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I went to the #mountains and all I got was this! And a few others 😁
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I’ve always wanted to have a picnic in he mountains! These lads said they would go with me so I guess Alpaca lunch for all of us! Hahahahaha. #jarctheshark #pow #punny #colorado #pagosasprings #alpaca #mountains #picnic #doneDeal #jokes
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Creepy mountain shadow guy
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The core
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Just finished up these cuties! Nothing makes my heart happier then 😊 kids at their photoshoots!!
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🌼 Heather 🌼
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Reminiscing about winter wonderland ❄️
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does this stairwell look familiar? I’ve done a few recent shoots in the same location, forcing myself to look at the same space in different ways! I’m also just super into lines right now so that’s nice.
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The Spectator. I notice it on Siameses Twins Trail. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ . #spectator #siamesetwins #colorado #tbt2016 #widelense #nikond5500 #nikon100 #nikoncommunity #nikonlove #landscape #coloradotrails #coloradomountains #igcolorado #ig_colorado #lig#lightroommobile #lightroom
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Check out my story to see all the photos from our trip! Short video coming soon
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Had a little fun a few nights back climbing some of the old haunts along Flagstaff Rd. Caught this shot of Denver through the canyon at Sunset. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀
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How do you deal with training in not ideal conditions? Two little things from a training sesh yesterday. The first descent was a little scary because the wall you land on after the safety was a little wet with an extremely thing layer of ice on it, the second challenge was funky because of all of the angles and the rail was just covered in slippery dust. · · · · 👟- @adidas
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Tag someone that would do this 😳
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Stay motivated💯 . . . . Where there is love there is life. Mahatma Gandhi
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Caught the sun between the rocks
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Traveling is essential to happiness 👌🏼👌🏼
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🥂 to a love that stops time
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It’s hard to find a feeling as great as being on top of a mountain.
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Straight Shooter
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When it’s cold outside, you need a cozy place to stay! We have you covered! In fine blankets and sheets that is! Awesome rooms, blackout shades, toasty heaters and don’t forget about that cup of coffee in the morning! Cheers and see you soon! #mot#motel #cozy #pagosasprings #colorado #motel #pow
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Courage doesn’t mean we’re fearless, its means following your heart despite your fears! #tbt
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Ahh as the sunsets over the wing my smile begins to grow 📸: @jacobpinkphotos
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Tree on fire
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As a mountain biker, it's hard to complain about the conditions lately; riding in shorts in January! But honestly, we could use some frozen moisture. || #climatechange #sharegj #juneuary
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Those peachy sunsets just put smiles on my face
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Jake paul for life💕
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They are goals💕
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How pretty 📸:Nevaeh @nevaeh_photography3
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Back Then...
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first shot on medium format rz67, 127 W 3.5 on hp5
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cheesin’ 😬
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Chill rmnp sunrise from @coreyanthonyphotography // #igersdenver | Curated by @bucketdrop
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The best of friends you could ever ask for.
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Cursing their way through the sky 🌎
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Model: Charlotte - Makeup/Dress/All Around Cosplay Ninja: Kristi Kai
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