One of the greatest lessons to learn and one of the best boundaries to set for yourself. You can have love for someone and wish them well but you don’t have to engage in their self destructive energy and or disrespect, as they say, “love at a distance” sometimes the best option. • • • • • • • #psychic #psychicreading #thegoldhippie #golden #unconditionallove #respect #trust #authentic #higherconsciousness #thirdeye #lightworker #spiritual #spirituality #lawofattraction #metaphysical #peace #innerpeace #clairvoyant #meditation #zen #love #happiness #vibes #higherself #5d
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Our souls before our eyes, #psychictherapist
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Posted this one year ago today. The ways your life can change in just one year. Thank you God for the blessings, the lessons and the love! 💓
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Having a positive workplace is key. Even if you are just getting started, create vision boards to have around you to keep you motivated and to remember why you’re working hard on your goals! #theluxsociety #coa#coach/a> #coach #suc#suc#successes #success #mindset #inspirationalquotes #inspire #mot#motivationotes #success #selflove #mentor #visualisation #goalgetter #goals #plan #entrepreneur #entrepreneurmindset #dreams #motivation #happy #wealthy #abundance #lawofattraction #positivevibes #positivity
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Chilling with the bros got me feeling built for anything! Boss up baby! #bx #bxallday💯💯💯💯💯 #bossstatus #nyy #yankeefitted #positivevibes #lawofattraction
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Chuck e Cheese fun with Falynn 🎉
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You don't have to control negative thoughts. Simply go out of your way to think good thoughts - every day! Rhonda's new book will help you think good thoughts in every aspect of your life. Listen to it for FREE with your first Amazon Audiobook:
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You can either sink, swim, or be the captain 🔑
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A new way of thinking’ mastering a new way of being. #psychictherapist
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✨YOU ASKED, I'VE DELIVERED✨ Last week I shared with you how I manifested: ✨Over $3000. ✨On 2 Separate Occasions ✨In 1 Week. First I manifested $2500 in 4 DAYS! When you want something bad enough - like working with your first coach - manifesting the funds from $0 can actually be easy - when you get aligned, trust your intuition and BELIEVE. And then, just for the fun of it, I thought I'd challenge myself and see if I could manifest the costs for my upcoming car registration - which I did - over $500 in less than 24 hours!! This was just money - imagine what else you have the power to call into your life! I got so many questions on the HOW - which I was MORE than happy to share - but as individuals, I know you have loads of questions on how to make specific shifts and changes based on YOUR needs. So now I'm going to make it SUPER easy for you to push past anything holding you back and MANIFEST WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT, FAST. ✨Manifestation 101 - A 90 Minute 1:1 Intensive✨ +Understand the POWER of manifestation so you can BE, HAVE and DO whatever you desire. +Uncover your NUMBER 1 BLOCK so you can smash through it and STOP self-sabotaging your success. +3 Powerful Habits to implement into your Daily Rituals so you can manifest whatever you want with RAPID speed. All for the lowest EVER price of $199! Who I'm looking for: 5 BADASS Soul-Sistas ready to put their mindset power to the test, take action and make magic happen! 💥SPECIAL OFFER: 50% Off for the FIRST 2 ONLY - THAT's $99! 💥 If this is for you, you know what to do, let me know in the comments! These spots won't last long and then the price is going up!
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Sometimes we get so caught up in what we believe we should have, what we should achieve and we truly complicate things ourselves. There is joy and beauty in even the tiniest and seemingly insignificant of places in this world. Train your eyes to look for beauty and you will start to see it everywhere and in everyone.... even yourself! Have a wonderful Monday focusing on the good things in your life right now, in this very moment. * * * * * * * #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisagift #seebeautyeverywhere #bebeautiful #selflove #selfworth #activewear #act#activelife #activewomen #activelife #sportswear #sportsluxe #sportsdrobe #sportfashion #lawofattraction #fitnessgoals #fitspo #fitmama #fitgirls #mindbodyandsoul #stylefit #stylefitonline #BEFITWITHSTYLE
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Oh my gosh, Ya'll🤣.....I'm kind of having a moment right now🙌💕✌️ You know one of those pinch me I'm not sure I can believe it's real moments?! I'm just about to sit down and officially accept our invitation to Riviera Maya Mexico where I earned a spot for My Hubby and I at the all inclusive Hard Rock Resort👙🐠☀️🍹in April where the company I partner with will spoil and pamper us for four fabulous days🤸🏼‍♀️✨💃including $700 in add ons (like spa treatments, excursions and VIP dining experiences😍😍😍) We are floored...over the moon excited and really just in awe. Oh and to the rude soul who insinuated...I shouldn't be going bc I have a family...I'm sending you an extra dose of love today❤️ because if you read ANY of my'd know that the best part of what I do is they ALWAYS allow me to include my fact the trip allows us to choose a room (if we like) that would accommodate all four of us👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 But you much as we value our time with our girls (I mean Ya'll know that) we also know that it's so important for couples to nurture and water their marriage...making alone time Super healthy💕and sometimes necessary 😘😘 Not to mention a large reason why this trip means so much to me ...why the timing is so incredible and that I know everything works outs according to a perfect plan.🙏💫 Is that my Hubby and I have been talking about taking a trip like this for our ten year anniversary for years. We've only traveled out of the country once for our honeymoon at Sandals in Jamaica and ever since then we've said for our ten year anniversary we would do something similar....but prior to this opportunity that wasn't going to be forecasted as possible on our Horizon. I was a SAHM and we were surviving off one income....this opportunity allowed me to contribute again in a way that I find so meaningful and I'm so passionate about and NOW.... It's allowing me to gift our ten year anniversary trip we had been dreaming of to the man who has worked so hard for me..all these years....I mean...tears😭😭😭 Want to join me next year and cry your own happy tears?! Complete the link in my bio to join my 2nd family and receive my training 💌
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