You don’t own me, im not just one of your many toys. #openrp #sawrp #horrorrp
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one more chance baby, give me a kiss
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'S post • • You'll never know when I'm with you, all you hear is echoing breathing right next to your ear. But when you turn around there's nothing. Why so paranoid? ©Art by DoubleLeaf #theevilwithinrp#tew2#theevilwithin#horrorrp#gamerp#theevilwithinlaura#lauravictoriano#roleplaying#literateroleplay#horrorgames
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My kiddies, Whether or not you're my blood or not, I love you all the same. Since the day I have met you guys , I have been head over heels for each one of you. I love you so much. Thank you for showing me strength, love, courage, and laughter. I never thought that I , myself, would be a mother to amazing kids. You guys helped me find happiness in my life because you are my happiness!!!! I only hope I was and will always be a good mommy. . . . #gothrp #vampirerp #openroleplay #wweroleplay  #wwerp #bandsrp #bandrp #alternativerp #emorp #punkrp #metalrp #bmthrp #askingalexandriarp #bvbrp #mcrrp #swsrp #openrp #miwrp  #nydrp #tattooedrp #actorrp #horrorrp #singlerp #fantasyrp
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a phAt tba but you know the drill
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everything is not always as it seems.
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She know that someday I'll be over the sea Makin' my money and smokin' my weed
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—HAILEY TOZIER, richie toziers thirteen year old sister. she is not as outgoing as richie is, it is difficult for her to make friends, especially because of the bowers gang. she loves reading books, and she is obsessed with comic books. her room is filled with them. she believes in many myths, she believes in things that other people would tell her aren’t true. she researches different creatures and tells people about stuff she finds, but when she finds out about pennywise she keeps it to herself. she doesn’t even tell her brother. she is pretty close with her brothers friends, but they think she’s kinda weird because of all the stuff she talks about and she’s very imaginative. she has a secret hiding spot that she only tells people close to her about, she goes there to get away from things and to hide from the bowers gang. her worst fear is being left behind and forgotten about, she’s always worried that she’ll be ditched. // she has problems where some nights she’ll just stay awake and cry to herself, she has no reason as to why she cries she just does and she doesn’t know how to stop. she is also claustrophobic. hailey makes weapons herself, handmade weapons, because she feels like she should be prepared for the stuff going down in Derry. she’s quite aggressive at times and if you insult her or hurt her she will freak. ANYWAYS I MAY ADD MORE IM NOT SURE GIVE THIS POST SOME LOVE.
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#kathrynlnewton #kathrynnewton #horror #Alex #horrorrp #par#par#paranormalvity> #paranormalactivity #paranormal #supernatural - ♡alex♡
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— {comment for a rate + friendship} A soft chime filled the cafe as another customer entered, crumpled bills in hand. Aurora sat at one of the mahogany tables, her hand stirring the coffee before her, a stranger situated parallel to her. “So, who are you? What’s brings you all the way to Paris?” The man inquired before taking a sip of the black coffee in his cup. Aurora looked over the man again, her lips curling into a slight smile, her multi-colored eyes flickering back down to her own cup. “Well, really, I’m no one special. I’m here for a few weeks to help restore a few art pieces,” the soft-spoken girl rambled on, brushing her ginger locks out of her face as she spoke. Aurora considers herself a nobody, even though her restoration work is pretty popular in the art world. She has an eye for old work and history, and it became her occupation to bring old works back to life once again. Outside of the art world, she’s a pretty quiet girl. Residing in the outskirts of Salem, Massachusetts, the young girl isn’t much of a social person, unless around the folks she knows well. Though quiet, she has a heart of gold and brings a little bit of sunshine to most of those in her life. When she’s not hunched over a 200 year-old art piece, she’s out picking fruit from orchards, swimming in creeks, or exploring some old house in the woods. Out of the spotlight, simplicity is what she aimed for. She took a sip of the sweetened bitter beverage, her berry-colored lipstick leaving a residue on the cup. His eyebrows raised at the young girl, but his lips curved into a slight smile. There was something extraordinary about her. He knew, but to her, she was nobody.
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comment for a tbh! noah🗡 19. brat. can’t seem to get enough sleep. scared to be alone. archie’s girl. constantly screws up. sub. quick replier. sucker for pet names. a petite girl standing at 5’4. #twdrp#lonelyrp#depressedrp#subrp#domrp#5sosrp#horrorrp#gorerp#straightrp#literaterp#singlerp#musicrp#bandrp
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Hey! My name is Izzy Raven Bathory. I am a full blooded vampire. I was born 2,000yrs ago. My parents were killed the night I was born. . As years passed , I adopted and had my own kids. They are my life. I'd choose them over everything. . I was found and raised by a witch. She taught me magic. I remember her always saying "Magic will always protect you from anything. As long as you use it correctly it will never disobey you" . Even though I'm a vampire, I do eat and drink other things. It is lonely being a vampire. You live forever , whether or not, you have somebody to spend it with. Not every vampire has their happy ending. . Likes: metal music (mostly) , reading, sleeping (yes I sleep) , casting spells, partying, watching tv, relaxing, baths, junk food..and more. . Hates: being a vampire, being ignored, cheaters, liars, cockiness, conceitedness, judgemental people. Being bored...and more. . . . #gothrp #vampirerp #openroleplay #wweroleplay  #wwerp #bandsrp #bandrp #alternativerp #emorp #punkrp #metalrp #bmthrp #askingalexandriarp #bvbrp #mcrrp #swsrp #openrp #miwrp  #nydrp #tattooedrp #actorrp #horrorrp #singlerp #fantasyrp
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Plot 1: Elena went missing 5 years ago. Her disappearance was told she was in a car crash and did not survive. Her spirit roams the roads at night. It's up to Dean and Sam to figure out how to stop her from killing and help her. Tags: #supernaturalrp #deanwinchesterrp #samwinchesterrp #castielrp #angelrp #demonrp #spnrp #vampirerp #werewolfrp #ghostrp #thrillerrp #horrorrp #kinkyrp🌸 #romancerp #theorginals #vampirediaries #tvdrp
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vote for a rate+dop.
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Introduction _ TBA
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