuketogether #push #february @joshcoats_pushcoach
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Did you know that I own my own business? 🤔Yep, you just read that correctly, I am a proud business owner. 🤗 About 3 years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to start my business as a health & fitness motivator and mentor. 🤸🏽‍♀️I had no idea what I was getting myself into (besides getting a discount on products I already loved!) But man, what a whirlwind three years it has been! 💕 As a health & fitness coach, I help others find fitness programs & nutrition plans that are just right for them. 💃🏻I help set up meal plans or provide helpful suggestions on how to stay on track. 🥑 I provide monthly weight loss accountability groups for amazing ladies who choose me as their motivator! 💖 We support each other, provide motivation & celebrate each other’s successes. I’ve helped dozens of women lose weight, lose inches, find their self confidence & inner happiness in themselves again! 🌟That's the best part of my business...and I provide that service absolutely free to my tribe! 🤗 Am I an expert at this being an entrepreneur thing?! Absolutely not! ☝🏻 But, I enjoy learning something new about the business & myself every single day! 😊 So I just ask, the next time you see that infomercial for that new workout program & go to pick up the phone, 📱or you head to Amazon to buy that fitness/nutrition plan you see every one trying out 💻, or you head to that yard sale site to get that program cheap....or you consider buying a nutritional shake at the store...could you do me a favor? Just one little favor? 🙏🏻 Could you stop & think about supporting my small business? 🤔Support this small town gal instead of that infomercial or Amazon? Maybe reach out & chat with me first?🤗 Sure you could get free shipping on Amazon, but you know what you won't get? You won't get the support of a group, accountability to open that package and push play on your workout (Amazon/Yard Sale won’t check in and see how you’re doing, they won’t help you figure out how to make it work for you!) And of course, ordering from some big corporation won't get you me. 🤗 I promise I can make the difference for you. 🦄 If you’ll just trust in me & let me try! So, could you do me that favor? 💖
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Received my #letspuketogether tank today! This push lifer has made some scary goals! Thanks @joshcoats_pushcoach
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Allow yourself to DREAM again! Allow yourself to FIGHT again! Allow yourself to SHINE again!!
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Yesterday was rest day aka stretch and roll day. So I chose 30 mins of yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️and some time to roll out the tight spots while mini was in CCD. . I will admit that I didn’t make the best food choices last night at a get together, and I felt it. So it’s back to discipline and focus this week. I CAN do this. I CAN do hard things. . Anywho... giving your body a rest day is so very important. . Drop your favorite emoji below if you give your body a rest day or two to recover from all the hard work you’re putting in.
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I gave up! After ever round I told myself I was done! Started week 4 since I’ll be traveling end of this week so o want to get a head Incase I need a rest day! But I got it done! 21/80 Feeling stronger! #obsessed #80dayobsession #smile #letspuketogether #huskymom #myhusbandthinksimhot #orange #snowday
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I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already! 🤗🙃 🔸3 weeks since I recommitted and refocused on becoming the best version of myself. 🦄 🔸3 weeks of intense workouts (that I’m absolutely LOVING!) 🏋🏻‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🔥 🔸3 weeks of dialed in food choices (and better yet, 3 weeks of saying NO to choices that aren’t healthy for me and don’t help me become my best self!) 🍌🍓🥦🍠 🔸3 weeks of loving the process, loving the journey! 💖 🔸3 weeks of finding my happy every single day! 😊😊 I committed myself to 80 Days, 80 days of focusing on becoming the BEST version of myself. If this is how I’m feeling after 3 weeks....I CAN’T WAIT to see how I feel when reach those final days! 😍🤗 You CAN do this too, you CAN do hard things. YOU just have to get your mindset right, make a promise to yourself and then surround yourself with people who will push you! Join me, join my tribe...and let’s find the best version of YOU together! Let’s find your HAPPY! 💕🤗 - - - #findyourhappy #findyourconfidence #3weekprogress #letspuketogether #80dayobsession #anxietyfighter #anxietyreliever #teacherproblems #iteach345 #iteach5th #fifthgradeteacher #5thgradeteacher #teacherstress #stressedteacher #kittymomlife #catladylife
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I refuse to believe the lie that we are destined to work a job we hate until we’re too old to do what we love. . This is a quote from my new book that will be available on Amazon later this month. It is the fuel that fires me up to keep showing up. . I’m on a mission. I’m starting a movement. I won’t shut up until I die. I just want to help as many people as possible to do what they LOVE for a living!!! . Are you doing what you LOVE??? Tell me about your mission/movement below!!!
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Going All-In on Life with a little help from "Uncle G" @grantcardone and @joshcoats_pushcoach #10X #letspuketogether #boba
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Dreams do come true. A few years ago when I was at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, eating whole pizzas every night and wasting every spare moment sitting in front of a television I did not believe I had any kind of future. The mistakes I had made early in life held me down like a ton of bricks and honestly I had given up long before I ever really got started. One late night/early morning, after drinking all day then passing out and waking up in the wee hours of the morning there was a infomercial on my television. It wasn't his humor, it wasn't the idea of having a six pack, it was one simple phrase that gave me hope. Sometimes we get bogged down in the details, lost in the coulda beens, the shoulda beens, and the why mes? And more importantly we get confused with the issue of what to do next. Really, it's very simple. Your best. Even if and when you fail, even if and when you struggle as long as you are honestly doing your best in every aspect of your life then you will succeed, because your best really is always good enough. This isn't a mantra to be perfect, the point is try, try again and keep on trying, every single day. I started to do my best, I climbed out of that bottle of Ancient Age, started moving my body, started caring about myself and the people around me. I spent last night with one of the most amazing people I've ever known, the woman who gave me another chance at love (I'm talking about you @missy_kaufman). We came to Vegas for the second time in a month, stayed in a gorgeous hotel and watched a Legend perform. So, do your best and forget the rest because your best is ALWAYS good enough. #workout #roadtosparta #fitover40 #liftingfortherapy #sportsbrasnspice #fitdad #coupleswholift #weightlossstru #nevermissamonday #semperfi #lifelessons101 #fitgamer #insanity #gamer #lovethyself #lovemygirls #firenirontraining #beachbodyondemand #bodybeast #nevergiveupneverquit #fitfam #P90X #letspuketogether
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Saying "I'm too busy to exercise" is the same as saying... I'm too busy to be a good example to my kids.I'm too busy to show them how to take care of their bodies.I'm too busy to teach them about healthy foods. I'm too busy to give a 💩 about the only body I'm ever going to have.🔥 But I'm not too busy to scroll social media.📱I'm not too busy to watch tv.📺I'm not too busy to spend time complaining about how unhappy I am and how I'm not doing anything to change it. 📞😣 Priorities folks. 💯 Life is busy, it's always gonna be busy. Stop using that as an excuse to not work on yourself. 💣 I mean, the life you have right now is the only one you are ever going to get so stop acting like you'll get another chance.  #justsayin #sorrynotsorry - - - - - #momsirl #momunity #rainbowmom #momlifeisthebestlife  #sahmlife #fitspo #busymom #empowered #truthbomb #eastcoastgirl #crushedit #excuses #getup #thehappynow #girlonfire #micdrop #liveyourlife #realtalk #letspuketogether
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☹️Momma, why do you have to go to work? 😁Momma, why do you drink those shakes? ☹️ Momma, do you remember when your only had 1 job and we got to spend more time together? 😁 Momma can we work out with you? . . . . Some questions are harder then others! But these beauties are one of my main reasons for working as hard as I do! ( among others but that for another day! 😜) The smile they give when we dance together, read books, or even just cuddle! I put my hours in at my 9-5 for the bills and I put my hours in as a Coach so that one day, I won’t have to answer so many hard questions! ( I’m sure their will be plenty 😳😜🤷🏼‍♀️) 💯 deciding to get healthy ( despite my current skin color which makes me look unwell) was the best choice I could have ever made! Not only for me, but for those beauties as well!!! #howtinagothergrooveback #mawma #huskyofinsta #letspuketogether #myhusbandthinksimhot #bciamworthit #80do #almosthalfway #gains #forabetterme
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A little TGIF truth bomb💣 for you all! There are two kinds of people; the ones that use the words "I CAN'T" and the ones the use the words "I CAN" See, the I Can'ter's wake up every morning doing the same thing over and over. Nothing ever changes or so they think! The thing is, I don't care who you are, you are always moving forward or backwards and the I Can'ter's are always moving backwards. They don't see it but their doubts keep them from excitement and growth! They will find themselves one feeling stuck and very unhappy, and feeling like there is no way out! I JUST CAN'T do it will fly out of their mouth before they even know what it is they need to do! I am not just talking about fitness here! I am talking about life, goals and dreams! See the I Canner's wake up thinking...WHAT CAN I DO TODAY! How can I make my life better, how can I hit goals, reach for the stars and GROW! They are not always successful but each day they TRY until they are! They are always moving forward even when it feels like they are failing, because even that failing is teaching them how to be successful! I am a CANNER...The only way I CAN'T do something is because I didn't try and really that isn't me not being able to do it that is me being lazy! Now, not everything is easy, but I will tell you that if you want it bad enough...YOU CAN DO IT! "Where there is a will, there is a way" #TheLindaShow #RiseUPAlliance #motivated #fit#fitnessjourney #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #obsessedwithMYcoachlife #gotthis #busymom #youcandoit #goforyourgoals #letspuketogether #reachforthestars #positivevibes #positivethinking
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One bad meal isn't going to make you "fat," just like one good meal isn't going to make you skinny. 😬🤷‍♀️ . So many of the women I talk to say they started something and then didn't stick with it because they weren't seeing results.😢❌👎🏻 . 💫Guess what?!💫 . I get it! 🙋 I was in search of the quick fix too! I was the queen of starting and stopping. Of buying every magazine and program that promised instant results.💸💸 . Why? Because I wanted results 💥yesterday💥 and if I didn't see a difference after a few days of working out and not eating junk I gave up.😢😬❌👎🏻 . Here's the thing....that's normal. Society has us programmed to want the quick fix. 😬👎🏻 . 👉🏻But if you're measuring your results based on a number on the scale or you're hoping for instant results, you're setting yourself up for a major disappoint. 🙁 . ✅I get it, you want a 6 pack. Who doesn't?!? ✅You want to get rid of those love handles. Me TOO! ✅You want to be lean and toned. You're speaking my language! . But it takes time! It takes JUST as long and JUST as many meals as it did to get to where you want to be as it did that got you were you’re at now. . So I’m begging you to NOT give up on your journey because you did an ab workout this week and you still don’t see abs. 😬🤷‍♀️ . ✅Good things take time. Trust the process. Because giving up isn't going to get you there any faster 💖🙋
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Had a blast with so many of you tonight!!!!! If you missed the webinar live, ck our the link in my bio to watch the full video!!!
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