💜💜 I want to thank all of ypu for the massive amount of support you showed me yesterday! I have so many ups and downs! I am really struggling with alot of things.. but today has been a much better day and its mainly down to the support you guys all show me 💜💜 So I wish you all.. all the happiness in the world. #thankyou #happiness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthrecovery #depression #anxiety #balancednotclean #hea#healthyppy #balancedeating #healthy #food #edwarrior #edfighter #edfam #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #caloriesdontmatter #beatana #realrecovery #fuckanorexia #edsupport #possitivevibes
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No lie - that was the craziest cardio workout we’ve done in a while, but I’m VERY happy to say we made it through Week 1 of our new workout program!! 👏🏻👏🏻 Tomorrow is all about self care, stretching & getting ready for Week 2. Epsom salt bath anyone?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ . Off to a friends birthday in DC for the afternoon! ✨ What are you up to today?
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What are you doing today? It's meal prepping day here - and we're shopping for a new dishwasher.
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I suggest always having extra virgin olive oil in your kitchen pantry! You can use this for sautéing vegetables (on medium heat), use it on top of salad dressings, and adding a healthy beneficial fat into your smoothies. It makes everything taste better too! 🥗
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Half the physical fitness battle is a mental battle. If you tell yourself you can't do it - then you can't! If you like our posts, follow us @topbookspublishing
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HAPPY SATURDAY 🦋!!! . . I have committed myself to post morning reflections each day of 2018 to remind myself and others that life is full of great small moments that brings us joy, happiness and fulfillment. . January will be dedicated to "GROWTH 📈" . . #coach #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #fitnessgram #fitnessjourney #fitnessbody #skinnyfit #shredded #bodybuilding #fitfam #instafit #fitnessgear #fitgirl #gym #gymlife #gymclothes #gymlifestyle #owm #fitnesslifestyle #healthyishappy #weightlossjourney #goals #honesty #confession #workharder #vancouver #canada #bc #bethebestversionofyou
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It’s hard to balance when you’re tired, that’s LIFE That’s what we’re working to improve 🙌🏼 Setting aside time for myself, to take care of my body, provides me the energy to find BALANCE in all aspects of life ☝🏼 It’s not about having time, money, energy - it’s about figuring out how to make those things work for you! 30 minutes of my Saturday was 2% of my day ➖ DONE 👊🏼
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Late breakfast/ early lunch today is toast two ways! Last night I run to the store and picked up some ricotta, bread, turkey sausage, and plain yogurt. I am proud of myself that I am consciously making better choices when I do quick shopping trips. 🙃 • • • The bread I picked up was on sale, and the slices were rather long and wide, that’s why I split one slice in two. Today was my first time soft boiling an egg and OMG is the only way to describe how delicious it was. Anyways, I have a busy day ahead of me. I always try to get ahead in school these first two weeks, and after this weekend I should be a week ahead on my readings. Which is great because I am working more hours at work, to save money that I can live on after I take the Bar. I plan on doing some side hustles then, but with applying for jobs and possible interviews I do not think I’d have time for a part time job in the traditional sense.😀 • • • #whatsforbreakfast : toast two ways: (1) toast spread with #traderjoes ghee and sprinkled with garlic powder. Topped with a soft boiled egg, seasoned pepper, sriracha, and some Himalayan sea salt. (2) toast spread simply with some butter. Topped with hand whipped honey ricotta and sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt. My sides are mandarin orange soaked in coconut water (drained) and #jimmydean turkey sausage links. 😍 • • • #hea#healthiera> #hea#healthyish #healthyishappy #healthier #healthyfood #eatathome #homecookedmeal #frugal #frugalliving #frugalmeals #budget #budgetmeals #savingmoney #savemoney #homemadefood #easyrecipes #toast #toastlover #healthylifestyle #weightlossjourney #healthybreakfast #healthy
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Get heart healthy with artichokes.
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This morning’s breakfast was....you guessed it! More egg whites! Seriously egg whites and spinach are my go-to when I don’t have a lot of time. I used sugar-free bread & Roma tomatoes also! I seasoned my spinach with lemon pepper & garlic powder (sounds gross but it’s yumm) and I just put salt & pepper on my egg whites and voila! You have a low-cal savory breakfast 😋😋😋😋 #eatclean #eathealthy #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #weightloss #weightlossjourney #food #weightlossmotivation #healthyishappy #fitfam #fattofit #eggwhites #spinach
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Saturday sweat session! I had a videographer today so you get different angles on these moves. (Thanks, Mike) 😘
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Lazy Saturday morning using some linen spray to freshen up couches and blankets! This one has lavender and lemon in it!
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{NEW BLOG} I ate peanut 🥜 butter and got my period. If you struggle with food obsession, weight or body image issues, this is a must read. Link over at FB @kimschaperfitness
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Baby wanted French toast & fruit - so that’s what baby got 👶🏼🍽💕 Now we have a list of chores to tackle along with getting all of my ladies added to my Results Happen In The Kitchen Group! We are focusing on nutrition (free grocery list & 5 day meal plan), mini workouts, and accountability. 👉🏽 Comment below if you still want to join us! But first -to take down our Christmas tree 🎄😬 Anyone else still have theirs up?? I really hope I’m not the only one 😂
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Day 6/80 ✅!!!!!! Oh my goodness y’all.... normally around day 3-5 I tend to sneak a cheat, let life excuses get in the way, decide I can switch up my rest day, allow myself to substitute something, go get a coffee ☕️ etc.... This is one of the first times I have said no to ALL of that. Here I thought “Cardio Flow” was going to be a stretching yoga day bahahahaha 🤣 I should have known better. I did take my ⚡️#mommygogojuice #yellowdrank and glad I did because that was a sweat 😓 💦 session like no other 💪👊. Loved it! I can already feel myself getting stronger, leaner in certain areas and I have sustained energy to get me through my day. It is never to late to start your own journey. Age, size, shape, athletic ability, non of that matters. All that matters is that you try, modify if needed and start to live your healthiest life however that fits into your everyday 🤗. You got this 👊👌🤟
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Day 6 workout is done!!! Tomorrow is a rest day 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 but I will be doing the Roll & Release workout which is a short stretching workout using foam rollers to help loosen up all these muscles that I worked this week!! So far so good for week 1!! The true test is this weekend. Weekends are always a struggle for me as social events happen so I just have to prepare ahead of time so that I stay on plan with my nutrition! #80dayobsession #wegotthis #wecandothis #supportandaccountability #day6isdone #healthyishappy #gethealthy #letgetfittogether #letsgethealthy #workoutfromhome
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Girls with small bootays obsessively work out to get bigger ones. Girls who think they’ve got lbs to lose starve themselves to see a smaller digit on the scale. Girls who have a big booty want to look like stick-figure models. HUMANS wanting to be someone they’re not. 🤦🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ JUST 🛑 🛑🛑 !!! Maybe if we ALL just STOPPED the comparison game and celebrated our amazing SELVES a little more we’d see the results of some self-love and a healthy MINDSET in action!!! Instead of exhausting yourself trying to be more like someone else, try focusing on being the best and healthiest version of YOU!! I promise you’ll love what you see in the mirror so much more 😘 #beyoubetrue #stopbodyshaming #stopcomparing #getyourmindright
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Digestive enzymes have been a life saver for me lately 🙌🏻 Grains and dairy wreck havoc on my digestive system 😷 so I try to avoid but I used to looove them. One of the things I miss most is @siggisdairy but I found eating it once in awhile with my @humnutrition enzymes lessens the effects and I'm good to go! Soooo treated myself to a yogurt bowl with raspberries, perfect bar bites and a dollop of peanut butter. Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday 🤗
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Fit Chocolate è un sostitutivo dei pasti se preparato con 4/5 misurini + circa 250ml di latte magro + una parte di grassi, che sia olio oppure mangiare delle mandorle insieme allo shake. Tuttavia, la polvere base per preparare lo shake si presta anche, con dosi minori e preparata con acqua, come integratore di proteine e superfood subito dopo l'allenamento 💪🏻 E voi come preparate il vostro Fit? #repost @amelie.xoxo #fit#fitchocolate #gym #protein #fit #naturalmojo #healthyishappy
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Packed with vitamins, easily digestible, full of protein, and OH SO TASTY 🍒🍓 I think smoothies are the perfect way to start the morning! Fresh flavor wakes up my body while the easily digested fruit gets my metabolism going and ready for the day!! 🍓🍇🍒This 32oz baby has cherries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, almond-coconut milk, and my favorite #livfit superfood-protein powder!! 🤗😋 Comment and tell me what goes into YOUR favorite morning smoothie!! 👊🏽 #smoothie #cherryberry #healthyishappy #breakfast
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Für uns ging es eben nochmal für die kommende Woche einkaufen 😋. Einiges an Gemüse und Obst fehlt noch , aber das holen wir alles in der laufenden Woche noch. Jetzt beginnt der Start in ein Leben ohne Sahne , paniertes , fertig Produkte usw. Ich denke es ist nicht nur gut zum abnehmen , sondern auch für die Gesundheit . Ich halte euch selbstverständlich auf den laufenden ☺️ (& ja Kartoffeln sind nicht so gut aber man muss ja auch sich ne Kleinigkeit gönnen ) . #healthyfood #healthyishappy #healthylifestyle #lovefood #foo#food #food #foodblogger #foodlover #gemüse #gewürze #lfl #likeme #followme #lidl #einkaufshaul #haul #lidlhaul #germangirl #ger#germany #germanblogger #blogger_de #picoftheday #fresh #nrw #germany
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When you see that Saturday mornin’ brunch comin’ your way... OH BABY 🍳🥑🍓🥝 • • • ... on another note, I’ve been trying to cut down on my sugar & dairy intake (for skin issues mainly)... this has been really difficult because honestly, I’ve NEVER gone on a diet in my life. I’ve always hated the concept of dieting and I felt like every time I’ve said I’m going to cut this or that out of my diet, it just hasn’t worked for me. I’ve always been about EVERYTHING in moderation!... and I still am. But since Jan 1, I’ve done really well with sticking to my goal, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks that have pulled me through the last 20 days. 1. Write down the goal you’re aiming for and read it everyday! 2. Remove all sugar (or whatever you’re trying to give up) from your house!!! That way you’re not even tempted (not today Satan 😏) 3. Remember why you’re giving it up! (Mine is for my skin (so a peek in the mirror does the job) + a healthier lifestyle... no more sugar highs and lows... ) 4. Don’t be so hard on yourself... just because there was a little sugar in your hummus, don’t feel like you’ve failed and give up!! When I say “cutting down,” I’m talking no sweets and things of that sort. Coconut butter over ice cream, people. No one likes that person at the restaurant asking if there is added sugar in the meal... find what’s healthy and go for it! 5. Find people to talk to and encourage you along the way!! 6. DON’T GIVE UP I hope these help... sorry for the long post!
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While I can’t be at the #LAwomensmarch in person today, I stand with the men and women of LA, and United States, and the entire globe in fighting for a equality and for a better world for ourselves and our children. A world where a woman doesn’t have to hide her pregnancy for fear of being passed over for a promotion A world where confident little girls aren’t labeled bossy A world where I don’t call someone to talk to me on the walk home at night for safety. A world where I don’t see news of sexual misconduct every. single. day. Not because it’s covered up, but because it didn’t happen. A world where #FEMINISM isn’t an angry label, but a value shared by all. I have hope, that one day, this world will be ours, because the fight never stops. Fight on, LA.
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At first glance, this looks like a hot mess. But if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually layers of enchilada-y goodness 🤯 - I lovelovelove enchiladas but they require so much work (neatly rolling & lining them up in the pan, having them fall apart on you 😓) - This still requires some effort/mess, but waaay less...& is also less prone to human error 😉👍🏼 - Swipe over for the **recipe** & if you make it, lmk what ya think! Enjoy!! 💌 #foodandfearless
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MOM•LIFE || My heart could not be any fuller! God is good and He designed this life for me with all of my favorites included. 💕 This weekend we are spending some much needed family time together, laughing, making memories, eating suckers at 9am and loving every second of the chaos! I still wake up grateful each day that I get to have these two to raise, teach, show, and express what a life full of Jesus and gratitude looks like! Don’t get me wrong, I also learn from them each and every day, and the things I learn are exactly what I’m struggling with, incredible how that works 😉! These little faces mean the world to me and to be able to be with them every day is irreplaceable! We are so thankful for the flexibility and freedoms our lives have in order for that to happen! We work hard as Team Borcherdt, but we also know what it means to play hard! 💕 . . . . . #familygoals #freedomliving #success
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Day 4: AAA ✅ . This has definitely been one of my favorite workouts so far!! I loved every second of it!! 🙌🏻😍 so excited for leg day tomorrow! . Now time to change and get ready to walk the pup! 🐶
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What comes out of your mouth comes into your life ✨✨✨ IF you act on it! Truth bomb 💣🤯 Yes, I love positive thinking and affirmations but they only work if you take ACTION. Take some MF action today, shall we?? 💋💋💋 - - - - - - - - #healthyishappy #healthychoices #healthtips #healthiswealth #pregnantlife #sweatingforthewedding #positivevibes #fitgirlsofig #fitspiration #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #homeworkout #motivationalquotes #beabadass #determination #muscle #girlswithmuscle #girlsthatlift #eatcleantrainmean #iatetoomuch #positivethinking #inspire #bossbabe #pushforward #bbggirls #positiveaffirmations #wanderlust #gettinghealthy #letsroll
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What does it matter if you lose 15 lbs and get a flat stomach if you’re still not happy with yourself? . What’s the point in reaching physical goals if you don’t bring joy and growth into the process? . Appreciate yourself and work on your mindset all the way through. . ↬It’s the journey that’s the whole damn point.↫ . That’s where you learn about yourself. That’s where you build strength. That’s where you build confidence. That’s when you figure out it feels a hell of a lot better to treat yourself with respect and love than it does hate. . #thejourneyisthepoint
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You ever wake up to a fresh chocolate chip French toast casserole on a beautiful Saturday morning? BC SAME. Darnell is too good to me , TOO GOOD. • Darnell even went out of his way to use chocolate almond milk and whole wheat bread. Also, peep them vitamins. Oh and S/O to that bacon that ish was KRISPY with a capital K. The hot tea isn't pictured, but Darnell went all extra and sliced some fresh lemon to go with it. I've begun to substitute lemon for sugar packets in my beverages and it's probably been one of my better decisions. • I love big breakfasts on Saturday mornings and eating them with my man makes them even better. Find your person y'all. I promise it'll make life that much more special. • #healthyholly #healthyishappy #darnellapproved
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Preworkout fuel is about to go down. Sweet potato, onion, kale and eggs 😍 Almost time for @autumncalabrese to kick my ass with cardio! #epic80 #weekendwarrior
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Day 6/80 Yep, we all showed up for 6 AM workout! There’s something about having support and supporting others! Yes, I was showing up for myself but, it isn’t just about me it’s about what I can do to inspire others in their lives! It’s amazing what a 30 minute workout can do for you, it releases so many negative things and brings about positivity and energy :-) Even Simba is was running around! This picture was after we worked out....he looks like “What? We are done? Yep, DONE!! #80dayobsession #fitfoundationgetsobsessed #healthyishappy #youalwayhavechoices #youcandohardthings #energizeyourlife #onelifejustone #bestyearever
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It's a party in the #infusion room bright and early this morning! ☀️☀️☀️ Anyone else out there take #entyvio ?💉 After going through the ringer of medications, everything from #methotrexate , #remicade , and #humira it seems like entyvio has finally done the trick for me 💯 Isn't it crazy how our bodies are so different? It's like finding the missing piece to the insanely abstract puzzle that is us ✌️ Happy #saturday everyone! 💜 #ostomy #ostomate #ileostomy #spoonie #spoonielife #pouchedandpoised #healthy #healthyishappy #chr#chronicillness #chronic #chronicallymotivated #awareness #cro#crohnsdisease #crohns #strong #ostomyawareness #ibd #ibdwarrior #spreadtheword #happygirl #lovelife #selflove #bodypositive #uvamedicalcenter
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Jumping in the end of the week... With style 😉. Have a blessed one folks!
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Day 6/80. . . I just finished what I will argue was the hardest workout of the week. Cardio is hardio, and I am sweating buckets. 😂 BUT I finished strong and now it's time to refuel and go get groceries. 🙌 The hardest part of the weekend for me is always staying on track with my nutrition, hands down. But after only 6 days I am feeling so damn good, I know it won't be hard to keep this going. I'm sleeping like a baby, my constant brain fog is gone, and my body is thanking me for fueling it correctly again. Bonus? Peep those abs coming in. 👀 Girls got goals and I'm not stopping now. 🦄🤘 . . . . . . . . . . . . #tiumermaid #bbgmichigan #forceofnature  #tiumichigan #weightlossjourney #craftbeergirl #fitgirlsrock #paleoish #hikinggirl #outdoorsy #embraceyourself #fitgirlsfollow #outdoorgirl #strongnotskinny #trusttheprocess #michigangirl #dogsareagirlsbestfriend #girlswhohunt #girlswhohike #blueeyedgirl #alphasigmatau #healthyishappy #sororitysisters #tiubikiniseries #michigander #firefightergirl #northernmichigan #girlswithcurves
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Every. Day. 🙌🏻 These miracle juice packets keep me feeling my best and make my body strong enough to fight off all those icky germs. 🤧🤧 . This 1 oz. of juice is infused with antioxidant, immunity and energy ingredients to support immune health and encourage a natural energy boost! #arbonne #antioxidants #stayhealthy
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Don't play yourself small. Dont dim your light in fear of what others may think. Dont mute a burning desire to chase your passion. Dont be a wallflower. Dont be a pushover. Dont be the one who constantly wonders "what if" or "i wish I just gave it a shot" before its too late. Dont be the one who wastes energy picking yourself apart. Dont go seeking approval from anyone who will listen. Just fucking do it. Chase your magic ✨🌙 #startyourlife #thebabecampaign
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6/80 Last workout of this week DONE! Tomorrow we get to roll out all these sore muscles. My body is begging for rest day. I can’t wait to look back at this video 74 days from now to see how far I’ve come. By the end of this program I want to be able to keep up with the workouts. Today I did some modifications, but hey everyone starts somewhere right? If you would’ve asked me to do this workout 2 years ago I would’ve laughed. “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” -Darren Hardy Ready for change? Our next group begins February 5th, join us! 📲👭💕💪🏼#teamroottorise #teamheractivesoul
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About last night, I forgot to say welcome to the weekend 💕💕💕 #saturdayvibes #hockeymom #healthyishappy #lovelife #livelifetothefullest #gym #weightlossjourney
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We all have days that we need a little push and a little encouragement ❤️ everybody has bad days 🖤 and days they want to quit or give up... but just remember you got this ⭐️ and you are a badass 🦖🦄🧜🏻‍♀️🦈 • It also doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with a tribe of encouraging women who will remind you everyday as well 💋😘🤓 • Day 6/80 going down 💪🏻 . . #buildyourtribe #believethatyoucan #youarebadass #yougotthisgirl #surroundyourselfwithhappy #encouragingwomen #healthyishappy #healthjourney #healthyfit #healthyvegan #veg#veganng #veganfitgirl #vegangirlsofig #vegancrohnie #pla#plantbaseddiet #plantbased #girlbusinessowner #crohnssucks #crohnsstrong #crohnsfighter #crohnswarrior #crohnsdisease #vegan #futureworldtraveler #furmama #rescuedogmom
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Chalene Johnson is a spit-fire! 🔥 I hope she knows how many lives she changes and influences daily. I just started reading her book “PUSH” again. I highly recommend you check it out! I’m going to implement it with my 2018 goals. I will keep you posted on my progress. 🦋💫
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Chalene Johnson is a spit-fire! 🔥 I hope she knows how many lives she changes and influences daily. I just started reading her book “PUSH” again. I highly recommend you check it out! I’m going to implement it with my 2018 goals. I will keep you posted on my progress. 🦋💫
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Inspired by my awesome brother in law, this year I am aiming to get a medal a month 💫 January has started strong (but gently) with a freeeeezing and very wet 5k run round Greenwich park being cheered on by my biggest fan 💫 I love setting challenges as you never know where it's going to take you - I definitely would have stayed snuggled up in bed this morning if I had a choice but felt so much better for getting up and on it 💫 Excited to see where the next 11 medals come from. Any suggestions?
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O.M.G !!!! They are here!!! FINALLY!!! I grabbed me some @bowflex selecttech 552s!!! I have been staring at them for months! 12s have been so light for me and these go up to 100.. when I say I’m ALL IN for 80 days I meant it!! I’m so thankful I can write them off too because ya know.. at home online coaching is pretty awesome!! #perksofmyjob It still is a BIG investment and my kid is excited 😆 I got them too! Y’all get them at @walmart online they have a great deal on them right now and I’m not sure for how long 🙌 Too bad today is cardio day 😜 I get to play with them on Monday ☝️ Invest in yourself you are worth it!!
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