For German speaking readers only, but hopefully in English soon: "Ach Papa!" is the new publication by #MareikeNieberding and it deals with her relationship to her father that has developed into a new direction over the years. It is a remarkable read about communication in general, which is why we recommend it by heart. Read our review by contributing editor @lola_loud via link in bio 💐 (t) #heywomanloves #heywomanreads
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"TALK TO YOU LATER - a literally connective concept library" celebrated its opening yesterday night and will be open until Sunday this week. @ricardamessner, formerly known as the brain behind @publishingdreams or @flaneurmagazine as well as @sofamagazine, invites all Berliners to trade their very own favorite publication in exchange for one handed in by a stranger. After two months, both will be voluntarily connected to each other. Read more about her project and click your way through the images via link in bio 📚 (jk) #heywomanloves #heywomanreads
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From #HanyaYanagihara to #MohsinHamid: Contributing editor @lola_loud picked her favorite top 10 books of the moment just on time for the #holidays. Make sure to go through her recommendations via link in bio and let’s all crawl under the blankets and read the whole day 📚(t) #heywomanreads
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It's not a secret that the bathroom is a sacred place. You can close the door behind you and will enjoy a moment of silence all to yourself and in complete privacy. No other room in an apartment has this magic around itself, which is why our beloved @friederikeschilbach now published her very own book about this phenomenon called "Bathroom Chronicles". 100 women, 100 images, 100 stories 📖 (jk)  #heywomanreads #heywomanloves #sundays
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Ooohhhh look who just published her very own #cookbook: My longtime friend and partner in crime Laura Koerver fulfilled her lifetime dream by a. opening her namesake @laurasdeli and b. collecting all her health food recipes in “Kiss The Cook”. We are happy to give away five (5) copies, read all the details via link in bio 💋 #kissthecookbook (jk) #heywomanreads #heywomanloves
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#ZadieSmith and her recent publication "Swing Time" has been longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017 🏆 We are giving away 3x2 tickets for her reading in #Berlin on Monday Oct 2nd. Find out how to participate via link in bio (and feel free to read our little feature about Julia's beloved writer too) (t) #heywomanreads #heywomanwins
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#LeanneShapton (@shaptonia) and #NiklasMaak have teamed up for a new publication: They draw a straight line from south to north and went for a walk through #Manhattan. Don't miss their reading & exhibition at St. Agnes tomorrow when you are in Berlin 📙 (t) #heywomanreads #heywomanloves
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A trip to #Japan makes 43 pages of great content: #JuergenTeller pays hommage to #NobuyoshiAraki while letting model #AnnaEwers do her magic. Styling by #KlausStockhausen, Casting by #GillianHenn. Do not miss the fashion issue of @Zeitmagazin that will be available as of today in Germany AND beyond as of Oct 12th with their international issue ❤️ (jk) #heywomanloves #heywomanreads #whatsonmydesk
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Late to the party, but so good: #LucindaChambers, former fashion director of #BritishVogue of 25 years, opens up about some dirty laundry over at highly acclaimed publication #Vestoj. A must read, link in bio. (Art work by Scott King, “How I'd Sink American Vogue,” 2006. Courtesy Herald St, London) 🐥 (jk) #heywomanreads #heywomanloves
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"The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain" was more than just a classic: french actress #AudreyTautou speaks about her new photo project "Audrey Tautou: Superfacial" in the #TMagazine and makes it our latest recommended reading, link in bio 🐬 (t) #heywomanreads #heywomanloves
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Waiting in our traditional meeting location @thestoresdotcom 📚while wearing my beloved #GucciLoafers in anticipation of the Cruise '18 show tonight (jk) #heywomanreads #TarynSimon #TheTravelAlmanac #032c #MarfaJournal
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What a Conference! Last week’s #CopenhagenFashionSummit2017 was full of information, inspiring panel talks and data about the #sustainable impact in the fashion industry. Make sure to download the first report and to review Catie’s impressions today on, link in bio 🍉 (t) #heywomantravels #heywomanreads #heywomansustainable #globalfashionagenda
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Remember these guys from "Das Traumschiff"? If yes, chances are high you have been raised in the 80s. We are excited about this trip down memory lane, which is only one part of the recently published book "The Germans". We speak to the two ladies behind it, #NinaZywietz & #SilkeWichert about their idea behind this very special publication, link in bio 🚢 (jk) #heywomanloves #heywomanreads ©Peter Bischoff/Getty Images
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Weekend Read: #JuliaVonBoehm went for extreme silhouettes and sharp and shiny material in her latest editorial with #SaskiaDeBrauw for German Vogue. Photographer aka never change a winning team: Daniel Jackson 👀 (jk) #heywomanloves #heywomanreads
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The second edition of #SOFAMagazine is out and we are embracing every article in here about #Cyberlove. Congratulations to @ricardamessner and her team on this delicious piece of content collection #heywomanloves #heywomanreads 🚀 (t)
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Best read of the week: #KarlaOtto speaks about her career and life on @bof - it doesn't get more inspirational than this 💪 (t) #heywomanloves #heywomanreads
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What do #Beyoncé, #AmalClooney & #PharrellWilliams' wife Helen Lasichanh have in common? Multiple births in their mid-30s. @paulskowski reflects in her latest column on why in-vitro is growing in popularit, today on Link in bio 🐣 (t) #heywomanloves #heywomanreads
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Almost an art piece of a book: "London Uprising" by Tania Fares and Sarah Mower shines a light on 50 #London based designer, portraying them in their ateliers, speaking about their visions and very own philosophies, starring Margaret Howell, Erdem Moralioğlu, Jonathan Anderson and many more 🙏(jk) #whatsonmydesk #heywomanreads cc @phaidonsnaps @margarethowellltd @erdemlondon @jonathan.anderson @sarahmower_
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New cover of #TheGentlewoman: So wisely chosen (again), cannot wait to read the feature inside about #SofiaCoppola as soon as it hits stores on February 22nd 🙏🏻#heywomanloves #heywomanreads (jk)
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Girl (and boy) gangs are back: Journalist @paulskowski talks about the need of being with like-minded people in her newest column and we couldn't agree more. Read more on, link in bio. ☀️ (jk) #heywomanreads
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Marie-Amélie Sauvage launches her own magazine in New York today - amazing lady + amazing project = Mastermind Magazine 🙌(t) #heywomanreads #heywomanloves
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Jil Sander being THE icon of the german identity when it comes to defining what fashion can and should be. @zeitmagazin invited her to co-edit their latest issue. Read a little preview on today, link in bio 📚(jk) #heywomanreads #heywomanloves
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Your electronic devices pause for a while, the amount of emails in your inbox is reduced to the minimum. There couldn't be a better time than now to READ all of the books you ever wanted. Friederike Schilbach selected the best publications for you, including #ZadieSmith and more 📚 #heywomanreads (jk)
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Desk situation 🎈💕 #heywomanreads (and your boss is on a cover)
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Craftsmanship & unique objects at their best: We celebrate the arrival of the latest issue of our beloved @cabanamagazine and couldn't help it so we bought two - because it was too hard to decide which version we liked best #heywomanloves #heywomanreads 🐛🌿 (jk)
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Using Instagram to talk about the book that hates the internet might be ironic enough. We met author Jarett Kobek for an interview 📚 Link in bio #heywomanreads
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Better late than never: We take a closer look at i-D's issue about #femalegaze The start of a little content series on 📍Link in bio (jk) #heywomanreads
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