I can officially say I am in looooove with this new teami tumbler 😍 I finally ordered this limited edition tumbler and can't wait to get all the positive comments from my friends and other classmates and teachers about having such a wickedly cool looking tumbler because last time I brought my mermaid tumbler, everyone went crazy about it and said it looked great and asked me where I got it from 😎 If you wanna be cool like me and wanna feel cool as well, I'll let you in on the secret about where I got it from. Drumroll please...... I got it from the teami blends website (link is in my bio). It has a removable strainer so you can put in your teami teas or any other drink you want to put in it as well as it has a secret compartment at the bottom of the bottle to store some snacks, vitamins, medicines, or even your ring so you can safely put it away while working out. Use the following promo code for 10% discount off your total purchase(also in my bio): detoxtea | Make sure to leave a like, tag a friend to let them know this is what you want for Halloween , and be sure to comment weather or not you want this tumbler 😉 #teatox #jjc#jjunity #jj #teamiroyalty #fitgirl #fitness #tumbler #tumblers #thankyouteami #teamiloyalty #vibinvibes #instagood #love #instalike #instalikes #instadaily #beautiful #classy #classylady #halloween #gifts #giftsforher @teamiblends @teamiloyalty
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I did my makeup yesterday so selfies happened. ✨
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