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AHHHHHH okay okay um well first off I went to Knoxville TN which is a good 3 hour drive away on interstate basically and I went to see @kerrimaniscalco for her first day of her fall tour!! I was so exited but I'm alittle reserved and shy in real life kinda regret that I was quiet while my mother talked the most BUT all in all I had a blast, it was just a fun cool experience I got everything signed but one item I forgot. I bought the copy of her new book Hunting Prince Dracula even though I had it on preorder from Barnes and noble so she could sign it 😅 so um I have one on the way (was gonna cancel it being usually shipments don't leave till 3 am, but no like it left 15 minutes before we got home so I couldn't cancel it.. 😐 so I have two, not that that's bad? But.) anyway! I will give a full review once I read it 😭 then I'll just sit waiting for the 3rd book! Ahhhh please read this series it's so good!!! ------------------------------------------------------- #manga #mangacollection #boo#boo#bookss #bookcollection #bookstagram #book #books #bookworm #kerrimaniscalco #huntingprincedracula #stalkingjacktheripper #hpd #sjtr #audreyrosewadsworth #thomascresswell
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fkx racing will soon be offering coolant bypass im modification for most im... please follow us & stay tuned for the best price & fastest turn around time
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**Important Information Regarding Willow Grove Elementary School** Within the last 24 hours concerns about fungus build up due to high levels of humidity and lack of ventilation at the Willow Grove School have been brought to our attention. The district has already engaged outside environmental consultants to monitor and test the air quality as well inspect the entire building. In addition, both the county office of education and the warren county health department have been notified and kept apprised since we became aware of the issue. As of this evening, there are 13 classrooms that have to be remediated and an additional 5 classrooms that require further monitoring. In an abundance of caution and out of concern for the health of students and staff, effectively immediately the Willow Grove School is closed. Based on the information the district receives from the outside environmental consultants it may be necessary to extent the closing of Willow Grove school into the following week. If that becomes necessary, further information will be provided by my office for alternative plans for the continuing of education for the students. Therefore, Thursday, September 21, 2017 all Willow Grove students are to remain home and not report to school. Staff is required to report to Hackettstown Middle School at their assigned time. For Friday,September 22, 2017 both Willow Grove students and staff are required to report to the Hackettstown Middle School at their normal time. I thank you in advance for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Sincerely, David C. Mango, Superintendent of Schools #hackettstown #nj #hpd
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buddy club caliper kit for 9th civic... its specifically design to work perfectly with civic's stock master cylinder. it uses 100% of the rotor's friction surface (believe me, most brands don't), 1pc, monoblock construction with solid bridge have the lowest % of flex (when compare to open bridge 1pc or 2pc calipers), it's 40% lighter than stock calipers and the most important feature , when u r texting while driving, you can stop on a dime with this brake kit.
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👑 ‏خواستنش جوری ریشه زده توی حسم که تو هر فکری که از سرم میگذره ردی از اون پیداست :) . ی شب خوب و به یاد ماندنی با دوستان و خوبا 👑💙 #تولد #شب #فکرت #:) #night #hpd #hbd🎂 #driving #music #sad #cold #boy #baby #perple #bye_summer #summertimesadness #think #nervius #angry #red_rose #ring #girls_everywhere
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پیشاپیش توووووولدت مبارک آقامجتبی مهربون ایشالله صدوبیست ساله شی و همیشه شاد و خندون کنارنیلوفرجون😍😘🎂🍰🍬🎉🎈🎊🎁#hpd #نیلوفر😍 #مجتبی_میرزا_جانپور#تولد_مبارکی🎈
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#Hpd 👑🚶❤️👌
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Feliz cumpleaños en OTSI #Hpd
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به به ببین تولد کیه؟😳💋 ازاتاق فرمان خبردادن امشب یه نردبون اخمو به دنیااومده😒 💞 سال های خیلی زیادیه که باهـمیم🙄وقتی به عقب برمیگردم پراز خاطرست شیطنت😾کرم ریختن🙀خندیدنای ازته دل😂 خیلی خیلی چیزای دیگه...👀 ایشالله 8585 ساله بشی ‌،کنار هـم موهامون مثل دندونامون سفید بشه😬 ابدی بشیم غزلی😽∞ #HPD پ.ن : عکس دوم یه نوستالژی خیلی قدیمی از بچگیامون😻❤️ پ.ن ۲ : دستم خورد پست پاک شد ،دوباره گذاشتم😂💛
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My favorite paint job in the shop, @garyg18 's Honda powered DB6 #swift #db6 #formulaf #hpd #honda #hondafit #panasport #dowhatyoulove @driversservices
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#houston #police #houstonpolice #HPD #k9 #k9unit This nice police officer graciously agreed to let me take a picture of his handsome K9 #hero! 👮🐶🐾🐾
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