Thank you Kelly for being comfortable enough to shoot with me and believing in the talent and vision. The energy and vibe you brought to this shoot was beyond words. Full of life, energy and a free soul. Model: @mind_intoxicated
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“The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.”
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Sunny with the chilly breeze...
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A foggy afternoon in North California.
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Terbiasa Sendiri 👨 #StreetMeetina
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What you love will come to you. Keep doing it.
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I’ma keep it honest with you. I won’t lie to you, my pride dies with you.
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“Create and share, create and share, create and share.” Its the simple. Try to create something everyday and put it out. Let others judge it hate love it, it really doesn’t matter it’s Your art. Don’t be afraid to share your art because you never know what inspiration someone could find in it! @bukuru_6
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All My Failures Crush Your Successes.
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Had the pleasure of working with my boy Nick for @timberland to promote their Vachetta Tan boot earlier this year. Here’s a small clip.
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