I'm about to go to my aunt's house and eat. (Creds:@sailingbreezy ) #chrisbrown#teambreezy#hboafm#heartbreakonafullmoon
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me everytime i hear young thug part in high end. #chrisbrown #hboafm
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I deleted accidentally all my screenshots 😭
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#HopeYouDo #HBOAFM #heartbreakonafullmoon #chrisbrown @chrisbrownofficial This album is everything you said it would be and more. Exceeded my expectations, though I always expect greatness from you. I haven't stopped playing this album since you released it, and I don't see me putting it down anytime soon (unless it's to your album). 😂 You are wonderful and forever an idol of mine. Stay true to who you are because no one compares. I love you, man! Thank you. And a Happy Thanksgiving too!
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Happy Thanksgiving for those who Celebrate it 🇺🇸 Have a nice day with your Family!!❤
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