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God I love this country! We have infowars with Lee Ann Mcadoo!馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃檹馃檹馃檹#infowars #truth #leeannmcadoo
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Don't Mess with Texas #leeannmcadoo
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#leeannmcadoo & #millieweaver waking people up daily #infowars
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If your white male you have less credibility to the lefties. Isn't that racist? #infowars #leeannmcadoo and #owenshroyer @leeannmcadoo 銉汇兓銉 Live! with this fucking white male.
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Trumps crowd. To be clear. DC is infested and clinging with dems-libs. People that are basically made to be dependent people around DC most likely because it's near DC. Hang close to things and you turn into those things. Trump supporters can't just walk over there. They have to fly to DC. Trump supporters are scared of lefties. Scared of how they push for chaos with their factious thinking. Far left is so arrogant that when they lost they are freaking out like a child. They blocked crowds and stopped people from coming in. Cops were told to stand down. George soros pays thugs to make trump look bad so Communist incited violence and anarchy all the while cancer groups like feminist and blm are roaming the streets dividing and claiming trump did this. All apart of Soros plan. It's disgusting but I can't blame you with all the fake news. I was brain washed to. #fakenews #cnn #msnbc #feminism #blm #blacklivesmatter #womansmarch :///////// good news #infowars #alexjones #leeannmcadoo
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