Cutest coffee date ever!
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Today's storytime was A Loud Winters Nap plus we added a cute little turtle craft to go along with it. So much fun! Stay tuned for our next book reading and craft in February!
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Look familiar? What if I told you there’s now a place you can go to get work done while someone watches your kid? . Work Nest is an open workspace offering an onsite nanny. Think of a gym with Childcare but you can actually focus on your work or business. We offer ridiculously affordable childcare options and working membership. . Comfortable, community work space. Part time nanny. Nursing mom room. Private office. . Stay at home mom? You deserve a break too! Finish a book with a complimentary coffee. . No kids? That’s okay too. Work Nest is a collaborative environment for you to focus on your goals. . Need an affordable private office? Email . Memberships starting as low as $75/ per week! Opens Feb 5th. Visit @theworknest for early member discounts.
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We are adding a little extra optional fun for the kids on Wednesday, January 17th. Playtime is the usual $7. For an additional $3 (to cover supplies) the kids can participate in the book reading and turtle craft at 11am. Be sure to let us know at check in that you would like to participate in the book reading and craft! We hope you can join us!
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Come on in for play and coffee today! We are open until 4pm!
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Happy Birthday to Hudson, Chandler, Reed and Adeline! We hope your birthday was as special as you are! Thanks for celebrating at Mellow & Play!!!
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What a great time to stop by the office and give your pet some extra love for the employees in the office! #pet#petfriendlyunity #petfriendly #Ashtonwoods #Tribute #TributeProperties #CharlestonSC #ladsonSC #tributecharlestonsc #tributeliving
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O. M. G. Thank you @dashichs for coming to my neighborhood #coosawpreserve and filling my belly with delicious food!!! Loving no cook fridays at Coosaw Preserve! #lovewhereyoulive #summervillesc #charlestonsc #ladsonsc #callmetobemyneighbor #realtorcristybritton
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Who's with me right now? #butfirstcoffee
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#babylove 😍🤗
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@honkytonksaloon #ladsonSC see y’all tonight w/ @laurenhallmusic openin the show.. the closest to #TheholyCity I’ve played with my full band since I move away!! Y’all bring it!! #bestexever #theescorts @watersnashville @druminjoe @adpaul456 @coleclarkguitars @coleclarkusa
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Snack time!
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We had 4 birthday kids this weekend!!! Happy Birthday to Owen, Elena, Cooper and Kaiden!!!
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A few minutes of this and our sidewalks will clear right up! Keep yourself warm & cozy with Afterburner, our 2nd hottest flavor. 🔥🔥 • #tom#tommysjerkycharleston #chs #ladsonsc #summervillesc #goosecreeksc #tanger #beefjerky #beefsticks #bacon #venison #elk #buffalo #pheasant #snack #tommysjerky #afterburner
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What a crazy last few days it has been! We hope all of you were able to make special memories with your family and friends. After all of this snow melts be sure to head out and SUPPORT your FAVORITE LOCAL BUSINESSES! Unexpected days off can be detrimental for small businesses in the community...especially after being closed some days during the holidays too. We want to be here for you! Frozen hugs to you all!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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Who made a snowman today!? Head on over to our Facebook page and post your fun pics!
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My winter wonderland #winterstirmgrayson #ladsonsc
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Photo bomb by Mathew! But it snowed in Charleston SC today and here at Painted Face Cosmetics headquarters we are now taking online orders so send in you orders for lip kits or lip colors to get free shipping!!!!! #freeshipping #freehandling #lipsense #lipsensedistributor #simplyme #love #snowday #snowballfight #photographer #winterwonderland #lustfulthoughts #puppies #yorkies #yorkiesofinstagram #mathew #ladsonsc #dawnrisinglipsense #likemyrecent #likethisnow #likethispicture
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#happynewyear #2018 is finally here! Enjoy this crisp weather we are having today! #jan1st2018 #startfresh #Tri#Tri#TributeertiesSC #tributeliving #charlestonSC #LOVEwhereYouLive #propertymanagement #tributelivingisgreat #Tribute #TributeProperties #Ash#AshtonwoodsCharlestonSC #ladsonSC #Ashtonwoods
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I blinked and she became a teenager 👶🏽👧🏽👱🏾‍♀️
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If I could make time stop 😭 you’ll always be my little baby 👶🏽 @pulpriothair is the paint 🎨 babygirl is the canvas 😍
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We've had some birthdays the past couple of weeks but have only managed to get one photo. It's not uncommon that the birthday kiddos are too tired for a pic after all the fun! :) So here's a shout out to Mary, Mickey, Riley, Darrick Jr, Addilyn, Babby and happy early birthday to Noah who is celebrating this weekend!!!
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Living that Lob Life 👌🏾✌🏾💋 have you visited the NEW website? VanityColorHD.Net
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Happy Holdays ♥️ I’ll be enjoying 4 days off with my beautiful family! I’m just happy to sit 😅 What will you be doing?
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Happy Holidays from Mellow & Play Cafe and our little family! Photo credit @palmetto_snapshots
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Rule #1 your best girlfriend ALWAYS slays 💋 Eufora Red Revive delivers color deposit to keep that vibrancy between color appointments ♥️🙏🏽🤑
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Our new gift cards are in! Last chance to score a free play pass per $25 spent on gift certificates. These are great for the whole for the parents, playtime for the kids! Special ends at 4pm on December 23rd. Get yours now!!!
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💜 purple kisses 😗 foils will NEVER die especially my 5x12 @framar 😌👌🏾 remember this. 💋
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The "snack trio"...
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Today the kids enjoyed playtime, hot cocoa and storytime! Join us tomorrow at 10:30 for our next cocoa and storytime! Find event details here
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