Surprise mail! . This greeting card arrived at my door today, handwritten and sent all the way from South Kensington. How grateful I am to be part of this supportive around-the-globe network. The School and IHM have taught me so much. Thank you Imperial College Business School's Alumni Relations team, you guys are the sweetest! Happy New Year to you too! . #icbs #ihm2016 #alumnigivesback #alumnirelations #greetingcards
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There are some people who are simply generous with sharing their knowledge, insights and expertise, even with a young nobody. I have been this ordinary student who was fortunate to have met this wonderful mentor, with his wide clinical and managerial experiences in the NHS, who is always willing to help despite being so busy. He's a true teacher. Thank you Sasha Karakusevic, hope to keep in touch! Check out his Twitter and NHS Edge pages for insightful sharing about healthcare quality improvement. #inspiringmentor #gratefulmentee #nhs #icbs #ihm2016
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[170714] A night to remember, concluding a year of exploration. Met so many great minds, exciting cultures, distinct characters - that night, we retraced the journey by mapping them out on a photo montage, a pub quiz, Oscar nominations and a ball preparation diary. A line that always came up: "I can't believe it's over already." Thank you our social leaders and class reps for the glorious IHM Ball. Thank you everyone for the irreplacable experience! #ihm2016 #icbs #imperialcollegelondon #postgrad #summerinlondon #endofyearball
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Long overdue, but finally a British afternoon tea session! Thank you Baggy, Rose, Jack and Loraine who arranged this lovely gathering. Had a great time with classmates too ❤ #summerinlondon #summerterm #afternoontea #dessert #ihm2016
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[170608] Roller-coaster of entrepreneurship with these posh people. Between this Oscar selfie or our attempt on professional photo editing the day before, you guys are priceless. Thank you Team Healthified+ If only... more than 115 max! 😅 #ihm2016 #icbs #businessplancompetition #entrepreneurs #summerterm
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Historically enlightening getaway with this lovely warm-hearted bunch. Nice weather, fantastic pub lunch, magnificent state apartments (with intriguing history that invites educated assumptions) in a castle that stretches over miles, lots of selfies, and most importantly best companions ❤ Picture courtesy of Lara and her dependable selfie stick. If only I can steal and post all those other superb pics! #weekendgetaway #windsorcastle #royalcastle #uk #ihm2016 #icbs
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[170128] Happy Rooster Year! Tremendously fun Chinese New Year celebration. You guys should consider chef as a side job. Food's seriously amazing. Special thanks to Elva for hosting the dinner ❤ (And LOL, that ping pong challenge. And ring of fire.) New year resolution: learn Chinese or Cantonese 😂 #cny2017 #classmates #ihm2016 #chinesenewyear #potluck #whyiseveryoneamazingcook #ringoffire #pingpong
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The taste is one thing but the fun during the process is what makes this special! (Or, justification for the taste. Lol.) Featuring sautèed broccoli in oyster sauce, slow-cooked minced veg beef, and our national dish: tempe orek a.k.a stir-fried diced soybean cake in sweet soy sauce! #cny2017 #potluck #cooking #ihm2016 #classmates #chinesefood #indonesiancuisine
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@saurabh.agrawal.75054 taree sararat sab janu mein chaudhary 😎😂 #ihm2016
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Team 9's early Christmas dinner! Thanks for the generous help on finishing the pad thai guys 😂 Gonna miss working with you. Best of luck for Wednesday! #ihm2016 #imperialcollegebusinessschool
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#nofilter #abstractart #art #artoftheday #dyptich #ihm#ihmnsfineart #ihm2016 #ihmfineart #ihm #original #paintings nab this pair quick folks, they're special. All work for sale. #happyholidays
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[161121] IHM's sweet Thanksgiving potluck lunch party--quite literally, with more desserts than mains--last Monday organised by our superb social leaders! #ihm2016 #icbs #thanksgiving #potluck #firsttimepumpkinpie
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[161027] It might be nearly one month in. How fortunate, a kind neighbour still opened his door to warmly welcome us. Yesterday saw hundreds of young academias fulfilling the invitation amidst courses and deadlines. A night out next door, why not? Thank you, Mr. Dino, you've been an excellent host! #welcomeevent #imperialcollegebusinessschool #ihm2016 #naturalhistorymuseum #nightatthemuseum
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Doug Barr, Linda Hickman and Jason Wickersty playing music of the traditional Irish #Seisiun at the South Beach Boardwalk Gazebo for Highland Drums: Honoring the Irish Presence on #StatenIsland done in collaboration with Immigrant Heritage Week 2016 #SIFolklife #TalkingDrums #IHM2016
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[161007] Good coffee shop is one thing; great community is another. Enter Monmouth, an unassuming yet tightly packed coffee place around Park Street corner, part of our Borough Market journey but deserves a separate shout-out. Warm aroma of roasted coffee beans wafted alongside friendly banter between decade-long patrons. Meet Michael and Martin, two gentlemen easing their way towards upcoming weekend, who engaged us in rich discussion about myriad things from best brunch place in town to Cambridge rugby team, from Indonesian presidents' reign to Brexit. Bonus: guided walking + bus tour along the Bridges, Banks and Somerset House, all the way to Covent Garden. Thank you! #monmouthcoffee #boroughmarket #london #coffeeshop #community #ihm2016
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Historical (or rather, chocolate) day out in Bath. Remains of Roman glory in a tightly knotted city center, Bath is a mix of tourist attraction and countryside charm. Head to Acorn for a slice of seriously sinful Salted Chocolate Tart, Roman Baths and Bath Abbey for a snap of Roman architecture, Pulteney Bridge over Avon River for a sneak-peek of Bath's flood prevention system. #bathcity #daytrip #weekendgetaway #ihm2016
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Great weekend getaway with a great buddy! #stonehenge #uk #ihm2016 #weekendgetaway
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[161006] Nine groups representing nine regions were out to win pizza voucher at International Showcase-slash-Contest. A touching independence speech, an election parody, mindblowing quizzes and a culinary explosion later, here came the Fairy Bread cooking show presented by our winner, Australian team. Congrats! #internationalhealthmanagement #ihm2016/2017 #imperialcollegebusinessschool #icbs #welcomeweek #internationalshowcase
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On our last day of #IHM2016 we honor Maria Luz Galindo owner of Luchita's West 117th. Recently, Global Cleveland Board Member Mari Galindo-DaSilva reflected on the life of her mother, Maria de la Luz "Luchita" Galindo, who passed away in May at the age of 97. Mari's mother was the founder of Cleveland's renowned Luchita's Mexican Restaurant. Click the link in our bio for her complete story #IHM2016CLE #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 29 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Jennifer, a student from El Salvador #IHM2016CLE #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 28 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Adrian, a 10th grader from Dominican Republic #IHM2016CLE #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 27 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Ruba, a 9th grader from Iraq #IHM2016CLE #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 26 of #IHM2016 we celebrate ZiFeng from China! "My favorite thing to do in Cleveland is go to school. Cleveland is an amazing city with a lot of things to do. I love the people who live here. They make the city nice for me." #IHM2016CLE #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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Day 25 of #IHM2016 and we celebrate Sally from Iraq, a student at Thomas Jefferson International Academy #IHM2016CLE #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 24 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Khurshid from Afghanistan. Khurshid spent all of her childhood as a refugee in Kyrgystan "I felt welcome in Cleveland but also sometimes I feel scared because this is such a different place than where I came from. The agency, Us Together Inc. - Cleveland , made us feel welcome and helped us with a lot of our problems" #IHM2016CLE #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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Day 23 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Yasmin, a 10th grader from Sudan #IHM2016CLE #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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Day 22 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Maria from Honduras, a student at Thomas Jefferson International Academy #IHM2016CLE #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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Day 21 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Jehudi a 10th grader from the Dominican Republic #IHM2016CLE #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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Day 20 of #IHM#IHM2016 we celebrate Maria from El Salvador, a student at Thomas Jefferson International Academy. #IHM2016 #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 19 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Ranya, a 9th grader from Iraq. #IHY#IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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It's Day 18 of #IHM2016 and we feature Sanaa of Lebanon! "We had a conservative life. My family worked hard and my father eventually started his own business. Our culture remained and continues to be a very important part of our life." Click the link in our bio to read her complete story #IHM2016CLE #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 17 of #IHM2016 and we celebrate Basilio Vidan from Mexico "While I was working with EY in Mexico City, I was selected for a three-month rotation. Originally, I was supposed to be placed in San Francisco, but at the last minute they told me that I'd be going to Cleveland (a place I had never heard of before)" click the link in our bio to read his complete story #IHM2016CLE #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 16 of #IHM2016 we celebrate Izadora Letchacoski from Brazil "My university in Brazil has a partnership with Baldwin Wallace University and I took the opportunity to finish my business major abroad. BW attracted me to Cleveland, and this is the place I call home now." Click the link in our bio to read her complete story #IHM2016CLE #IHYCLE2016 #GlobalCLE
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Day 15 of Immigrant Heritage Month we celebrate Akram Boutros, MD of The MetroHealth System from Egypt. "My parents knew that opportunities were limited for me and my three brothers. They saw America as land of opportunity because it presented life options we may not have had in Egypt. Employment that could lead to economic stability was a big draw, and the ability to pursue your own course of happiness was another" Click the link in our bio to read his complete story #IHM2016#IHM2016CLE #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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Day 14 of Immigrant Heritage Month we spotlight Yu-Han from Taiwan. "My first thoughts of America were that it seemed like a really free country where people enjoy their lives a lot. I still feel the same way now. The lifestyle is really different in Taiwan" Click the link in our bio to read her complete story #IHM#IHM2016/a> #IHM2016 #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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Day 13 of Immigrant Heritage Month we celebrate our Global Cleveland board member Fred Geis from Germany. "I had watched several Elvis movies and I associated American life with what I saw in these movies. When my parents told me that we were moving to the USA, I was very excited to live the life imagined in these movies. You can only imagine my expression and pause when I landed in Cleveland in the middle of February 1967- no beaches, no sports cars, and no bathing beauties dressed in bikinis." Click the link in our bio to read his complete story #IHM2016 #IHM2016CLE #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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Day 12 of Immigrant Heritage Month we celebrate Mark Owens of Ireland! "Cleveland kind of chose me, or should I say John Carroll University. In 1998 I was part of a scholarship program which was run in conjunction with the Northern Ireland government and various colleges throughout the US" Click the link in our bio to read his complete story #IHM2016 #IHM2016CLE #GlobalCLE #IHYCLE2016
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