#ImJustSayN it's a #15yrAnniversary update live (not live)
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Are you ready? #blackpanther it's like I'm a kid again #ImJustSayN I ain't had one of these since I was a kid 😃
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Fellas this is what you get when you ask you wife to make banana bread from scratch #ImJustSayN you got to love it because you can't return it
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Oh you didn't know, yes we have cats too #ImJustSayN we are a multicultural family
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Bear with me its almost over, dumping of the videos to free up space on my sidekick. Yo Christmas was dope this year right #ImJustSayN mine was
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After 15yrs of marriage this is the results of so-called true love #ImJustSayN im #blessed
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You hear talk about "True love" and does it exist and how will you know? Can you tell the difference between love and lust #ImJustSayN
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I'm just dumping videos to free up space on my phone, lets be real #ImJustSayN (I'm working Out? Wth)
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Somethings should be left to the professionals, I need the Mutt whisperer #ImJustSayN
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A free way to enjoy life #ImJustSayN
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Habits can become additive like having the freedom of nothingness #ImJustSayN
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There is a difference but debatable glasses vs contacts, your apperarance matters, if you can see it, they can see it to #ImJustSayN
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I’m sorry guys get home safe 😂😂#imjustsayn #kwagi&juliusmeme #illmakeufamous @kwagiheath @apartylife_nc #unc #tarheels #tarheels4life
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Ppl wanna know where the Queens rappers is at , who the most active working & who most popular 🤷🏿‍♂️ .....but I wanna know who got the substance not a hot dance move & party song #ImJustSayn #ListenToTheLyric #RealRap #qgtm💰 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
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Well I know my Answer... What’s yours??? #imjustsayn
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I’m just another ex-love you don’t wanna see. ❤️ #imjustsayn #love #donthate
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Their not black there African now I love that to but we gotta keep it a stack the last major black movies and with black actors and black super hero’s was meterman and the last dragon #imjustsayn #watch my #CarbonPrint
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