NEW ON THE BLOG // This week is all about budget savers! . Check it out via link in bio
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The Seasons Are Changing 🍁 Are you ready for change? 🤔 We don't do change at #easigrass 😝 Four Seasons, One Grass 💪🏻💚🌳
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"Creative risk taking is essential to success in any goal where the stakes are high. Thoughtless risks are destructive, of course, but perhaps even more wasteful is thoughtless caution which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize opportunity." - Gary Ryan Blair . 📷: @jakeandnecia
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FYI, I ate a greasy burger 🍔 and fries 🍟 AFTER we had dinner with Alex's sweet fam last night. Am I your dream girl? Answer: Yes, yes I am. 💁🏻 Love ya, @alexrob123. 💓
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Hello lovely! Six months ago I dove into Young Living full force in search of a healthier home and family. Let me just tell you that was the BEST DECISION EVER. The versatility of essential oils has been greatly treasured in our house. We've been able to support our immune system, get an actual GOOD nights sleep, and create a toxin free home. But that's not the only thing. I've found a community unlike any other. These lovely ladies have rallied around me in prayer for Aaron, encouraged me to shoot for my dreams, and educated me along the way. They are seriously amazing 💕 Want to learn more about these little bottles of awesomeness? Have some lingering questions holding you back? I'd love to chat with you. 😘
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THE AMPLIFIED MARKETING METHOD // MODULE 1 : YOUR OPT IN INCENTIVE :: Your Email Opt In Incentive is at the heart of your email marketing strategy – and your marketing strategy as a whole. But is one place I see small business owners get stuck time and time again. :" In this module you will: 🌏 Discover over 20 simple and effective opt in incentive ideas 🖊Learn about more advanced options such as Email Courses, Challenges and Webinars 👍 Choose your perfect opt-in incentive using the Lead Magnet Generator and 3-point criteria 🖌 Design amazing pdf’s using free tools 🔨 DIY some great mock-up images to really help it stand out 💁 Nail your opt-in “sales pitch” :: This is just the beginning this program and of your Email Marketing Journey. If you want to know more check out the link in bio. :: Early Bird pricing ends Friday.
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never not dreaming of new orleans +/or macarons
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All the vibrant colors here got me in a daze 😍 or maybe it's just the 10000% humidity 🤷‍♀️
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🖤 😼 Jumpsuit // @thesaltyshack
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I must admit that I find Instagram tiring a lot of the time. I'm discouraged by how clearly I can spot an account that isn't following me because they want to engage with me or even because they like my feed, but because they want my followback and intend to drop me as soon as they get it. For a long time, I wasn't sure that IG was going to pay off.⠀ ⠀ But as I prepare for my personal quarterly review, I realize that I WAS SO WRONG! Here are a few reasons I would do it all over again even if I had to start from scratch: @vanessakynes, @rosehootondesigns, @michalthemom,, @gatherandsavor, and @itsbethanybrown. These are all people I probably wouldn't know if it weren't for Instagram; they've all been huge encouragements to me in different ways. Thanks for being my Insta-friends, and for making IG worth it, even despite all those lame bot comments! You guys rock!⠀ ⠀ Who makes Instagram worth it for you? Tag a few of your favorite "Insta-friends!" :)
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Today I'm grateful to live in this beautiful city that's filled with the homes and dreams of so many • I'm grateful for the friends who I can cling and bring me back to center when this city is too overwhelming for my soul • and I'm grateful for the places that stop me in my tracks and allow me to find solitude and peace in this ever chaotic city. (One of which happens to be the ever packed Washington square park)
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Learn my top tips and tricks on how to set achievable goals that you can follow through. . Hint: be realistic, set milestones, and track your progress. . Want to learn more? Read the post in my bio. . . . . . #AliciaGraceCo #GoalGetterCommunity
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Even though I'm primarily shooting weddings now, I got my professional start 10 years ago photographing seniors. It feels weighty having a two digit number now when a dinner table guest is curious to know how long I've been "doing this" for; it makes me feel rill cool. 💃🏼 (Although my early work did not look this cool, I'm proud to report I never did the peek-around-the-tree unless it was expressly requested. Embarrassingly enough though, my own senior pics featured a dreaded color splash with a purple iris while I remained in monochrome. Expressly requested. 💩🤷🏼‍♀️)
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The new moon is all about releasing, clearing, and letting go. The next new moon also happens to be tomorrow night, which is why we also have our next event scheduled for tomorrow evening, 7-9pm.⠀ ⠀ Whether you are a moon phases newbie, or a seasoned pro, it is always a nice reminder to join other women in sharing this experience of new beginnings and starting fresh. It reminds us that we are all in this together, and that we aren't alone in our struggles. @laceylivesunscripted will be guiding on this journey, and we sincerely hope you'll be there to join us. What do you hope to release at this time in your life?⠀ ⠀ As always, we'll get started with a 40-minute, all-levels yoga class with @yogawithmandy, and then we'll transition into learning more about the moon with a discussion led by Lacey.⠀ ⠀ There are still tickets available, so if you aren't going to the Brene Brown signing, this will be a really great alternative event with similar-minded, caring people. Tickets are available via the link in our bio.⠀ ⠀ And don't forget! 50% of all proceeds from ticket sales for tomorrow's event will be donated to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We're giving equal donations to Houston Food Bank and the Houston Humane Society.⠀ ⠀ 📷 by @breather via @unsplash
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The quiet magical moments after the bride is ready and before she makes her way to walk down the aisle towards her future✨...capturing these moments will never ever get old!! #annamarieakinsphoto
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Life can be overwhelming, but you are MADE to experience joy! #markedbylove
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When your people just get you... 🍕🍕🍕Here's the deal you guys, I turn the big 3-0 this Friday (eek!) and I've been doing some reflecting. Before I lose you, let me say that I am TOTALLY not one of those woo-woo touchy feely people. But as this birthday crept up on me, I could feel some anxiety building. I couldn't help but think... Shouldn't I have done and seen and accomplished more? Shouldn't I be further along in my business? 👩‍💻 Shouldn't I have traveled more? 🌵Shouldn't I have done more good in the world? 🌎 So I wrote down some lessons that I wish I could tell my younger self and I'm sharing them over on my blog. [[grab the link in my bio]]. And when you're done reading, pop back over here and tell me what YOU would go back and tell your younger self 👇
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“If there’s one piece of advice that I could offer any aspiring creative, it’s this. Develop a habit of consistently doing something. It doesn’t matter what it is, how small or how big it is.” That’s the intro to one of my favorite articles on Medium, The Profound Power of Consistency, by Srinivas Rao. What I love about consistency is that it really pays off over time. It has a positive cumulative effect. By consistently communicating your brand message (including a consistent visual identity), you build serious trust in your business. And this means turning more ‘prospects’ into real clients. If you could use some help creating brand consistency, I have designed a monthly retainer that can take care of that for you. I can also help you build a great client journey through my Client Experience design offer. If you’re wondering what this even means, DM me and I’ll explain. ALWAYS happy to chat. - - - - #faithoverfear #makewavesmonday #communityovercompetition #instagood #seeksimplicty #cultivatewhatmatters #livethelittlethings #pursuepretty #thehappynow #seethebeauty #darlingmovement #flashesofdelight #choosejoy #lessworkmorelife #myunicornlife
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The amazing @christynicoles rocked this sparkler exit and edit and we just had to brag on her for a second!! 🤗💕 #thelightandairycollection #thelightandairyphotog
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