Arm day!!! #beastmode #imtired
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Muốn đi đâu đó 🐾 #imtired 🤦🏻‍♀️
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Ok so I just saw this on twitter and it really saddens me that not only do we as women have to watch wtf we do, say, dress, so we don’t attract rapists but to have other women shame actual victims is beyond unacceptable. NO ONE ASKS TO BE RAPED NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE WEARING. 😡😡😡 We’ve all been victimized by men, enough is enough!!!!! #stopsexualabuse #stopassultingwomen #stoprapeeducate
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When an asshole tear ends you at a traffic light and then takes off. But, like, how did a screw come off your car and get lodged into mine?!! #waitingforthepopo #imtired #myheadhurts
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