All parts of the wedding are my favorite! Let's be clear about that. But I totally love a gorgeous gown... #mkcollectionsphotography #weddingdressgoals #weddingdetails
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Tanti auguri piccolo amore mio ! 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 Le nostre strade ci sono incrociate per caso , è poi , non siamo più lasciati ! La felicità non appartiene a chi possiede a chi sa apprezzare ciò che ha.Cit 😘💞 #Kikko Io & te ! #indivisibili 3️⃣🎂🐶🔝❤️
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Come along with me (physically or visually) to... everywhere in the world
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‘Skies and shapes’ #FirstPressPhotography @heygents @kirin_au
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GOD Has Perfect Timing ; Never Early , Never Late . It Takes A Little Patience And A Whole Lot Of FAITH... But It's Worth The WAIT.😍❤ #ilovephotography #naturesphotography
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. शामें गुज़रती रहीं और हम इंतेज़ार करते रहे वो आए भी सही और अंजान की तरह चलते रहे। . Caption credit @kimey_scribbles . #percieve_from_my_camera
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