One of those rare times when I’m connected to myself and to the moment
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Under deep freeze #lakeontario #landscape #deepfreeze
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@miles.stephenson Has winter arrived yet?
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Nothing beats moments like this
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| Il cantiere si sta aprendo. | {Vista sul Sasso Caveoso, 2018}
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Just an old photo I took when I was getting started. Keep learning, keep growing.
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We live in a generation where if you don't flaunt your blessings on social media, people think that you don't have them.
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Which one do you like best?
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Mysterious and atmospheric vibes near Furnas. In this area it’s sometimes hard to distinguish mountain mist from hot springs steam 🌋 . My Gramma's family was from the Azores, so going back was such a cool and treasured experience. In the past a lot of people in my neck of the woods hadn't ever really heard about it; I'm finding myself torn between wanting to share how awesome a place it is with wanting to stay quiet to protect it! ; P I think the sharing is obviously winning out, albeit with this caveat ; ) More to come 💖 . [2017.11] . Nikon D7200 | 52mm | f/6.7 | 1/350 sec. | ISO 1000
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Orange trees absent of leaves, illuminated by the sunset.
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East river.
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I can't say I was a fan of Black and White images, even after starting taking photography a little bit more seriously and consciously around nine months ago. They just weren't catchy enough for me... It's only now, when I begin to realize the special aesthetics and beauty of the colorless pictures. I made this photo of the Poděbrady castle and its reflection in the Elbe river somewhere in the 20s of December last year. The day was heavily overcast, and light and colors were completely dull, so I decided to go with something different during post-processing. I think this was also the first time I tried in the field my new 10-stop ND filter, which allowed to reach 3-minutes long exposure. The end result is not ideal, and I'd wish this boat was not there (although I don't think it ever moves!), but I will definitely be trying more of this type of photography in the future. Hope you like the photo ☺.
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“The best moments are the ones you least suspect” - Abraham Lincoln @jake_howee98 🌲🌄
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Yago Moreira #bulbf22
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Things are good. Itching to save up for a van and start traveling soon. What should I look into saving up for?
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Expand your horizons
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Woke up early to capyure the first sunlight on an icy coast. Who is also an earlybird to catch the best light?
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