Good morning! Many of my friends were asking about my snap the other day. I’m sorry to have built up the suspense, it wasn’t on purpose — I just needed to buy a frame lol. Long story short, my boyfriend sent me a surprise gift last week which was a poster of the constellation made by @thenightskyio . I know I know, constellation? Well it’s not just ANY constellation, but it was from one of the nights when Edi first took me to Lanikai beach. We ate tacos and we sat under the moonlit stars together. {I’m such a hopeless romantic, he was so sweet!} The poster above me represents the actual stars we saw that night on February 27th, 2017 Lanikai, Kailua, Hawaii. What I love about this poster is that it’s made of material that will last for a long time. He definitely scored big on “I love you even more” points, this week 😍. Swipe left to see a close up look! . . . #vsco #documentyourdays #katheezyonthedaily #justbecause #the#thenightskyio #LDR #03022k17💕 #morningmotivation #thenightskyio #homebody #homedecor
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That introvert life 👍🏼 #HomeBody #Introvertforlife
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clean bedding and open windows to let some fresh air in... #dayoff #homebody #cozy #bedroom #readyforspring
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Today is week 2 of my new program! So I increased my weights since it was 10 x3! Feeling strong and unstoppable! I had the BEST workout buddy today!
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It’s Monday... I am sitting here at my computer feeling as blessed AS EVER! I am just doing a check in with my girls in our online fitness group and I am blown away by the amount of excitement and readiness I am given by these ladies as we start day 1/ week 1 of crushing the first day of the rest of our lives. We are working out, cleaning up our nutrition and supporting each other TOGETHER 👭👭👭 Like seriously?! I ask you how awesome that is? Group support with surrounding yourself with others who want and do more. It creates such an amazing energy field inside of us to go crush our day! We show up for ourselves and feed off of each other’s inspiration to do our best!! I have said it a million times... but I have no clue where I’d be without coaching! It’s helped me change my entire life from staying consistent in my workout journey, being able to help others, filling up my heart, focusing on the positives over anything that goes wrong, being able to not worry about work to take my son to speech appointments, call in sick to take care of my daughter who is at home today, and fuelling our many Costco runs.... y’all know how much I like that place ;) But seriously I am blessed to work at home and create my own hours. I am running after my dreams and never giving up! 🦄💗✌🏻 . . . #goals #fitnesslover #createyourreality #createyourlife #loveyourself #selflove #gettingstrongereveryday #fitforlife #basementworkout #hoc#hockeymomlife #hockeymom #fitnessismypassion #homegymlife #momof4kids #4kids #doyou #momsoftoddlers #farmerswife #busymama #tiredmomma #anxiety #beyourself #homegymrat #homebody #ilovechocolate
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I’m someone that was always so confused by what the heck I should be eating. I knew my goals , I knew my triggers and I all I wanted was to know what I had to do. I wasn’t confused because I didn’t know how to eat to fuel my body. I was confused because of all the NOISE with nutrition. Ever try to walk down the food / diet aisle in a book store. Oh emmm geee 🙉 Paleo, keto, vegan, juicing , carb cycling, HFLC , macros .. like .. STAWP. How about we walk down the “common sense” aisle for 2.5 seconds. Are veggies good for me ? YEP. Is real , non processed, stuff from the earth better for my body than a tofurkey (the name says it all) Real food is better than fake food. Done end of story. No trends needed to get results. The more raw the better . The more colours the better. The more REAL the better. Don’t feel like you need to adapt just because it feels like the cool kids are all about the latest hype. Food for thought : Atkins was once upon a time the latest hype in nutrition. Didn’t work out so well for that. And also , don’t fall into the mode of the cutting all your calories to solve all problems . Eat the freaking food , portion it out and just make sure it’s real! Keep those calories love. Do you, use your best judgment, you’ve got this👊🏼
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Happy #monsteramonday! This beauty from @pressocoffeebar has me all sorts of dreamy eyes!!
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The days I get to work from home, I save money. ▪️ No work clothes to purchase ▪️ No gas, bus fare etc. ▪️ No childcare ▪️ No lunch money, just go to the Fridge Those are pretty good reasons for me. And that’s just the start 😘. Because this is the year it becomes my full time office. . . . . #homebody #momlife #goals
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Ever try resistance bands?!? They are killer but oh so fun! Yup, I said fun! I’m all about having fun while I workout alone in my basement! 👊🤪💥💪 But I don’t have to go out in yucky weather (it’s icky today). I don’t have to wearing matching clothes (I do but I don’t have have no idea if my bra matches!). I don’t have to brush my hair or teeth (TMI?! Lol). All my workouts are here in my home!!! And I get results!! Want in?! I’d love to have you!!! 💕💕 . #virtualgym #beachbodyondemand #vertigo #resistancebands #imwiththeband #sillygirl #havingfun #my80dayobsession #sweepstakes
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Last. 👍
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I just like being home guys... nothing personal. #homebody #bedtime #alonetime is priceless. #mood😏
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Day 8:80 . . . Something I'm really learning this month! I think of atleast one positive thing a day and keep a planner full! I'm learning to love life again! . . . I'm not saying I didn't love life before because I did! I just didn't fully appreciate it all, and now I'm learning that through every step and every journey there's more positive then you think! . . . I'm learning to love my life ever minute of it! You can too!! 💕
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Swatching for gauge so I can start my #homebody sweater by @megmadewithlove Can’t wait! * Yarn👉🏼Yarn Bee Sweet Delight in “Toy Elephant”
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This is Timothy's first tattoo! What a great choice thank you ! . . What was your first tattoo ? Mine is a dinky sticknpoke bow I put on the end of a scar 😊🤘 . . . . #bondage #houseplants #ten#tenderr #tender #que#queertattooartist #queer #softbutch #homebody #safeword #trans #transtattooist #transtattooer #tor#torontoartist #torontotattoo #torontoart #tttism #qttr
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Went to the gym this morning. It was fantastic because I didn’t have to get up and go outside in -25 weather to get to the car and warm it up. I didn’t have to wait for anyone to finish using any of the equipment and I was in an out within an hour. Everything was right where I wanted it and I even had a personal trainer telling me what to do and how to get the most out of my hour workout. Double TAP if you love home workouts just as much as I do! 💙
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A peaceful home creates the foundation for a good day 🙇🏻‍♀️ Happy Monday y’all! 💛
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Here I go!!! Day 8/80. Superstar!!! 💫⭐️🌟🤩 Call me crazy, insane, dedicated. Or just call me OBSESSED! ❤️👊💪 . #my80dayobsession #sweepstakes #obsessedmomma #momswholift #energize
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A diffuser is step numero uno when starting to use oils and eliminating toxins at home! Simply breathing them in is so good #imm#immunesupport #sleep #emotionalsupport And the Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 oils annnnd a diffuser (of YOUR choice) 🙌🏼 - Diffuser on left: Dewdrop (wonderfully basic and sturdy) On right: Aria (all the bells and whistles...makes your home like a spa) - - - - - #healthyinteriors #interiordesign #interiorlovers #homebody #sahm #wahm #hormones #emotions #gonatural #toxinfree #healthjourney #wellnessjourney #essentialoils #family #children #baby #newborn #momlife #naturalliving #naturalremedies #yleo #lifestyle #immunesupport
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My husband drew this for me to illustrate our home life. <3 #sweethome #homelife #homebody #proofread #reader #bookstagram @procreate
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• B A D A S S • Wake up. Decide it’s going to be a good day. Drink some coffee. Tie your hair up. Put on your clothes. Get your sweat on. Kick some ass.
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My space is my own ❤️ #myspace #myplace #homebody #plaid #selfie
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Wowee, it felt good to get back outside. Gloomy, but not rainy. My absolute favourite. #me #myself #selfie #selfportrait #artist #adventurer #homebody #writing #fearless #butalsofearful #trees #nature #offthebeatenpath #idontgetsick #weirdknees
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Game night with Dallas crew.
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Learn to plant seeds of love in times of uncertainty. Enjoy each moment.
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{ 8/80 } Week 1 ✔️ Day 1 of Week 2 ✔️ I am SO PROUD of the people who crushed the first week!!! When it gets hard, we tend to wanna quit!! And NONE of my challengers QUIT!! I think that's an OVERALL WIN WIN👏🏆 They have some amazing NON SCALE VICTORIES already (including myself!!) Everyone is AMAZED how much energy they feel throughout the day!! 👇👇👇 "I was feeling like I forced myself to eat some of my meals but I had so much more energy throughout everyday and even go home and get stuff done around the house never gave up and slept for hours." "energy level was a huge thing for me this week as well. I could not believe the difference in how I felt all day." " I drank more water then usual this week and I think that in combination with timed nutrition made me feel less tired in the afternoon." "I find with these workouts and timed nutrition (even though I’m still getting the hang of it!) that I am not tired during the day and can seem to focus on my studies better!" "With the timed nutrition, my energy levels have been feeling more balanced throughout the day!" 👉It's NOT too late to join! Your journey is YOUR JOURNEY!! When you start YOU START!!! *Currently accepting 5 new motivated individuals who are ready to LEVEL UP their MENTAL and PHYSICAL game! 💪 **First come first served ***MSG me or fill out the application in my bio to get the ball rolling! . . . #ifitdoesntchallengeyouitdoesntchangeyou #youareworthit #youdeserveit #bestself #grow #bloom #challengeyourself #dogmom #dogmomsofinstagram #dal#dalmatianmom #dalmatian #oilersfan #sweatforlife #liveingratitude #homebody
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"The first best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago. The next best time is today." You may wish you started a long time ago or that you were a natural at staying fit, but there's no better time to get started than today! #danceditout
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After working the weekend and being left with some bruises and cuts I still managed to get up and do my morning work out 💪🏽 #imfeelinit #imfeelingmyself #patienceisavirtue #homebody
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Mothers: Class is for you. Monday’s 7:45pm, Tuesday’s 12pm, Wednesday’s 2pm. DM me for details ❤️. #homebody #yourbodyisyourtemple #movementmedicine #breathmedicine #moveandrestore
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Happy Monday!!! 👊💕💥 . #mondaymood #momsofig #strongmoms #vertigo #goodmorningpost
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{Mitten Restock} I’m working hard this week to bring mittens back to the shop in plenty of time for Valentine shipping, in case you’d like to gift some or drop a few hints for your honey that you’d like a pair. Besides, this is perfect time of year to get a new jacket on clearance and then you’ll need new matching mittens too, amiright? Stay tuned for when the new batch will be available online, or drop by @makers.mercantile to get a pair today.
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